Superhero Optical Trickery

Alright , I’m definitely a moron, because I stared at this for a sold five minutes before seeing the two Batmen. I even wondered why the hell there was an arrow in the middle of Wolverine’s face. Yeah, I”m a genius, I know.

I think even though Wolverine is super awesome, I would have to take two Batmen if the option was available to me, but not if they were almost about to kiss like these two are. That would just be weird. But manly. But weird.

  • Josh

    Yeah, I was the opposite. I had to force my eyes to unfocus to see Wolverine, even though I knew it was there.

  • Sverrir Sigfússon

    Saw Wolverine straight away, and then the two Batmen a few seconds later, before I scrolled down and saw the text that informed me of their presence.

  • Gank

    Batman is the best at everything, including kissing himself.

  • Bert

    Looks like Wolverine is sporting a unique Hitler/van Dyke facial hair combo there. Probably to piss off Magneto.

  • I don’t think its batman. Its just wolverine with an arrow coming out. But why an arrow was there i couldn’t get it.

  • Batman is my favorite hero..he is also like children