Summer Glau Card is One You Never Want to Play

It’s sad but true time here on Unreality. Yes, she may be a geek icon, and I for one am glad I see her cast in a new show, but the facts don’t lie. Summer Glau is a curse. Let’s look at the facts.

She’s starred in the following shows over the last decade:

– Firefly

– The Unit

– The 4400

– Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

– Dollhouse

– The Cape

ALL of which have been cancelled after a season or two, and sometimes even before that. What, you didn’t hear that NBC just cut The Cape’s episode order? Granted she’s a supporting character in most of these shows, but what is it about Glau that just seems to be toxic for all these shows? Are executives going to catch on to this trend and stop casting her?