The Bluth Family Crest

We may overdose on Portal and Pokemon on the site here, but for as much as I love Arrested Development, I don’t think we feature it nearly enough.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to share the Bluth Family Crest, which as it would happen, is actually a T-shirt you can buy over at 604 Republic.

I kind of like that out of every quote they could have used from the show, they picked “I need a favor.” Not exactly one of the most classic lines, but I think it probably sums up the family more than any other.

Update: Wow I can’t believe I didn’t remember that.

  • Freelance Spy

    Considering it’s a family crest shouldn’t “I need a favor.” be in Latin.

    “EGO postulo a ventus”

    I mean Come on…

  • Filosoraptor

    Can we all agree that the most classic quote from Arrested Development is “I’ve made a huge mistake”? Lol.

    Gotta get myself that t-shirt.

  • JB

    How would you like me to owe you a favor?

  • Doug

    Come on guys….

    In season 1 Lucille tells Michael ‘I need a favour’ and he responds by saying ‘that saying should be on our family crest.

  • “There’s always money in the banana stand.”

  • oatylime

    The reason “I need a favor” is on the family crest is because there’s an AD line where Lucille tells Michael, “I need a favor,” and he responds, “We ought to put that on our family crest.


  • Samantha

    Lucille: I need a favor

    Michael: We outta put that on our family crest….

    -Pier Pressure

    For shows like this and Community, an encyclopedia needs to be written. Too many embedded jokes to keep track of

  • Alex

    Yes. Just yes. However it could use more incest….

  • blah
  • Jonnie Darko

    I’m a big fan of arrested development, but perhaps I’m missing a few things here, is the chicken due to Gob (and at one point Lindsays) poor chicken impressions, and what is the small red dog house looking thing next to it. An even after my lack of knowledge I still feel I need to criticize at some of the choices of what was and wasn’t put in here;
    1. The ice cream sandwich to represent George, hardly a big part of the series, I’d pick something along the lines of perhaps a yamaka or perhaps a briefcase or the best idea would be a cornballer.
    2. The lack of mention of a model home or any such relating plot, building in Iraq, shotty workmanship, And so on (now perhaps I speak out of turn because the “dog house” looking thing may be the very reference I’m looking for, but if it is, it’s a poor one at that)
    3. I understand the middle ring that represents the immediate family Lucile (cocktail) George (ice cream sandwich) Gob (cards and knife for magic) Buster (hook) Lindsay (shopping bag) and Michael in the middle (bike, which I thought was a strange choice for Michael), however, I don’t see any references to many of the very important other family members, George Michael (possibly to have a love letter to maybe, candy heart, not the best ideas there) Maybe (the thing at the top to the right of the chicken might be a reference to her or tobias or both) Tobias (personally my favorite character and I would have loved to see a blue man group thing maybe, I know he is in the family only by marriage but still) Oscar (perhaps a wig or pot brownies) Hel-oh/Anyong (perhaps a Korean flag or soccer ball) And maybe even Steve Holt
    4. And maybe it’s not the nuggets part in the series but it does appear alot throughout, perhaps the aztec tomb thrown in there.
    5. Important things forgotten or just not added, cornballer, cuttoffs, blueman group, teamocil, some or any reference to money, any reference to jail, there’s others I may be missing..
    6. These people arn’t part of the family but references could have been made to them(I don’t actually know what should go on a family crest so maybe none of this, but these characters were important and reaccuring enough) Barry zuckercorn(they specifically say that he is like family), kitty Sanchez, Lupe, Lucille 2/austero, Ann veal.
    7. Finally maybe one of the bananas could be on fire.

    No obviously no all of these things would go onto it. And maybe some of the stuff is there and I don’t realize it, just some suggestions and ideas, regardless I’m still buying this shirt.

  • Rick

    @Jonnie Darko
    The doghouse-looking thing is indeed a doghouse, more specifically Snoopy’s doghouse which is in the background of this scene ( of “Good Grief,” a season 2 episode. I know its a really specific reference for something that’s supposed to embody the whole show, but it is a pretty awesome scene.

  • Lindsey Walston

    If you were a fan of the show, you’d know that the chicken refers to the chicken dances of not only Gob, but Lindsay, George and Lucille at different times in the show. The clapper to the right of the chicken refers to Mabey’s fake job as a movie executive. And the “house” is a dog house, referring to the episode where characters did a sad walk with Charlie Brown music in the background.