The 15 Best Pictures of Christina Hendricks


I’m breaking a lot of my own rules by writing this post as we try to steer away from “hot chicks for hot chicks’ sake” galleries here unless they’re wearing Pikachu or Chun Li costumes or something, but I have to make an exception for Christina Hendricks. What can I say? The woman has magical powers.

I also wrote this post because unlike the legions of supermodels and actresses out there who have done dozens of photoshoots over their careers, Hendricks has done relatively few, and therefore there ain’t a whole lot of professional pictures that exist of her outside of three or so magazines and a few awards ceremonies, and I wanted to put the best ones all in one place for your viewing pleasure.

I’m hoping Maxim or Stuff or FHM will read this, and stop calling Heidi Montag and do shoots of a REAL woman like Hendricks, who is destroying notions of ideal body types with her logic-defying curves. Also, she needs more movie and TV roles outside of Mad Men.

I’ve posted of some of these pictures because they’re obviously hot, but some are just funny, and some are from Firefly because well, Firefly is awesome.

Gawk away!

This pretty much sums up all the other pictures


The picture that spawned a thousand “Golden Globes” jokes


Different hair


She used to model wedding dresses before she hit it big


Magazine cover of the year


Sorry Amy Adams and Isla Fisher, but she’s Hollywood’s hottest redhead.


Candid shot…orrrr she’s being kidnapped


I’m not sure where this is from, but it’s excellent


Page Six


A screencap from her excellent turn as Saffron in Firefly


Crammed into some lingerie for Esquire


I call this “The Anti-Grav”


Sunday’s Oscars, errr Oscar party


And lastly, proving the D.E.N.N.I.S. system works





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  • chrystani

    O she is gorgeous…

    Like she’s curvy and doesn’t care. Like if I were a man I would want something soft and curvy.

    Not jabby and pointy and flat. Unless I liked men.

    Shes hot! (Yes Im a straight woman)…

  • illeaturfamily

    I love this woman. I love that she’s not thin as a rail. I love that she loves herself.

  • Henrik

    I can’t belive her husband is that ugly guy from (500) Days of Summer. Im sure he is a nice guy, bat dammit she can do better… Like me!

  • Bert

    I can’t believe that her husband is also that ugly dude who ate all the pot and mushrooms at the beginning of Super Troopers – he must be hilarious or something.

  • Lagrange

    How much of her sex appeal is due to her boobs?
    Would you/we know her name if they were unflashy?

  • MacGyver1138

    She’s one of those people who looks vastly different in different clothes/settings. That’s really weird to me. In three pictures in a row up there (the green dress, the wedding dress, the New York cover,) she looks like 3 completely different people to me.

    Still, she is pretty, and it’s nice to see a curvy woman in Hollywood every once in a while. Also, I have to love her because she was on Firefly! I miss that show.

  • IFailedMath

    i heard she naturally blonde… :-/

  • Lagrange

    true, wiki says it.

  • Madison

    Safe to say there really aren’t any bad pics of Christina.

  • FrankenPC

    Holy mother of god. Her body SCREAMS SEX!

  • eco

    well, the D.E.N.N.I.S. system may work in a tv show, isn’t he married to his co-star, Dee? and christina is totally feeling him up!

  • goevert

    @eco, no, Dee (Kaitlin) is married to Mac (Rob), and Charlie is married to the Waitress (on the right.) I think Dennis (Glenn) is single.

  • That woman is built! How, I’m not sure. She appears to be constructed on some interesting new plan. Very nice.

  • OMG,gorgeous pictures of Christina Hendricks!She is soo hottt . she has the most beautiful face and an irresistible body.I love her her cute smile.

  • Jay Neaumont

    Geez, this is like a episode of South Park and Seinfeld rolled into one.

    We all love her because she has big tits!!

    …. not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • Jimmy Jenkins

    Lagrange, the answers are:

    1. 93%.
    2. No.

  • Bill G

    I think all that silicone would be put to better use building computer chips or beer bottles. Sorry Christina. You’re just another bimbo in Tinseltown to me.

  • T-Bagg

    I don’t like the way many people use the word “curvy” to describe “over weight” with big boobs. Curvy is Marilyn Monroe, Monica Belluci, Bettie page, Brook Burke, Salma Hayek or Scarlett Johansson. That’s just off the top of my head.
    If this girl didn’t have huge boobs, you wouldn’t know who she is.
    It’s like when a girl describes one of her friends to me and she starts out with how “nice” she is. The girl will be “curvy” which means “fat.”
    It’s okay if you call me an asshole now.

  • JK

    Nice selection, too bad you didn’t link to high-res pics.

    And to T-Bagg… well, you call yourself T-Bagg, your opinion is void.

  • Bruce LeSourd

    No still picture of Christina Hendricks does her justice. She is a fabulous actress, with star turns on two of the best TV shows of all time, Firefly and Mad Men. Her presence, on screen, is unique and amazing. She is not a model, and should not be judged as one, whether you think she looks great or fat in these pictures.

  • Marc

    Amy Adams and Ilsa are both much prettier. Giant breast dont make her the hottest redhead. She is very nice tho 🙂

  • T-Bagg


    You call yourself JK. That’s just two letters. So your voidness is more void than my void.

  • Christina Hendricks is by far and away the sexiest woman on television…Her mold was broken…They don’t make ’em like that anymore

  • JK

    No sir! Everyone on the internet knows that two letters is cool. You must not have got the memo. The internet is serious business, not a place to voice your silly opinions!

    PS. Hendricks is hott (<- thats right, two T’s, sh*t just got real!)

  • T-Bagg

    Damn it, JK! Two T’s… My only weakness. Well played sir, well played.

  • unclaimed smegma

    @Bruce – she started off as a model, which could be explained by the amazing bone structure and her ability to work a camera, no matter what her weight.

  • bc

    Toneless and doughy.

    All I can imagine is that not that IF there is cellulite on the ass and on the back of those thighs, but HOW MUCH of it is there.

    UGH. What a fattie.

  • mitEj

    Bc know how we can tell your either gay or a jealous woman. The above comment.

    As a hetero guy there are very few women who look sexier than her.

  • T-Bagg


    As a hetero male, I can tell you, there are MANY women who look sexier than her. Hell, even many female Marines, and they are almost never good looking.

  • Marty

    Nah, her boobs are waaaaay too big. To the point of being disgusting in fact.

  • sodapants

    wow… this woman is incredible. She’s like the kind of babe you’d see painted on the nose of a WWII B-17 bomber. Total pin-up chic here. God bless America. I only hope her attitude is as jaw-dropping and pleasant as her appearance is. Otherwise, it’s a waste of beauty.

    Now, I’ll go feel sad because she doesn’t know who I am… or care.

    ha! What a doll.

  • Agimat

    lol @ 3rd pic from the top. hag at 3 o clock giving cristina the death stare.

  • katgos

    watch more pics of her… really sexy ones

  • illeaturfamily

    @ Bill G

    wtf are you talking about? those puppies are real, hence the mass appeal

    any woman can go and get some fake yum yums and some liposuction but ms. hendricks is naturally gifted.

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  • dude

    great natural tits 🙂 i found some more pics here

  • DmYsTeR

    She was on Firefly. that makes her hot. nuff said

  • Broseff

    Are you sure he wasn’t her?

  • Trini

    I can’t help but think she’s a little overrated for without photoshop, A push-up bra and the necessary make-up, shes not quite as pretty but I’d much rather guys be interested in her than someone like oh… Paris Hilton or Megan fox who are complete butterfaces (although Paris’s noodle body hardly makes her worthy of such a title)

  • carlabarla

    @Bill G
    Are you blind? Can you not tell the difference between a boob job and the real thing, or believe that women can have breasts that big naturally? Yes, it happens, sorry bro. “Bimbo in tinseltown” is demeaning, too, as if to suggest that the bigger the bust the smaller the brain or something. Grow up, Bill G.

    That said, this is a straight woman quoting gay men when I say, “It’s nice that her breasts look like soft inviting boob-pillows and not tupperware bowls glued to her body.” Because really. I just wish she knew how to dress herself, she did NOT fit into that peachy Siriano dress.

  • Michael

    chrystanion 09 Mar 2010 at 1:23 pm

    O she is gorgeous…

    Like she’s curvy and doesn’t care. Like if I were a man I would want something soft and curvy.

    Not jabby and pointy and flat. Unless I liked men.

    Shes hot! (Yes Im a straight woman)…


    …Why did this make me hard?

  • Eh


    She’s fat

  • LShea

    I agree with chrystanion – if I was a man, I’d want my woman to have a body like hers (or Mariah Carey’s or Selma Hayek’s). Even as a straight woman I can say she has a great body and I wished more women looked like that. She’s got some massive mammaries, though. lol If they’re real they look so much better! If you can’t tell real from fake by now…come on! I agree that she has the classic pinup girl look!

    “She appears to be constructed on some interesting new plan.” – lol

    Ok, seriously, though, even though I don’t like her, anybody who says that Megan Fox is a butterface needs their eyes examined!

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  • Superstang_t18


    1) Christina is one of the sexiest women i have ever seen. period. natural red or not, big boobs or not.
    2) T-Bagg: it is opinions like yours that drive women to starve themselves into looking like a bean pole. i love the fact that she is perfectly comfortable with how she is, that makes her even sexier to me.

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  • devil

    man chin, silly big fat udders, ass & thighs probably like big fat squishy shapeless water balloons.

    dudes on here are only saying she’s hot because she has big fat udders and they’ve been conditioned to believe that “real men” are supposed to go on and on about how much they love big fat udders, whether or not they actually like them at all.

    women on here are only saying she’s hot because she’s fat as a hog, and they are too, so they want to believe she’s hot to make themselves feel better about their own fat blob-bodies.

    seriously, why else would people would praise a human water-bed mattress with dyed hair and a big kirk douglas butt-chin?

    ps i bet she has totally heinous bologna nipples… like, the kind of areolas that are so spread out and faded that they actually looks like nasty pink shapeless rashes. otherwise she would have whipped those fat-bags out for playboy by now for sure.

  • Raziel078

    @Henrik or she could do worse, like me. Also holy crap this woman is beautiful. I have loved her since Firefly

  • T-Bagg

    My opinions may drive fat woman to starve them selves. I don’t like bean pole women. But I do find them more attractive than fat girls. SO if a fat girl decides to starve herself so she looks better, fine. If she’s done it because of something I’ve said, she let my words get to her, she has more to worry about. Like some self esteem issues maybe. Either way doesn’t matter to me. Go be fat somewhere I don’t have to look at it, like in your house.

    I didn’t want to go and touch where you did, but since you did I’ll continue, adding on to what you said. By “real men” I’m going to assume you mean fat men. Guys that are to hideous to get with good looking girls. It’s not just that they’ve been conditioned to like big girls, it’s because they know big girls are all they will be able to get. So they’ve moved passed settling and into convincing(lying) themselves that they are actually attracted to ugly girls. Even though deep down they know they are not.
    I agree with everything you wrote.
    Go ahead and be fat if you want, preferably not in public where I have to look at you. But don’t try to convince me that big is beautiful. It’s not.

  • Kenny

    This is by far the hottest sexiest redhead I have ever seen. She is hot and has more curves than a West Virginia highway !!

  • HJI

    Wow “devil” — I’m just so impressed by your apparent lengthy time investment in developing a entire broad, gratuitously insulting vocabulary for the express intent of tearing apart the appearance of women – you sure must like them (or not).

  • badbone

    I dindt know who this person was, but i’m’ happily surprised.

    BTW I agree with most here specially with T-Bagg about guys with manboobs who lie to themselves with a badbone trucker voice. I know because I’ve done that and look at me now, anoxeric freak who cant get his muscle back. Shit.

    But at least I have my brickweed and these Hendricks pictures to sleep well.

  • Becca

    “I think all that silicone would be put to better use building computer chips or beer bottles. Sorry Christina. You’re just another bimbo in Tinseltown to me.” – Bill G.

    They’re real, you idiot. If you’re going to fling poo you could at least do your research first. 😐

  • The Truth

    eh and devil, you two are the two most brain dead POS on this blog. Congratulations. Oops, t-bagger is right there with you. Christina is easily as beautiful as any of the other women mentioned and she’s not fat at all.

  • mer

    She’s not that pretty, she just has huge knockers. Get over it.

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  • emmettdigger

    Personally – I think Christina is beautiful regardless of the size of her breasts. They’re actually a little too big for me but I love the way she is demure with those penetrating come-hither eyes. I love the curves of her body like in that first picture in the gray dress – her hips make such a sexy profile!

  • susanist

    She is the Classical Avatar of Aphrodite as Hesiod and Homer visualized Her.

  • Fifi

    uummm…. i just got the best compliment by being directed to this page with the comment, “this is reminding me of you.”

    and with all the enchanted comments above, i can’t help but Super appreciate my red-haired hourglass-ness, even if i did bleach it blonde two years back…lol.

  • That one guy

    O.o such a strange conversation…

    Well guys, here’s my opinion on this O.o

    No, she isn’t fat.
    That being said, she isn’t hot either.
    Her face is kinda… eh… not my type o3o
    And yeah… the boobs are too big… looks disproportionate and weird.
    Other than that, not too bad.

    And no, I make no claim at being some amazingly sexy guy with a super-valuable opinion.
    I’m fugly and proud of it ^O^

  • Ron

    Large breasts don’t do it for me – never have – but Hendricks is simply stunning. No argument.

    Pity about the dysfunctional trolls here, though. . .

  • Carl

    Now I love a curvy woman. But guys, come on: those boobs are big because they are artificially enhanced. That’s right, they’re fake. Well done but absolutely fake.

    Her hair is fake.
    Have you seen the hue under natural light? It’s neon. But that’s ok, it suits her.

    But let’s be real here. Christina is a product of the Hollywood machine. Prepping girls to the 50s harlot image that studio execs wank over. And I don’t have a problem with that. After all, America is awash with pin up girls as it has been since Betty Grable. And..I…well, kinda like wanking over that image.

    Now if you want to consider her a real woman then that’s fine. That’s your choice. But suggesting that she is naturally gifted is stretchin’ it.

  • susanist


    You are wrong. Studio exec do not wank over the likes of Christina Hendricks they do that over the boyish looks of Jessica Alba. And you dont know what Her Breasts are except that a Bra is a mechanical enhancement.

    Her Look is a follow up of the trend J-Lo started and Kim Kardashian has enjoyed and that is of a woman who looks like a Fertility Deity and not a 50 harlot your misogynist outlook demeans. As for Her fake hair. She’s a Blonde who for some reason decided to dye Her Hair Red when She was 10 years old.

    Now this is not Hollywood’s Look which is why She has trouble getting fitted for Red Carpet events because designers are use to working with figures like Charlize Theron.

    This is the Look of APHRODITE as Hesiod and Homer envisioned Her which is a much more ancient aesthetic than any Hollywood exec wanker would recognise.

    Red Copper Hair like the Copper of Cyrus.
    Alabaster like skin.
    Full Breast which suggest ample Milk for offspring which
    tapers down into a tiny waist which in fact is not fake and Her best feature as it amplifies the effect of Her Bustline and those wide Hips and Ass to suggest Fertility.

    So who or what guided a 10 yo to do this but the result is that She is the Worlds number one living example as to how the Classical Greeks envisioned APHRODITE.

    And if it helps some of your misguided Misogynist viewpoints, some of the Priestesses of APHRODITE were called Pornia and Whores. So stop trying to use a compliment to then insult a symbol of the Feminine Divine. You dont like women at all.

  • Panzers

    I’m gonna go ahead and assume it’s okay to objectify women. That said, she looks so hot with that intense red wavy hair. And to the person who objected to calling her curvy, I agree that curvy should not be a euphemism for fat, but Hendricks is NOT fat, look at those arms, those legs, if she lost ten pounds she would be too thin, making her womanly curves seem over the top, even more so!

    She is not fat.

    But she is weird in that like that other person said, she does not look the same in some pictures, in the New York magazine cover her face looks like Amy Adams!

  • sassychic

    If you own a pair, you know the Real Deal when you see them (or meet them in person.) For everyone else, certifying womanly natural endowment can be fairly simple. Allow me to explain.

    Some bodacious boobs are enhanced by excess body fat, but the truth is revealed in the upper arms. Layers of fat are not conveniently limited to merely the mammaries. Countless plump females wish with all their hearts for this to be so, but it is not.

    Fat is indiscriminate. If there is enough fat to support mammary projection enough to impress beholders, you can be sure layers of fat are just as generously slathered across the bones of the clavicle, obscuring those small projections completely and obliterating the sexy hollow they create at the base of the throat.

    Excessive body fat also inevitably mounds the shoulders, melting into wide, flabby upper arms that produce a very different appearance from the vertical line of a slim arm descending from the softly rounded ball of a slender shoulder.

    Bones don’t lie.

    Relatively slender women with unusually large breasts will almost always have full hips, too, and rounded buttocks. If she’s lucky, a proportionately small waist will enhance her curves. If she’s very fortunate indeed, her thighs and legs will be as slender as her arms, but that isn’t always the case. Christina rather demurely shares the virtues of her upper anatomy but seems less inclined to display her nether regions. Time will tell.

    Revisit photos of Marilyn Monroe to view the beautiful body of such an epitome of voluptuous, sensual beauty in her time that it still resonates today. Her slender extremities, delicate wrists and ankles, and small waist accentuate the womanly curves of her breasts and buttocks. Yet, by today’s standards of beauty, Marilyn Monroe was definitely too fat.

    Christina is lovely, but we need to see more to know if she truly represents the standard set by the fabulous MM. There is something reserved and cautious in her public smile and very little daring in her style of dress, so perhaps she feels less than secure. That’s a shame, because Christina Hendricks is a mesmerizing actress, a new chameleon to bewitch and ensnare us with her great talent. This gift is much rarer than womanly beauty but when those formidable assets are joined, the entire world takes notice.

    For the sake of everyone who enjoys being well entertained, I sincerely hope Ms. Hendricks is allowed the opportunity to weave her thespian magic and cast her net beyond the shadow of her silhouette. If you were in her shoes with all she has at stake, you would be very careful, too.

  • Lala
    I’m not one to normally be too harsh on other woman but she isn’t as gorgeous as everyone is making her out to be.
    Esquire naming her hottest woman, beyond me. There were plenty of better choices.
    Her boobs, probably awful without a gigantic push up bra, boobs that big that aren’t made of silicone will sag down to her bellybutton.
    She’s pretty, not gorgeous and could stand to lose a few lbs.
    Im not a fan of twig thin women either, a little bit of curve is perfect.
    Think Giselle Bundchen or Adriana Lima, not TOO skinny but still curvy.
    I think men have been fooled into thinking Christina’s breast are some gift from god, but that’s what an awesome push up bra can do. Take a step back censor out the boobs and you have a mediocre looking redhead.

  • J~Link

    So happy that America can portray someone as beautiful without them being super model thin “anorexic”, or should i say, “super unhealthy”.
    Hopefully we will see more women like her entering the modeling industry. You know…. Women who can model and bring out the beauty in their clothes, via smooth curves instead of jag-id hipbones, protruding chest bones and completely bare clavicles.
    Personally i find her stunning.

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  • 0901414

    I think she is a very pretty women, and im glad she feels that she doesnt need to lose a load of weight to be beautiful. But i also think that if she didnt show her boobs as often as she does people would not be as nice to her.

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  • Wes

    If you say she is fat then you are a moron. She is hot.

  • Me

    I completely agree with everyone who said that if it weren’t for her boobs, she wouldn’t look near as attractive as she does.
    As for them being fake, I think this website proves a good point.

  • Farah

    Okay, for everyone who is saying she is curvy. I wouldn’t define her as curvy. She’s thin with big boobs. And okay, her hips are wide but it’s not like their wide because of fat, it’s just her bone structure. So there isn’t any evidence to prove that she’s particularly unlike other Hollywood actresses in terms of her body. Curvy means having meat on your body. And other that on her breasts, she doesn’t have much of it.

  • Rex

    This chick is the bomb, hour glass figure with nice, big tits, beautiful face and fiery hair. Love it!
    I wish my girlfriend had big tits like hers….I’m encouraging her to get a boob job and she seems game. Ya baby!

  • Johannes Chimpo

    “She can sue me…

    SUE ME, SUE ME!!!”

  • emily

    yes she is beautiful, but the breasts are obviously ‘enhanced’. I had natural 28DDs (now 30Fs because of pregnancy) and when I lay down my breasts flatten out and are more rounded on the sides, and the top fat comes up to my collarbones, hiding my clavicle & upper ribs definition. In the video, when she lays down, her breasts are PERFECTLY rounded on top and don’t come anywhere near the collar bone. If they were all natural they would flatten, not stay like bubbles. If they were real then there would be more fat above the breasts. I believe she had naturally large breasts and had them further enhanced.

    Pause at 59 seconds in the video… real breast fat would not just stay in the exact same spot, the fat would come up to her collarbone. I’m not saying all this as a jealous woman, I think it’s great that people appreciate curves since I have a similar (but smaller) body to christina’s. I just think men are bad at picking out fake breasts.
    Lay down a woman with real DDs or Fs & you’ll see what I’m talking about… that fat goes everywhere, but it’s soft & fun 🙂

  • Dr. Hugh G. Rection

    That beyotch has juggs to die for! I would leave her hairy red beaver full of creamy froth!

    The Doctor of Love – Hugh G. Rection

  • Marcus Fox

    This is one stunning sexy gorgeous and beautifull woman . I love how she has meat on her bones and curves and she’s proud of it. Sick and tired of seeing skinny rake women in the media.

  • xomneon

    She. Is. Not. Fat.
    She’s blessed. Femininity defined.

    The 21 century perception of women is deluded.

    It’s a delusion shared by many, propagated by glossy magazines, air brushing and America’s obsession with celebrity, that means adult women are now expected (if they want to be in the public eye) to not only sell themselves as sex objects, but subscribe to achieving the body shape of a malnourished 8 year old boy (+/- fake tits).

    Look a little further afield from the norms of porn, glamour and one size fits all (skinny) celebrities to a woman who has every right to be in the public eye and considered sexy, and you might just realise that Miss. Hendricks in fact typifies womanly form.

    I’d struggle to find a website full of women berating a male actor for not being the perfect template of man. Men aren’t expected to be sex objects if they want fame, they can be, but they are (on the whole) considered more for their craft than their junk.

    More power to her.
    Love her in Mad Men.
    Aphrodite indeed.
    An amazing woman curves and all.

  • Hey Bill G,

    I think you’re confusing silicone (a silicon-oxygen compound) with silicon (the element used in computer chips) – now you’re the Bimbo!

  • Loose

    Hands down one of the hottest women on the planet right now. She’s PERFECT! In every way. No Dumbass looks on her face, no ribs, REAL tits, Individual clothing style. She’s got the good stuff! Yah!

  • Jake

    This girl is pretty. If you disagree with that, you’re wrong. Whether or not she’s your cup of tea is a different matter. There are plenty of girls that I think are pretty but are not quite up my alley. Calling this girl ugly means you’re a fucking idiot, though.

  • Jon

    This woman is fat, pale and ugly. All fat girls have big tits.
    even the rest of her is fat too, her tummy and hips are fat, even fatter when the corset comes off.

  • Tre

    I think she’s got some hotness, not sure about hottest woman on TV though. Plenty of curves and goods to hold on to, she looks she’d put off a lot of heat in the winter time which is a plus.

  • Ben

    She isn’t very pretty in the face, but her hot body makes up for it.

  • Defence

    To many she is different and new and differs from the norm which is why many find her attractive.

    She actually is a classic beauty – anybody who has visited a national art gallery will be able to see that curvy redheads have been adored for last 2000 years. Not only in art but also (as someone mentioned above) by the the ancient Greeks and in modern literature.

    Anybody who thinks a fakebaked tan, hair extensions, peroxide, and liposucked legs are attractive seriously need to take a long look at themselves and think about why they find these types attractive. I would also like to comment on what a man in one of the above sections commented on saying that he ‘bets she has lots of cellulite’ well i can tell you as someone who works in fashion can say first hand that even size 0 models have cellulite!!!! and some of them more of it than some curvy women! Cellulite is a genetic. Lots have it and some will never get rid of it – no matter how much you use exercise or creams to be rid of it.

    Personally i think any men who think shes a ‘fatty’ or say derogatory nasty comments have ‘mommy/women’ issues they need to resolve. They lack education and self confidence and the ability to think for themselves without the influence of the media and the porn industry.

    If you don’t find her attractive then its okay! I’m sure she doesn’t care! shes a successful actress who is happily married and who earns buckets loads and has a fantastic life and who has actually managed to accept herself which many women find very difficult to do. If anything its her confidence and her acceptance of her body which is her true attractive quality.

    Christina is actually is quite tall and hasn’t always been curvy and i bet her bmi is in the ‘normal’ category. She has become the antithesis of the Kate moss heroine chic waif with fried egg boobs and has made women feel like they want to be women again and not pre-pubescent teens.

    Her boobs ARE real. If any of you male individuals think other wise you need to investigate the ‘Russ Meyers’ films. All the women he used in his soft porn were real women with real boobs!

    A quick note to ‘devil’ man. You are a degenerate saddo who lacks any place in modern society. I hope your dick falls off (if its even visible)

  • ZebahDee

    One of the hottests chicks around !!!

    Anyone saying she’s fat is quite simply a effing douchebag, i mean who the hell in any normal persons mind could find the likes of Nicole ritchie or paris hilton sexy? They look like frigging starved Ethiopians, and this makes them hot?? to see their bones through the skin?? fuck off.

    A real woman comes along with the kind of curves that make REAL men melt and all the morons who have been fed the size 0 bullshit by the media and have lapped it up like good little children jump on her because she’s different, get some morality losers …

    She is, baseline, 1005 natural and frigging beautiful to boot – deal with it

  • PredicateSuffix

    Yeah she’s cute and has a nice body, but I don’t like all of this talk about how she’s a “real” woman. Can’t we all agree that women come in all sizes? There really are women out there who are naturally rail thin. Are they “fake” women? Children? No. It’s okay to be chunky and it’s okay to be thin, AND it’s okay to be muscular, capiche?

  • HelloKitty

    How anyone can cell her fat is beyond me. She does not have rolls on her back, she does not have a huge hanging belly, no double chin, her arms and legs are not huge, you can she her cheekbones, collarbones, and ankle bones, she has a waist, so no, she is not fat!

    There are skinny girls with cellulite and flab…I see it all the time. They are called “skinny fat”. You can be thin and out of shape. Big deal if you can fit in a 6 and still be flabby. I think she is a good role model for body image, like America Ferrera and Kate Winslet. She never said she is the hottest red head. That is up to the individual, but there is no way she is fat. That is just from people with a warped sense of what healthy is and obesity is. She even admitted she probably could stand to lose some weight but if you are not at risk for disease and you are not obese, then why do it if you are okay with yourself? Go grab yourself a sack of chicken bones and cuddle it at night if you want. I sure as hell wouldn’t want that.

  • most of the time i use hair extensions because i love long hair-“*

  • Ramon

    They are not real. She is a NORMAL WEIGHT woman who has had her real natural breast augmented. Look at the way they form a crisp edge when she is on the desk! Real boobs would not have that sharp edge where the boob ends and the chest begins, they’d slope naturally into the chest. How do I know, my wife has that build and she is all real.

  • Jessi

    For those who are calling her fat… Yeahno.
    She isn’t “fat”. She is the right bodyshape for today’s woman. Maybe not her breasts, which are not fake (can’t you just deal with the fact that some girls have big breasts?)

    Get off your damn high horses.
    If you don’t like her and prefer stick-women, don’t look at her, don’t read magazines with her in them, don’t come on websites that say GOOD and GREAT things about her and mouth off.
    I’m sure you have better things to do.

    She is a beautiful, NATURAL woman.
    She has had NO surgery and no implants.
    Wow, you can link us to something that “proves” she does?
    Um, the internet is full of fake shit like that.

    Get over it.
    She’s beautiful.
    You can have your own opinions, but if you’re going to slam her on a page dedicated to her, bugger off.

  • Sally

    She looks good with the help of a lot of underpinning and in particular a corset or spanx or whatever it is big girls wear to pull their bellies in. Surprisingly many large women would look like her with the right undergarments.

    She has got biggish legs which you cannot escape from but many women should take a leaf out of her book and buy the right waist trimmer cos its not her boobs and bum that aint natural its the bit in the middle.

    If I were that much bigger i would do that too.

  • Sally

    Have found personally that many men will give up on getting hold of big boobs in exchange for a slim woman. Loads of men are scared of them and like the flat chested look these days.

    Maybe they are sick of being conned by implants and boobs down to the waist. Men are not stupid and see more breasts than women do on the whole.

  • some hair extensions fit nicely to the your natural hair while others do not fit easily -.,

  • Hans

    To refer to Christina Hendricks as ‘fat’ simply shows how far the ‘waif as normal’ menatality has penetrated some people’s heads.
    So we’ll always get the T-Bagg and Devil sorts, telling us how it is like a trainee Dr. Phil.

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  • quisty01

    Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in waaay after the fact. I am a size 12. I workout 5 hours week-both running and Zumba. I’m training for a half marathon.

    I also happen to sport a pair of 38DDDs. I have HATED my large breasts for as long as I can remember. Probably started when I was the first girl in my class to have to wear a bra, and there were no As for me. First bra ever was a B.

    So. Seeing someone in a favorable light in Hollywood who also has large breasts has given me a different perspective on my body type. For that, I am thankful.

    Arguing over whether she is pretty or not is rather silly, hasn’t anyone heard the term “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Thank goo too, or 9/10 of the population would be single.

  • Bebe

    A beautiful, natural looking woman, so rarely seen now days it looks refreshing!

  • kdeok12

    She has the prefect bust. yum.

  • ugotitright

    wow, its amazing how people fight over celebrities. whether u love her or hate her, it makes no difference to either her career or her bank account so stop arguing and get back to work

  • One fantastic woman. 🙂

  • Brandon

    T-Bag is a complete and utter moron. This woman is on fire. I’ve never seen a female Marine as hot, you have some low ass standards if you think more than a few marine women let alone any military women can compare to this babe.

  • Bret

    I think they are some big homegrown titties shoehorned into a very nice push-up bra.

    That said, Christina is a goddaned goddess!! But I cannot believe she married such a wanker. I’m not saying that she has to be married to some “perfect” guy, but Geoff Arend is fucking-butt-ugly!!

    He is either the most considerate guy on Earth, who loves her, dotes on her, and lets her fuck other men because he cares about her happiness, or he has a 10-inch cock and can fuck for hours like Sting. Or both maybe.

  • s1helipilot

    From what I hear, those beautiful boobs are totally real ! ! !
    You just gotta love it, them.

    But, even without them, she is H O T !

    I’d love to dote on her for the rest of my life.

  • Smaaa

    God men are pigs. Everyone has different tastes in what they find attractive, and that goes for both men and women. When women talk about men though, does it ever get this nasty? Not with anyone i know, you just say what you like and move on without all this bashing. But you guys, why is it all so derogatory? Just because you might prefer your women skinny doesn’t automatically make anyone bigger disgustingly fat. The sexism on this thing is fricking suffocating me.

    And before anybody says it, no, i’m not fat at all, so 😛

  • winkdink

    This has to be at least one of the sexiest women that I’ve ever seen.

  • Vince

    One of the prettiest women I have ever seen. It’s unbelievable how some idiots can call her fat. It’s amazing that some people in the industry were telling her to lose weight. Hollywood is so out of touch with reality that it is not even funny.

  • Lee

    Very attractive. I agree that it looks like she may have had lipo on the clavicle region and arms. Bodyfat isn’t specific to one region only.

  • Rajhoul

    Attractive to the eyes, yes.

    Mentally superior ?


    That’s what I think of all people.

  • PJC

    Jesus! Where has she been all my life? Hooters to rival any celebs’ and all natural!?

  • ApeHanger

    Damn! She looks good enough to…er…eat!

  • Landon D

    Christina Hendricks is by far one of the hottest women in television! She has an AMAZING face and body. I don’t know anything about her really, but after seeing her show and some of the pics on the web, I’m in visual love with her! LOL! (You know what I mean. In a non-creepy way!) I hope she has an even more successful career, and that she finds all that she sets out to. God bless!

  • Kristen

    I think she is by far one of the most beautiful women ever. I have red hair too and if anyone ever said I looked like her in the least, it would be a huge compliment! Call her “curvy” if you want, she’s just a normal figured woman.
    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

  • Jew-nited-states-of-Ameri-cunt

    The 7th picture with the Aqua dress made me laugh my arse off!~ SoOo out of proportion (don’t get me wrong I’ve been with my fair share and busty is just as good) but I’m guessing many girls don’t actually realise how much artificial fake shit turns some guys off big time. ~ a bit of narcissism/wanting sexual attention isn’t all that bad hey they are female but you can go overboard with it. just like the fake tan shit

  • for-real?

    seriously? those are fake breasts. just look at the video clip of her lying down. real breasts do not stay in place when lying down.

  • bernergirl

    Okay…all you haters. I have the same measurements as Christina (except she has way better arms than me) If you think its easy to find any sort of bra, dress, shirt in our size it isn’t. So there is the downside, all my clothes needs tailoring. I have cleavage in a turtle neck. I have to take so much care of my boobs, and am always working out, trying to keep my shape, my back begins to hurt if I gain more weight. Its not easy. Ever!
    For all of you who say girls like us are fat….well kiss our fat a$$! Because there are way more men who love us for our curves. Women should rejoice, we don’t have to be one size…enjoy crutons on your salad ladies!

  • ozanna

    Breast implants, cheek implants, hair extensions, nose job, facial fillers. Yeah oh so natural!!

  • candrews

    Absolutely gorgeous. Stunning from head to toe.

    @ozanna, sounds like you’re jealous. Evidence, or can it.


    She is NOT “curvy” Kelly Brook is curvy, Sharkira is curvy, Sofia Vegera is curvy. all those women have banging bodies. You never
    see hendricks stomach, it is a fat puddy inside a corset pull tight, she is fat, soft, untoned and revolting. She has beome a poster girl for fat girls who have convinced themselves they are “curvy”
    and on top of it all she is butt ugly, with a face like something only a mother could love. Ugly and fat overrated woman.
    Marylin Monroe has half this cows size. throw this whale back in the ocean.

  • She’s a beauty, and there’s no denying it. Today’s “official” standard is *extremely* thin by any historical standards of idealised beauty, so compared to that she has a little too much upholstery. But who cares about that? She’s gorgeous.

    And there’s no way those are implants, btw. Implants just don’t move that way.

  • James

    I cannot believe the number of morons here calling her ‘fat’. No way. Not even close. The difference between Keeley Hazell and Christina Hendricks is much, MUCH closer than Christina Hendricks and a properly fat woman. You don’t like her shape? Fine. Don’t like fair skin? Fine. Don’t like wide hips? Fine. That’s your prerogative. That’s your opinion, your choice. So what if bunch of us do?

    There are tonnes of men who love women like Christina, and can’t stand leathery-tanned skin, boy-assed girls who seem to populate the rest of Hollywood. I don’t like Megan Fox – I feel like taking a shower just looking at her, and not in a good way. But really, she’s not ugly either. It’s just a matter of taste – I have mine, and other men have theirs. That’s life.

    As for implants – my girl is a natural 38DD, and when she wears the kinds of bras and dresses that Christina does, her breasts behave EXACTLY the same – in EVERY scenario. I can tell this better than most people, since I have my hands all over them, playing with them every single day! There really is no way to tell unless you see those titties out there, uncovered. Otherwise, you’re just kidding yourself.

  • zara

    @ devil and T-Bagg

    Isn’t it great that we have the internet so we can make ourselves feel better about our own sad little lives by calling people richer and more successful than us names? Yeah! Christina Hendricks might be a rich, successful, critically acclaimed actress lusted after by millions, who’s busy doing red carpets and photoshoots every other week, but its okay, cos you can call her “fat bags” on an internet forum. That showed her! you guys: 1 – Christina: 0!

    I really can’t begin to imagine what sort of d**ks you both are in real life, but I can tell you this – putting people down who are doing better than you doesn’t make you any less of a failure. Let’s face it – how many glossy magazines have asked either of you to be on their cover? And I suspect all this misogynistic crap aimed at making women feel bad about how they look is just revenge on the girlfriend you can’t get. Maybe you should just go out with each other.

  • artfiend

    Sure, she’s pretty, but a few things which irritate me about people who tote her as some kind of ideal role model for “real women”:

    – If she didn’t have ginormous breasts, then she’d just be called “chubby” by most. Most women her size do not have breasts that large. Her body is no reflection of a “real woman” – its more of an exaggeration of a woman.

    – True hourglass body shapes are unusual. Natural breast size is determined by fat, where fat is deposited is determined by genetics, and you can’t spot reduce fat. This means if most women want a body like hers, they’d have to resort to surgery. Some role model… The ideal of being slim & toned is at least doable for many through healthy diet and exercise. Her body shape is completely unreachable for far more women, and making it an ideal just encourages breast augmentation, which is a far cry from “be healthy & love your body” attitude.

    -Her boobs look fake, and if they aren’t, then there’s a 99% chance they droop considerably & have grotesque nipples sans bra. This should be encouraging to women – naturally big boobs aren’t so hot without the aid of some heavy duty undergarments. Is this really an ideal?

    -Most photos show her wearing some kind of corseted top/dress. Women in the 50s often worse girdles and the clothing styles in general had a lot of structure – no surprise she wears the clothes on Mad Men well. But without the spanx or corset? She probably has a flabby gut, and a wide, flat butt, as indicated by many side shots of her as well. Do most women really want a body type that has to be stuffed into a corset to look good? That’s also why I don’t think past generations were so much kinder to women or more realistic in their ideals. They required restricting corsets/girdles to meet their ideals, which were not reflective of “natural” women either. There is also correlation between periods of greater social/economic freedom for women and less restrictive undergarments being in fashion, which usually meant the ideal body shape for women was less extremely curvy & soft, and was more slim & toned. Christina’s body is a throwback to a time when women were very restricted – by their girdles and their social roles. How is this “better”?

    -She has very little muscle tone. Just eyeballing her, I would bet that her body fat percent is too high. I bet she also huffs & puffs when doing athletic activities. Making her an ideal of a healthy body is misleading. In a sedentary society that eats too much of all the wrong foods, she could be called a symbol of denial and complacency. Good for her if she is in a healthy range, but few at her size would be prime pictures of fitness.

    -In art, most women are not this large, especially in the chest. Most women pictured in art look like a medium C cup, at most; their breasts do NOT reflect the current ideal of being very large in proportion to the rest of the body. Artists are rarely reflective of popular tastes anyway. Artists usually have highly unusual and subjective viewpoints, which is what makes their work interesting. Depictions of beauty in art is not always about displaying beauty in an ideal form either; its often about finding beauty in unexpected places/ways. I highly doubt the great, classic nudes were reflected the exact body ideals of their time, and Christina’s body does not look like them anyway.

    -Popular actresses from the 60s, 50s, & farther past generations were mostly thin, albeit not waifish. Grace Kelly was very thin (likely a modern size 2), Audrey Hepburn a bony waif, and even Marylin Monroe would be a MODERN size 4-6 at her typical size (and maybe a modern 10 at her largest). These women were much, much smaller than Christina, who at an estimated size 12-14, would’ve been considered a large woman back then also.

    -In short, whatever you think of her body, it is no less realistic a goal than the body of [insert name of skinny actress/model here], no more representative of the natural feminine shape than the body of [insert name of actress/model with boob job here], no throwback to classic beauty ideals in film or art, no progressive ideal that embraces health, no standard that is achievable withoaut some artificial help (either surgery or restrictive underclothing), and certainly does not reflect liberated attitudes towards women.

  • RandomGentleman

    I find her to be one of the most (if not the most) beautiful women in Hollywood. Her skin is flawless and its such a beautiful color, her curves are in all the right places, and her eyes are gorgeous. I love her confidence, and I have mistaken her for a real redhead. She has that skin tone that goes perfectly with red hair. On top of all that she’s a great actress. I have a weakness for redheads 😛

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t care what anybody says, she’s hot!

  • Jayjay00

    Ever seen her without makeup? It’ll make you shake with fear.

  • SMAa

    Um, her breasts are real for sure. People who were saying how her breast didn’t spread while on the table in the video, should look closer, she still had her bra/band thing on. Also, see firefly, she had a pretty nude scene and her boobs did spread quite naturally. My sister has a build like that. Though, she’s not curvy in the hips. Just large chest, tinnny waist, and medium hips and normal thighs. Also reallllly skinny arms. Totally normal and natural…actually for her she hates having to wear a 30E. Being an athlete, having big boobs can be a nuisance and obstruction. I think ideally a decent (non-distracting) size would be C. Everytime she goes out in a low cut shirt, no one (including females) would be looking at her face…just at her breasts. Lol, I imagine the same thing goes for Christina Hendricks.

    I think she’s wonderfully amazing, and she IS curvy. Look at the wideness of her hips in comparison…and her butt. She’s totally curvaceous.

    I don’t know why guys have to bash any type of female body that they don’t find particularly attractive. Men are such pigs (in general), and often times, not even very attractive. Girls always factor in the guys personality, humour, in combo with looks and such…but so many guys just think they themselves deserve a girl like Jessica Alba, or Giselle or Scarlette Johansson. Seriously, try being a little less shallow. Or at the least, appreciate feminine beauty (like in this case), or if you can’t, just keep your trap shut.

  • AM

    Why stop @ 15? I’m sure there’s 100 of her that are equally stunning

  • I love Christina Hendricks… All natural?

  • J-Man

    Does anyone know if her boobs are really real? I’d hate to fully commit myself to something like that and have my heart broken. Thanks Anna Nicole.

  • not real
  • james

    She’s waaaaay skinnier in those Playboy pics. Who knows how much of the weight goes to her tits?

  • yANKEE57

    wow, i have gotta start watching more t.v. !

  • Amen


  • she is amazing! love her!

  • Jo

    below average face with a manchin smeared in frickin 50 pounds of makeup, fake hair (like Amy Adams you mentioned who is also disgustingly overrated), fake boobs, no butt, not curvy at all but pretends to be, thanks to padding, corsets, and girdles. natural women who are in shape beat that so easily it hurts. she is so hideously overrated it’s gross.

    she is not famous for anything more than her mammoth tits, not her average face or talent on the show that people pretend is better than, say, Meryl Streep or Bette Davis just because of said tits. fat girls pretend she’s one of them just because her hips and boobs are enormous, even though her face and limbs are as skinny as anyone’s, and they totally ignore the fact that tons of skinny girls are easily curvier (which is overrated and forced at women way too much), such as Nina Dobrev, Nicole Sch-whatever, Kelly Brook, etc.

  • benny the jet

    how did her boobs grow to be that big since she did Playboy?

    not a pretty girl even with tons of makeup but
    redhead with big boobs means you can put a paper bag on her face.

    she looked average as a blonde with smaller boobs
    but big boobed redhead is a different story.

    as for her size, lets just call her plump or portly….shes a few cheeseburgers from being fat.
    Fat is Kirstie Alley. But of course, she is a size 6 we are told !?!?!?!?

    Jennifer Loves Chewitt has the butt of whale with a normal sized top so whatever comes out in the press is pure BS.

    By being chunky and booby, she has the best of both worlds because guys loves big tits and even though women feel threathened by the boobs of others, they love to protect a fellow chubbo because they feel ‘similar’ and the need to protect women who let themselves go.

    its Hollywood, makebelieve land, not reality world.
    We want our heroes to be manly (sorry but 5ft2 actions stars look fake) and our boobs to be big and beautiful.
    We want gorgeous starlets and Biel like bodies….

    The world is full of fat ugly people, we want to gawk at the pretty ones.
    Fat girls might not like that but no one jacks off to them so it really doesnt matter.


    artfiend – Audrey Hepburn was starved as a child and that is why she was so skinny throughout her life.


    It is apparent by the large majority of people that think she is GORGEOUS that most men/women think that she IS!

  • JealousAngrySchmo

    Wait a minute… Wai-ai-ai-ait a MIN-IT!!!!!!!

    That “Beggars & Choosers” clip… the guy in it… I mean, no.

    No man anywhere has the right to be THAT lucky! I mean, it’s just not fair… HE gets to tear off Christina’s dress…?!


    It should be ME!

    ME, I say!

    Just saying what 3,528,987,345 other guys are thinking, ‘s’all….

  • Seantheartist

    Oh, do I fancy her so damn much! She’s my “wife” as I joke. But, she’s just amazingly beautiful. Totally my type, a REAL woman! <3 curves.

  • rojayk

    Marry me

  • Kermonk

    The size of the boobs matters little when the size of the pictures are so small.

  • WANT

  • IconoclastX

    By today’s merciless standards, Marilyn Monroe would be considered a fat, shapeless cow with average looks.

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  • me

    wait… so real women is only the one with giant chest?
    could it be at all possible that real woman is considered the one with no plastic surgeries or anything. why isnt some chubby girl with normal chest size considered real? or why isnt that naturally thin girl considered real? its genetics, you cant affect it. and you cant judge real girls based on that. when you guys voice your opinion we get: “thin chick with perfect face and huge boobs”. but really? there arent a lot of us who are that lucky. im not jealous on this girl here, in fact i think she is beatiful on her own way but calling her the real women just based on her boobs is ridiculous.
    also, based on your comments i would probably be that unhealty girl, just because im into sports, i dont have DD boobs and my metabolism is fast so i cant get fat (or anywhere near that as a matter of fact, i tried..)
    good to know..

  • Mike

    Damn she’s hot!

  • SCF

    Magical powers? She makes me stutter. “Mam-magical powers”.

  • ooof shes hoooot

  • very striking!

  • John

    Her breasts have some serious shelving on the top (implants), and her nose is obviously crooked, and one eye is bigger than the other, her chin looks so unnatural and like there was an implant stuffed in there as well. Then I scrolled down and saw her body – FAT! Gross

  • Michael96789

    It’s offensive to say that to be a real woman you have to be chubby. My gf is naturally skinny and this girl can eat more than me, I am literally twice her size. So don’t say that just cuz a girl is skinny she is not a real woman.

  • Greer

    I know this is way late but as a woman who has a better (and totally natural) hourglass figure with very large breasts and natural red hair I can’t agree with most peoples opinion on here. I’m a 34-29-32, and wear a 34DDD bra. I’m also on the tall side 5’10 and weigh 143pounds. And yes, I work out 3 days a week to stay toned and firm. So there is no jealousy talking here.

    Christina Hendricks’ breasts are fake, look at her in older roles/modeling shoots (pre-huge boob fame) and she is a B cup. She also sported the blonde hair when first in Hollywood, regardless of all her interviews saying she dyed it red at 10 and never changed it back. Her body, even in her modeling days, was never toned. She has put on weight and had numerous physical enhancement surgeries. I wouldn’t rate her face above a 6 and her body would be at a 4. NOT because she is “fat”, she’s really not. But she definitely needs to work on toning her body up to be healthy. She’s pretty in the MILF-ish type of category. You know the type, not smoking hot but totally fuckable for a night. As for her acting… she has no talent, she gets cast because of her fake boobs and the ability to wear corsets. Sorry guys, you’re blinded by the cleavage.

  • Scott McConachie

    To the obvious idiots that didn’t do their homework and are saying that her boobs are silicone, you need to study before you open your misguided yaps. If you actually listened to her acting abilities instead of being distracted by the real boobs, as you so quickly accuse us as being, you would realize what an uninformed(and uneducated) boobs you are.

  • Simon

    The most overrated woman of the moment Not only is she butt ugly with her pasty pukey skin, and ginger hair but she is FAT!
    Her so called “curves” are work of corsets and girldles. All the pictures above have been airbrushed and photoshopped.
    Stop calling fat women “curvy”. Jennifer Lopez is curvy.
    Christina Hendricks is very overweight. she has a marton body and looks like a 50 year old mom of 6. It’s only other fat women who love this whale.

  • I sense Simon isn’t too struck on her then?

    I on the other hand think she is fantastic and looks stunning, airbrushed or not!

    Lets just hope lots more pictures similar to those above appear in the press soon.

  • michael nelson

    big titties and a redhead? even my cock stood up to look at these pics. my cock wanted to play hide and go seek between those perfect titties.

  • g-man



    She is… utterly sexy and ting!


    Who says that she hasn’t a good body as well as breast.She’s Awesome in anyway.

    The more i see it’s blowinq my mind.

  • J05h

    Different people like different things.

    I happen to think she not only has a stunningly beautiful face but is also dripping with pure fucking sex appeal in way you just don’t get with your average bulimic Hollywood clothes-horse.

    Obviously a lot of people disagree and that’s fine. Most people prefer skinny girls, otherwise there would be more hotties like this one on TV or on the covers of magazines. Certain people seem outraged that some of us would waste our time even looking twice at a girl they consider FAT. The diference between curvy and fat, voluptuous and overweight or rubenesque and obese are purely in the eyes of the respective beholders.

    There are hundreds if not thousands of bony, pointy-featured, androgynous faces and bodies out there for nay-sayers to worship. But just this once those who prefer a little bit of jiggle are being catered for by the mainstream media. Makes a nice change I think.

  • chicken

    she’s a red head , so she’s automatically twice as hot

  • Max

    You’re hot christina… wish i could have you…

  • Erin

    Odd that people are saying that she is not an ideal figure for women…of course she isn’t. Neither is the standard of beauty (size 0-2 with no body fat) in Hollywood right now. And yes, a true curvy figure is rare; however, what Christina is proving is that she doesn’t have to be this or that to be a star…and anyone saying “oh she’s just famous for her big tits…she sucks at acting!” is a fool and needs to stick to watching Tara Reid movies. Women don’t have to (or should!) see her and be like “how can I be like her?” Instead, they’re seeing her and saying “girl is comfortable in her body…maybe mine isn’t so bad either.” I’m not saying that complacency with obesity is okay, but I am saying that looking to an unobtainable ideal figure is just as unhealthy because you only set yourself up for failure. Christina is healthy given her build (I’m talking bone structure) and height, and she’s happy the way she is. Haters gonna hate.

  • Ketchup

    One thing that makes her gorgeous is that she’s curvy, but she stores none of the excess fat around her chin and neck area. No matter how big she gets, her chin and neck stay slim, keeping her jaw and chin well defined. Good genes.

    I’m jealous.

  • flaaaaaaayi

    Sorry guys, her red hair is blonde and her tits are fake.

  • Awe-struck

    Ooooooh man… what can I say…. Christina, Christina, how do I love thee… Well, I can think of “two” big reasons right from the get-go!

  • Raymond

    She is hotter than hot, seen her in Firefly, she got curves all day long. Her Hubby is a luck guy and better treat her right or ELSE!!!!

  • Christina Hendricks has amazed and charmed many people with her Old Hollywood style. Her short ginger locks, minimum makeup and luscious red lips are so vintage and beautiful. I also love her the way she dresses. She’s one gorgeous and elegant lady

  • There are hundreds if not thousands of bony, pointy-featured, androgynous faces and bodies out there for nay-sayers to worship. But just this once those who prefer a little bit of jiggle are being catered for by the mainstream media. Makes a nice change I think.

  • I think all that silicone would be put to better use building computer chips or beer bottles.

  • Nachan

    Well well, you have to say that in real life this woman is as plain as the rain.

    Apart from cinching herself in corsets and showing her boobs all the way down and pretending to be curvy-perfection (she is completely flabby and out of shape without all those gimmicks), what has this woman REALLY achieved for the rest of her peers?

    Really, I don’t agree with these fashion ideals of stick skinny human beings, but I certainly don’t buy this “curvy is the MUST” that media are trying to sell via brainless body-dolls like Christina plainchick, Starlet Johannson and so on. They have no acting talent and shouldn’t be anywhere near a stage or cinema studio.

    Actually, for these magazines editors, they are the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie of plump and insecure women…

  • Big Red needs a run for her money! I think I could pull that off 😉

  • Sputnikki

    If you search her, she did Playboy in 1999. And her boobs have grown CONSIDERABLY since then.

    Still a pretty lady.

  • Jim

    What, no rear view pictures? She has a magnificent backside, especially when she wears a tight skirt.

  • You decided well, this post is great and she is mind blowing (not just in most obvious department). In any age and cultuure she would be a model for goddess. I was drawn by her unbelievably sensual voice and face – I get hypnotized every time.

  • You decided well, this post is great and she is mind blowing (not just in most obvious department). In any age and culture she would be a model for goddess. I was drawn by her unbelievably sensual voice and face – I get hypnotized every time.

  • D-dogg

    She is gorgeous. The haters are likely those who hate white women – she is perfectly pale, and that drives the haters nuts.

  • Zuke

    I seriously don’t understand it, I and just about anyone around me that knows this woman doesn’t think she’s that attractive. It has nothing to do with her size, as there’s nothing wrong with that, the fact is that she just…I don’t know, isn’t that attractive. Again, there’s nothing she could do about it, it’s not that she’s fat, or her hair is wrong, or anything like that, she seriously just looks not that attractive. She seems to fall into the same category of scarlett johannson (sp?), in that she has gigantic boobs but as far as women go there would be a whole, whole lot of women I would place above them in sexiness and bangability.

    I sometimes wonder if the people who claim women like this are really attractive aren’t other women who are looking at stuff like how pretty her hair is, or what her curves look like, or w/e, and aren’t actually looking at how straight up attractive she is, cause straight up attractive she is not. I’ve tried and tried again to look at her and find what people go on about with her, since she seems to be everywhere, but I continually fail to see it. Plus it looks like her arms and neck were cut and pasted from someone else as they’re tiny compared to the rest of her body, but that’s besides the point.

    Am I saying she’s hideous or something? No, she is “pretty”, and definitely looks like she deserves attention because she does have some nice features, but “hot”? “Sexy”? No, definitely not. When I see her, The first thought in my head most definitely is not “Wow, damn she’s hot. I’d hit that in a second.” as with a number of famous and very attractive women.

    I have yet to meet a person in real life, face to face that thinks differently from myself, and yet I continue to see people online, again, possibly people who aren’t actually men, going crazy over her. I don’t get it.

  • JJ

    She is very voluptuous to say the least !!! I agree one of the sexiest redheads around!!!!

  • Fisherr

    My most favorite Red Head by Far.

  • Beth

    That Good Plastic Surgery link that says her breasts are fake (notice they closed comments before there WERE any) is BS. The compare her breasts in a seriously constructed cantilevered push-up bra to a not-as-large-breasted model wearing a bikini top that barely supports.

    My breasts aren’t as large as Christina’s, but they have the SAME profile in a corset or push-up bra.

    I think she’s lovely, and without make-up, she’s not scary, she looks like a woman without make-up.

    I’m surprised at how many men here are willing to show how they’ve never been close enough to a woman to see her without make-up, and never gotten close to a real pair of large breasts to know what they look like.

    I’m a straight woman, and I find her hot, but a lot of it is ind the fire in her eyes (the breasts and the creamy skin don’t hurt, though!

  • john

    Sorry to disagree, Beth. I’ve seen/dated women w/all sorts of breasts including some quite big ones, and those look totally plastic in most of the pics above.
    that “shelf effect” just below the collarbone? dead givaway.

    • Joe

      Or, it’s because her bra is pushing them up. basic physics, my friend

  • Bob

    Are you all saying you wouldn’t f*ck her?
    I would in a HEARTBEAT.
    She has a pretty face, must have a great attitude/sense of humor since she married Geoffrey Arend, and of course, has that AWESOME body.
    Look at the 2nd pic (in the orange dress) – she’s not overweight or fat, she’s average weight.
    How can you guys say no to tits…? She seems perfect.

  • brian

    I would be her slave for life in a heartbeat. I’ve been masturbating to Christina until i’m sore for years now. I just call out her name every time I climax.

  • Jeremy

    I dated her way back @ 1991 or so – she’s always been gorgeous, and those are her real breasts.

  • Jo

    Wow dude really? Is this whole world gay because other guys seem to only dig fake breasts. Her cleavage is square bad boobjob. She’s already overweight at the media standard did she not have any boobs before? It’s weird when chicks who ain’t skinny get implants. I couldn’t be with a chick with implants because I would feel gay next to a transexual.

  • Jamie

    Actually it’s guys like tbagg that are showing their homosexuality. He has something serious against women that don’t have manly bodies. Really people don’t realize that curves are fat. Ok so what? Fat is just one of those ugly negative words. What actually matters is proportion. There are a lot of more slender women who have their fat in the wrong places. I’d rather be fat and have a proportinate figure.

  • Megan

    To say that she is fat is pretty ridiculous because to be fat in America means to be ugly, its just an automatic translation people make I’m not sure why Christina is a beautiful woman i do however think she often wears her clothes with too much cleavage but with breasts that size its hard to make clothes look right her self esteem is truly admirable and besides her beautiful curves that is also what makes her attractive some one else commented about how curvy is a nice word for fat, and to that i have to ask, do fat men and women not of curves? I look nothing like her and am over weight my i still have curves just not in the right places or too many in the wrong places i should say.

  • ikilledacat

    that’s cute that people think that they’re fake. so they’re so clearly real and it’s been confirmed countlessly by her. she’s a real curvy women and I adore her. never understood why costume designers don’t show off her assets better in shows though.

  • To say that she is fat is pretty ridiculous because to be fat in America means to be ugly, its just an automatic translation people make I’m not sure why Christina is a beautiful woman i do however think she often wears her clothes with too much cleavage but with breasts that size its hard to make clothes look right her self esteem is truly admirable and besides her beautiful curves that is also what makes her attractive some one else commented about how curvy is a nice word for fat, and to that i have to ask, do fat men and women not of curves? I look nothing like her and am over weight my i still have curves just not in the right places or too many in the wrong places i should say.

    Emma watson is so pretty !

  • Maggie

    Just to clear things up, I have a similar body to Christina’s, and my blobs are totally real. I know I’m fat, but because I have a bigger bone structure, I can wear it better than girls with more petite frames can. I am comfortable in my own skin and that makes me feel sexy.

  • Maggie

    Boobs; bloody auto-correct

  • Rastergamer

    Rose Mcgowan is the hottest redhead. Her tits are better, her body is better, she is more beautiful, she is smart as hell, she has a nasty attitude and she is closer to my age. Just because some new pig shows up on some dumb new tv show doesn’t make them hot. That crap show firefly sucked too.

  • D S Dunlap

    THIS is what I want for Christmas. (I want a big-boobed red-head girl for Christmas! Only a big-boobed redhead girl will do… Don’t want a blonde, or anorexic girl-boy! I want a big-boobed redhead girl to play with and enjoy! *sing to the tune of “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”*)

    Oh, and most of my girlfriends have been larger-bosomed women, so I know real vis-a-vis fake. Those are hers, given by God, and proof that God does, indeed, exist and that He loves mankind.

    *39-yr-old straight male of American nationality and citizenship, of recent African ancestry (as opposed to the more distant African ancestry of most of the rest of Mankind… :P)*

  • i fell in love with her character in ‘firefly’ … she is so awesome, and so awesome looking still. shush you bashers, and anyone who criticizes a woman’s appearance without makeup (someone did in the post above) ought to be spanked. women have enough self-image problems without men having to go and talk about it (because the other women always are lol) so you guys should just say she looks beautiful all the time. she does, you know, and it’s not her fault if you’re too stupid to see it.

  • blah

    She’s a little “fat” but she looks much better “big”. Some women are, and do. Just like not every hair style or color, or article of clothing, or whatever, looks good on everyone… some girls look better when bigger. I’m not a chubby chaser, and I’m definitely not a boob guy. But she is so overwhelmingly sexy as to be ridiculous. Just wish more ass shots existed.

  • Robin

    she is gorgeous.

  • eyerolls

    Haters gonna hate

    1) she’s not fat. She’s normal sized

    2) those boobs are real. The “shelf effect” is from: industrial-grade bra support, photoshop, and makeup (yes, makeup is for the body too, not just for the face in Hollywood)

    3) she’s not supermodel beautiful but she’s definately not ugly. Actually she’s very pretty.

    4) I’m a hetero married rail-thin chick and i think she looks AWESOME. I’m confident enough in myself that I don’t have to put down other women to make myself feel better.

    5) Dudes making mean comments: Just come out of the closet already. You’re not fooling anyone.

  • Oh my that is one of a kind of on this earth… women on here are only saying she’s hot because she’s fat as a hog, and they are too, so they want to believe she’s hot to make themselves feel better about their own fat blob-bodies.

    seriously, why else would people would praise a human water-bed mattress with dyed hair and a big kirk douglas butt-chin?

    ps i bet she has totally heinous bologna nipples… like, the kind of areolas that are so spread out and faded that they actually looks like nasty pink shapeless rashes. otherwise she would have whipped those fat-bags out for playboy by now for sure.

  • Antonio

    gorgeous woman, but horrible face

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  • Her boobs look like she had ALOT of her sex appeal done.
    Holy Cow
    They are like two GIANT cows in there.
    I love it
    I want it
    they better go to me

  • Wilbyman

    In not sure how the correspondant above would know if Christina was naturally blonde or not, because she is Brazilian.

  • James

    Christina is curvy! Not “over weight” over weight would be, Rosie, Monique, Roseanne, etc. If anything i’d say curvy, or voluptuous.
    And, yes, she is Hollywood’s hottest woman. She’s the complete package, nice rack, ass, body and a pretty face and she can act! She’s just gorgeous. Also, her breasts are all natural! Beat that.

  • Surrounded by Idiots

    Why are so many people praising Hendricks for being a “real woman” and standing up for curves? That seems nonsensical to me. For one thing, curves don’t make a woman real or fake. Oftentimes, a woman’s curves are the fakest part of her. Have all the commenters forgotten how popular breast implants are? There’s nothing real about silicone-enhanced titties, my friends, even if they are curvy. If you want to celebrate real women, please do, but remember that real women come in all shapes and sizes. I don’t see anyone standing up for real women here. It seems like everyone’s just gawking over this lady’s enormous breasts, which might or might not be real.

    In my opinion, she looks doughy, disproportionate, and out of shape. Some of us just aren’t into gigantic, excess piles of fat on women’s bodies, and that doesn’t make us jealous females or heterosexual males. Get over it!

  • GonzoG

    Christina is GORGEOUS! TOO many current starlets and models are stick figures.

    One of the most celebrated beauties of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe, would be passed over as a tub-o-lard today. She’d practically need a “WIDE LOAD” escort car to go shopping on Rodeo Drive–give it up–REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES. They have parts that aren’t muscle, bone, and sinew. They’re supposed to be soft! THAT’S WHY THEIR WOMEN!

    Most of what decorates our magazine pages, TV and movie screens are Stepford Clones!

  • Zuke

    I have to chime in here…is this some kind of joke? Christina Hendricks is in the exact same category as Scarlett Johannsen (sp?) personally. They’re both allegedly so freaking attractive, and if I saw either one of them walking down the street I probably wouldn’t even give them a second look. Hell, especially in the case of SJ she honestly looks below average in the looks department.

    Hendricks is at least somewhat better, and certainly is ‘pretty’, but the notion that she’s anywhere even remotely close to the most attractive woman in hollywood (as many here are puzzlingly alleging) is utterly, unimaginably absurd.

    Her attractiveness, or should I saw lack thereof, has little to do with her weight. It has more to do with the fact that she’s pale, doesn’t have very toned, well, anythings, has a cartoonishly over-exaggerated figure due to a combination of her huge boobs and big hips, and of course, likely most importantly of all, just doesn’t have all that attractive features.

    Of course her weight has something to do with it. Despite what many people here seem to believe, there’s a difference between liking women who are fit and at a healthy weight, and wanting women to be anorexic. Actually for-real anorexic women are rather unattractive, especially considering the fact that being skinny doesn’t mean a woman is going to have a toned ass/legs.

    Anyways, there are plenty of popular women who aren’t ‘anorexic’ (which I think is sometimes a label jealous fat women give to skinny ones) and are plenty attractive. Recently Kate Upton’s been big. While to me she isn’t super attractive mainly just due to her features, she certainly is rather attractive at least. And, as much as people hate her for who she is and what she represents, Kim Kardashian certainly isn’t skinny as a rail, and she’s very attractive.

    There are some I can think of that I’m not sure if anyone would recognize, but those are just some really popular examples I can think of right this second and I guarantee as the day goes by more will probably keep popping into my head, but my point is that I, and no one I’ve met in real life (trust me, I’ve asked just to make sure I’m not the only one), believes christina hendricks (or scarlett johannsen, for that matter) are any more attractive than average. They both have big boobs, but aside from that they lack everything that makes attractive women attractive.

    I seriously wish I could meet someone in real life who actually believes those two are attractive so I could ask them to please, please explain to me how the arrive at that conclusion so that maybe I could better understand why things like this collection exist.

  • Guest

    even without the tits, she’s gorgeous!!!!

  • Sean

    I’m really quite tired of people (guys) I know (I’m one myself) who say ‘hey man have you seen (insert actress/models name here), she’s really hot’. And when I get shown the pictures of her she’s about 85-120 lbs. and has minimal bust and hips. Women like Christina, and Scarlett Johansen, and others of that complexion, are far more appealing.

  • Sean

    Just wanted to reply to Zuke, sorry to tell you but large breasts and hips are what, throughout history, has been considered attractive in women, and I agree. The ‘skinny sexy girl’ is a new phenomena in the past 15-30 years, and quite simply, if you skin and bones women with no features that make them womanly other than a pretty face, then maybe you should start frequenting Thailand. They have a lot of ladyboys there that would fit your definition of ‘attractive’ quite well.

  • Sean

    Oh and Kim Kardashian, is all plastic, Christina has almost the exact same proportions and has no plastic surgery, so the fuck you talking about buddy?

  • lauren

    I just wanted to put this info out there with people saying Christina is fat. Her measurements are 39-30-39. Perfectly proportioned- bras will push up giving the uplifted fake look.

    In comparison Kelly brooks measurements are 34-25-35
    Shakira 32-24-37
    Marilyn Monroe 36-23-37 (not a huge difference to ms hendricks)

  • asd

    She will be a fat ass old fart soon. diverge.

  • Real redhead

    And Scarlett to hot because she has nice skin and eyes and her lips are full. To answer your question Zuke. I’ll just let you go back in the closet now or back to stalking high school girls lol

  • thunderhorse

    you know, more girls could have the same kind of sex appeal if they just walked around with that confidence. “Curvy” is not that uncommon in this country

  • Al

    She is perfection I could look at her 24/7

  • Schneidend

    In This Thread: Moronic douche bags who think anything that isn’t a skinny bitch like Megan Fox is “fat.”

  • ChristinaIsBeautiful

    OK I hit the wrong key “Saggron” should have been “SaFFron” I appologize in advance for the spelling nazi comments that will now fill the board for my typing error.

  • Ebee

    “In this thread: moronic who think anything that isn’t a skinny bitch like Megan Fox is “fat.””

    In this thread: moronic douchebags who think skinny ladies cannot be classed as real women.

    In this thread: moronic douchebags who would call somebody a bitch for being seen as attractive yet being a different shape to themselves or to what they personally perceive as attractive.

    In this thread: moronic douchebags who would take their own insecurities and shit them all over everybody else.

    It’s all down to perspective, women are beautiful in different ways.
    If people would just realise that it is uniqueness that we find attractive in people the world would be a much healthier place to live in altogether regardless of fat or skinny.

    If we appreciate all types of beauty we stop beauty from turning into an ugly topic.

    Being skinny is not a sign of bad health, there are many naturally skinny and petite women, many of whom – contrary to common belief – have their own body hang ups and many of whom would love to be a ‘Kelly Brook’ or a ‘Christina Hendricks’ but CAN’T no matter how many puddings they eat!

    JUST AS being bigger is not necessarily unhealthy, there are so called ‘fat” women who live very healthy lifestyles and however much they strive to be skinny they will never be a ‘Kate Moss’ or a ‘Megan Fox’.

    At the end of the day you’ll never be ‘a Kelly Brook’ or ‘a Megan Fox’ or ‘a Beyonce’ or ‘a Kate Moss’ or any one bloody else because YOU ARE YOU – just focus on being the best you, you can be, realise that these people are merely entertainers put on a pedestal.

    It’s all about respect for each other, respect for all body types, respect for the fact that we as individuals all have our own insecurities and that SELF – ESTEEM and ultimately happiness is what matters NOT measurements on a hanger!

    Those who would value their own insecurities over the self-esteem of other people must feel very ugly inside.

    Guys who feel that they are allowed to judge women purely based on what they perceive as sexual appeal and treat those outside of that ‘mold’/ body type as illegitimate women should really realise the damage that they do – and the same for any woman who would judge a man based on the same principles.

    Everybody loves to say ‘Christina Hendricks is beautiful …Megan Fox is beautiful… Scarlet Johansson is beautiful … Beyonce is beautiful –
    Do any of those people look the same as each other? No.
    I see women in the street often who are just as beautiful, if not more beautiful than all of these women.

    My own mother thinks Christina Hendricks is gorgeous – but she also thinks “NOBODY COULD BE MORE GORGEOUS” and she’s wrong.

    Christina is beautiful in her own unqiue way yes, but so are other women of differing shapes and sizes – and NONE of them are any less or more beautiful than the others.

  • talljohn777

    Christina has such wonderful curves that I would love to be able to get to know over a lifetime…. Call me… 😉

  • Me

    I think shes beautiful but honestly her boobs are a little too large, they look so disproportionate to the rest of her body

  • thomas

    What Christina needs to do is pick her #1 photographer. Marlena Dietrich did this with great success knowing the photographer knew how to capture HER in any photo. Christina looks like a queen but some photographers just can’t capture that.

  • Ad

    Im so happy there is a star that is getting recognition for having a NORMAL body. These stick thin role models now days are terrible for a girls selfesteam I personally growing up struggled to find a celebrity with my body Im glad to see Christina Hendricks has been as successful with hers. You guys in here have said shit about boobs needing to fall to your colar bone to be real? i just dont get it by your logic my boobs r fake? im a 16dd her ( its diff there) thats not small my boobs stay in place pretty good. and ive never owned a push up bra i think time to invest (saying that i am only 21yo) im not overweight i am healthy with an hour glass figure which. I was teased by the stick thin girls throughout highschool as I was bigger than them. and naturally i tended to hangout with the “nerds” but i was asked out by many boys. I nevee understood why untill I started dating the captain of the football team. we are still together 4 years later. he has grown my self esteam and I havent felt more beautiful in my life I look at these pictures I have similar build only smaller. I think she is stunning and honestly she doesnt deserve to be called “fat”. hell she is healthy isnt that what we should strive for. she has a classic female figure and all you guys giving her slack, well maybe you should leave the women to the real man Im sure the ideal shaped women for you wpuld be a man. after all thats what it has been deevolving towards… you prefer flat chested stick thin girls… thats p gross cause last time i waa flat chested was pre puberty. and tbh real women dont deserve such ignorant partners. just dont mate foe the good of human kind. andvyou woman who were going on about fake boobs and her being fat, maybe you shouldnt judge its bitches like you that cause eating disorders is people like you who bully and cause suicide. and the sad part about that it i bet guys would choose her over you 9/10 times and the 1 that chooses you well he is actually after a dude… bet that feels great! picture it now during sex as he orgasims “oh john” hahaha. and u other women men with partners of a healthy range hell just stay healthy!! just dont put othera down everyones dif i guess you were just not blessed with perfect breasts that look fake but are 100% real you have near perfect boobs that are 100% real.

    hell i just wish society can accept healthy people as being healthy andbun healthy as being unhealthy if you are an un healthy weight you shpuldnt b in the spotlight…

    also someone saidbsomthing about megan fox not beinf a butter face.. that she is she used to be stunning but since all that work unfortunately she will never have a sincere smile again and a smile should be when you are at uour beautifulest.

    peace out

  • Jason W

    Hands down the best looking woman I’ve ever seen, IMO of course

    • JJDNB

      My two favorites of all time Christina and Deborah

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    She is a handful of a woman and I love it.

  • Fletcher Castoria

    Nude scene, please? You will never get complete legitimacy until you do so. Full frontal would be wonderful, but topless is sufficient. Or, perhaps, if you wish, some “Fappening” style photos could be published. This would be satisfactory. You will never enjoy the fame and fortune you desire unless those breasts are publicly exposed. It took Scarlett too long, but now she has. The sky is the limit for her. Take heed!!

  • grnshell

    She’s ridiculously gorgeous! It’s no wonder we have so many young people with eating disorders when you look at some of the other models and actresses out there. Thank you for writing something positive about a lady with some curvature. 😉