The Always Sunny Cast Sings Dayman at Comic-Con


There were many notable events at Comic-Con, all of which I missed because I didn’t go, but video of a few are surfacing online so that we may all experience them.

One of the best ones I’ve found is of the Always Sunny in Philadelphia panel (what this has to do with comics or sci-fi, I have no idea) where the cast was awesome enough to not only show up in full Dayman stage play attire, right down to Frank’s troll suit, but also sing along with the crowd after a fan’s request.

And this is why I’m absolutely going to make the trip out there next year, no matter what. Mark my words, Unreality will be live from SDCC in 2012.


  1. JapJay July 27, 2011
  2. Paul Tassi July 27, 2011

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