Summer Glau Card is One You Never Want to Play

It’s sad but true time here on Unreality. Yes, she may be a geek icon, and I for one am glad I see her cast in a new show, but the facts don’t lie. Summer Glau is a curse. Let’s look at the facts.

She’s starred in the following shows over the last decade:

– Firefly

– The Unit

– The 4400

– Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

– Dollhouse

– The Cape

ALL of which have been cancelled after a season or two, and sometimes even before that. What, you didn’t hear that NBC just cut The Cape’s episode order? Granted she’s a supporting character in most of these shows, but what is it about Glau that just seems to be toxic for all these shows? Are executives going to catch on to this trend and stop casting her?

  • Drester

    Wait, what? Was she in 4400? Can’t believe I don’t remember that…

    • Marco

      She was Tess Doerner, I loved her role with Kevin Burkhoff(Jeffrey Combs); they were so adorable together!

  • Drester

    Oh, and 4400 and The Unit both got 4 seasons.

  • I never saw her in any parts of The Cape, and the show still sucked.

  • Dan

    Hopefully they wil rethink this move as it us to early for goodbyes

  • Josh

    To be fair, The 4400 had three and a half seasons (season one was only five episodes, I believe).

    Still one of the best shows ever made, though.

  • Anon E. Moose

    What do you mean a card I would never want to play? I’d play the fuck out of it so I can watch my favorite shows whenever I turn the TV on.

  • Anonymous

    OP is a cancerous troll.

    Glau likes genre pilots and 90% of them get canceled out of the gate.

    Nathan Fillion has been on dozens of canceled shows.

    It’s the law of average you public school dropout.

    Die in a chemical fire OP you piece of pig filth.

  • Nyxaria

    dont know if its her but all of these shows were .. hm how do i say that nicely .. “a bunch of crap series” ? ok firefly was damn good but the rest … dont think its her “curse”

    • Marco

      You also forgot TSCC and The 4400, they were awesome too! Dollhouse was cool , I liked the concept, and the Cape was okay.
      Summer Glau is a great actress if you look at her work, and a wonderful person in real life. You can meet her at ComiCon.

  • Yautja

    So basically OP is saying that SG is the Ted McGinley of the 21st century. Yeah, I would agree.

  • Andy


    You make some good points and managed to do it in a most offensive manner. I’d expect nothing less from the internet.

  • Geoff Casavant

    Well, someone had to fill the void left by Amanda Pays.

  • Gank

    Anon, this is a goddamned website. Not whateverChan. All the same, DIAF.

  • cornelius

    I enjoyed every show she was in except for The Cape. Maybe there is some curse that gets every show she is in canceled but I gotta say she had nothing to do with getting The Cape canceled, it is awful on so many levels. It probably would have been canceled even if she did every episode in the buff.

  • ZanicNight

    I doubt it is her being on cast that is making the shows fail it could just be that her/her management choice good roles for her they are just on shows the majority of the public don’t want to watch when they have their CSIs, NCISs, Law and Orders, Sitcoms, and so on. It is kind of hard to push some of this shows out in the first place and even harder to keep them running. Most of the above shows have become cult classics and have more fans now than it did when they first aired.

    To recap, good roles for her/roles she likes to play = decent show but not popular enough to last. (I have not seen the cape so I can not talk about that one.)

  • Anon

    I don’t think this is a curse. It’s just bad casting. Firefly was great. The Sarah Connor Chronicles was great as well. But Summer as a terminator? A blow-up doll is more frightening. It’s because of her looks that she gets cast in films in an attempt to “override” a certain stereotype (which doesn’t always work). In time, she’ll play well-developed characters and with her looks, she’ll have it in no time.

    • Marco

      She’s my favorite Terminator along with Arnold, she was perfect for Cameron! Terminators aren’t supposed to be scary, they were made to infiltrate and then terminate, if you had a freaky scary monster trying to “befriend” you SkyNet would never win!
      From a logical standpoint, she’s the best Terminator SkyNet ever made! not only did she look exactly look like Allison Young(John Conner’s confidant) but her disarming looks were able to get her into any crowd and infiltrate any group.
      I must agree with you on the curse part, she starred in the 4400 for more then 4 episodes and the show though cancelled lasted 4 seasons. She also starred on the Arrow, which is still alive and she’s acting in Sequestered which is still running.
      She’s a wonderful person!

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  • billy

    Paul Tassi regularly writes about television in this site, really?

    His post proves he knows nothing about modern television where 90% of the sci-fi shows on BROADCAST networks get cancelled at the end of the season, if not before.

    Or he’s just repeating a bad joke he heard on 4chan, the trash of the internet, but that makes him a sheep and a fool.