The Cast of Futurama as the X-Men


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Have fun spending the next twenty minutes staring at this piece of work, which has nearly everyone who has EVER been in Futurama remade as someone in the X-Men universe. I can get a lot of the major players, but after about 15-20 I start struggling to identify A) who the Futurama character is and B) who the X-Men character is they’re dressed up as.

It’s a great piece, and it would probably make a fantastic poster as well as just an internet JPG. If this is some DeviantArtist (which I’m sure it is), if anyone has the contact info, please pass that along.

Update: Here’s the artist. Great work!

  • Anaxim

    That, is absolutely awesome.
    I didn’t have 20 minutes of searching, since I am somewhat familiar with the characters (of both series) but it gave me a few honest lols in regards to choices of who portrays who.

    Grand stuff!

    (Short time reader, first time commenter)

  • illeaturfamily

    even though lela’s a girl, i think she wouldve made a more appropriate cyclops. then again, id be really surprised if the artist hadnt thought if this already so im sure they have their reasons

  • steve

    @ illeaturfamilyon

    i was thinking the same. i was going to post [insert joke about lela and cyclops here] or something that effect

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  • Carl

    Thanks for sharing this! It was indeed a deviantart artist.

  • Daftright25

    The ONLY character I would say isn’t there (and it may be because he is dead) is the Slurm spokesman. I believe his name was Slurm McGee. Anyway once again GREAT article.