That One Time the Birds of Prey Sang a Song About Superhero Sex


I was hunting through YouTube to research a post, when I came across this clip which was simply just too ridiculous not to share. It’s from an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and features the Birds of Prey, the Huntress, Black Canary and Catwoman, getting caught infiltrating what appears to be a mafia den.

They sneak on stage, and in order to maintain cover, or something, they break out into song. Alright, I’ll buy it, but things start to get weird really fast when you listen to the lyrics of the song. Go on, I’ll wait.

Why yes, you did just hear a song devoted entirely the sexual prowess of DC superheroes in a kids show. The little boys and girls learned valuable lessons about how Aquaman sucks in bed (as if he needed to be shit on any more), while Batman is the best. Of course he is, he’s the goddamn Batman.

I realize that all of this would probably fly over kids’ heads, but still, holy crap, this is blatant. This isn’t about having a dirty mind and misinterpreting something, they literally wrote a song about superhero sex. Rock on Birds of Prey, rock on.


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