T-Bag Coming to Heroes Next Season


In a bit of Heroes news I actually feel good about for a change, Prison Break‘s Robert Knepper is coming to the show’s fourth season.  He’ll playing a charismatic cult leader named Samuel, and his role will have something to do with next season’s promised theme of “choosing how to live with powers, hiding or exposing them.” I’m betting Samuel will fall into the latter camp.

Though it’s great to see Knepper added to the cast as I think he’s one of the best character actors on television today, there are a whole host of other announced additions to the cast as well, because as we all know, the only problem with Heroes is that is has too few characters to keep track of.

Also popping up in season 4 will be Californication‘s Madeline Zima as Claire’s college roomate, The L Word‘s Dianne Bray as a deaf love interest to….someone, and finally actor/stuntman extraordinare Ray Park as some sort of superpowered circus performer. Alright, that last one is pretty awesome. Damn it Heroes, stop getting my hopes up every six months!

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