The Adorable Dead

“Nice to meet you, I may or may not be blowing your brains out in a few minutes.”

This is a rather cool shot from behind the scenes of The Walking Dead which has star Andrew Lincoln meeting a young zombie on set. I can’t quite remember which episode she was in, but I seem to remember someone having to kill a child zombie at some point, and feeling rather bad about it.

As for this week’s Walking Dead, are they EVER going to find that girl? Why did Daryl find a “nest” in that house and then not tell anyone about it? Shouldn’t they be scouring that place top to bottom and waiting for her to come back? With that flower speech, he seemed to imply she was dead. Did I miss something there?

  • She was in episode 1. Awesome scene.

    And yes, I thought the same thing about the ‘nest’. Who else could sleep in that cabinet besides a child?

  • Bigdog

    First episode. Rick sees her when stopping to look for gas on the way to Atlanta.

  • Lubz

    Yeah she is the first zombie we ever see.

  • Patty

    This scene set the stage for how awesome this series was gonna be.

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  • Kristoph

    Grrr I wish this show would get a move on..

    Hate waiting once a week for a whole episode of talking, then back to waiting for another week.

  • Jason

    Haha. Just started watching last night, saw the pic, and was like, “OMG I KNOW THAT!”

  • Will

    They may find Sarah by the last episode of this fall…

  • berni del rosario

    ….@will, yeah they saw her (sarah) at the most uxexpected place…”the nest”.