The Best Two Minutes of Television I’ve Seen All Year


Update: I’ve got it on video via TVSquad, hit the jump to see it.

24, I’m sorry, I really, truly am. Anything I ever said about you not sending Jack off in the proper fashion with a rushed eighth season, I take it all back.

Last night’s episode was perhaps one of the best episodes of the show I’ve ever seen, and the two minutes where Jack raids President Logan’s motorcade dressed like a cross between Jason Voorhees and an Army of Two merc was perhaps the most badass Jack Bauer has ever been. And that’s saying something.

As he stormed down the tunnel, fully decked out in body armor, assault weapons and the most excellent helmet I think I’ve ever seen,  my jaw was literally on the floor. This is how Jack Bauer is supposed to be, a walking, shooting death machine, finally unleashed on a revenge spree after years of abiding by our government’s petty “laws.”

This moment was great enough, but there was a similarly excellent scene later in the episode where it was slowly revealed that Jack had straight up butchered a room full of Russian secret service agents and murdered the Russian consulate with a fireplace poker. Though we didn’t actually get to see the mayhem as it happens, it was a very understated scene, and made it all the more terrifying when we just saw the wake of Jack’s destruction.

I’m very curious as to how 24 is going to end things now. Is Jack really just going to straight up murder the President of Russia? For ages, Jack has done everything for “the greater good,” often sacrificing innocent lives to prevent a terrorist attack or a war. But now, his actions are way outside the realm of anything he’s done before. If he goes after the President, he’ll be essentially single-handedly starting World War III, all in the name of “the truth” and Renee. Is that the kind of world he wants his daughter and granddaughter to grow up in?

24, you’ve managed to hook me once again, right when it counts. Keep up the excellent work, and I’ll look forward to seeing how you wrap this all up in next week’s series finale, (and how you’ll set up for the feature film).

Check out the video below, it’s only a minute of the whole two minutes of awesome, but it’s all the best parts “That’s Jack Bauer!”

  • J5

    Ah dammit! I didnt watch it yet! Why did I click “Continue reading????”

  • Ugo Strange

    This episode cracked me up. Seeing Charles Logan bleed information like a stuck pig was awesome. It was finally good to see someone who understood the badassness and unrelentness of Jack Bauer. There aren’t many people who live to express it. And his face is just HILARIOUS!


    Jack Bauer, when that man comes ’round.

    My guess, I hope to God he actually clips down The President, either one will work for me, both would be awesome. “24” has always been believably ridiculous, but this Season has just been insane, might as well go out with a bang I say.

  • The 2,334,275,002nd most interesting man on the planet

    I agree with everything this article said. I was literally bouncing up and down on my couch laughing while he was coming into the tunnel. Jack has always been one of the most badass characters ever, but that sequence secured his spot at #1.
    And I’m so happy with the picture that is there before the video plays!
    I am not a fan of them working on a movie though. The only way for this show to end is for Jack to die, preferably by jumping on top of a nuke one second before it explodes and saving millions of lives by risking his own.

  • Tony G.

    @Dr. Strange, Could not have said it better myself!!! Awesome episode!!!

  • gopman766

    That mask is badassss

  • Drester

    I only saw the 1st season of 24, but when did Jack Bauer change into some kick ass rambo?

  • Madison

    I love the actor that plays Logan. Guy is so convincing as a sniveling weasel.

  • J5

    Finally saw the episode, baaaaaaadasssss.

    I dont care what happens next episode, if it set up for a movie, kills Jack, blows up earth with alien life forms, just somebody, ANYBODY kill Freddie Prinze Jr.

    I would have preferred him getting disemboweled more than the Assassin, just so he could make his stupid concerned/wannabe intense face as he’s gutted.

    As you can see I hate his character.


    24 relentlessly jumped the shark all season – wimpiness oozed everwhere (who did Pres Taylor remind you of?). Finally, Jack acted – with body armor and his handsinside a terrorist’s stomach searching for a phone chip. It might be better if that were the last episode.

  • tomaf

    The coolest thing about him gutting the terrorist to find the chip, is his colleagues didn’t know he did it to get a chip, they thought he did it just to be cruel to the f*cker, and they were in awe that he did that after taking out the whole bunch of them. Keifer is short, but he is totally believable as badass Jack Baur.