The Battle for the Nerdiest Proposal Rages On

There’s apparently some sort of nerdiest proposal ever contest going on right now, as more and more of these things keep popping up all over the internet. My girlfriend loves me and what I do, but if I ever pulled any of this while proposing, I’m guessing it wouldn’t go over so well.

The fact that something like the above is a picture rather than a video makes me think the person might not have actually gone through with the full nerdiness of it when the time came as you just have to remove the picture to make it a real proposal, but if they did, that’s pretty damn funny.

But this isn’t the only one I found today. Check out the “Cube for a Companion” I’ve featured below:

  • Ugo Strange

    You can’t beat Picard. Simple but effective.

  • nintango wee

    I think Tom Cruise gave Katie Holmes a LRH tools boxx, for her study tech classes. This was Katie’s engagement “gift” from Tom.

    He also have her a I hate SP’s t-shirt.

  • Stefan

    AH-MAZING. lol
    Seriously. Awesome.

  • PJ Fry

    I’m right up there. I just proposed to my girlfriend of 4.5 years Futurama style. From “Time Keeps on Slippin'” when Fry wrote Leela a love letter with stars. I used 540 led xmas lights to write here an 8’x16′ love letter of my own and hung it 30′ off the ground. She called me a nerd, and then said yes.

  • Andy D

    My brothers fiance has an engagment ring made out of palladium because it’s the metal that saved iron mans heart. The is hardcore nerdism right there.

  • Fern S

    That is SO epic! I saw, on makes NO sense, this was awesome) that a man proposed to his wife by saying ‘I choose you, pikachu!’.