Test Audiences Claim Parks and Recreation is an Office Clone


There’s a whole list of problems that the testing audiences for NBC’s new Office-follower, Parks and Recreation, had with the show, but most of them just make me think that test audiences are stupid. Granted I have to wait until the show actually comes out to make that judgment, but I have a hunch I’m right. From the report:

PARKS AND RECREATION’s overwhelming resemblance to THE OFFICE caused many viewers to simply see it as a “carbon copy” of a successful show. The pilot was seen as “predictable” and lacking in character development, even for a pilot. PARKS AND RECREATIONS needs to differentiate itself from THE OFFICE; otherwise it runs the risk of being seen as “derivative,” “forced,” and “unoriginal.

I’m sorry, but was anyone else expecting anything besides a clone of The Office, set somewhere else and probably less funny? If this show is half as good as The Office I’ll consider it a raving success, but I’m not holding my breath on that count.

Audiences also said the show was too slow moving and there weren’t any hot guys. Ah yes, I can see myself relating to this test audience all the more.

Will these “problems” be fixed by the show’s launch in April? Probably, but as long as Rashida Jones is there, I will be also.

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