Stephen Colbert Was on Whose Line is it Anyway?


Wow, there’s so much awesome in this video, I can barely stand it. Whose Line is it Anyway  is one of the funniest shows ever put on television, yet somehow was cancelled despite costing absolutely NOTHING to produce. Come on, don’t tell me they couldn’t round up Ryan, Colin and Wayne and bring this show back to life. Make it happen!

Anyways, I stumbled across this clip, which informed me that before he was ever Commander in Chief of Truthiness, Stephen Colbert did a guest spot on Whose Line. Usually the fourth man (or woman) wasn’t worthwhile compared to the original three, but Colbert holds his own here, rapping about avalanches with Wayne Brady.

Here are a few more clips of him from the show below:



  • matthew

    Yeah I’m gonna go ahead an be that douche since it’s bugging my OCD. There is no S in the word anyway.

  • bl4cksp4de

    Either you have OCD or you don’t. So many people seem to be under the impression that you can be “sort of” obsessive compulsive.

    Anyway, this was a great show and probably my favorite of all time. Stephen Colbert was awesome.

  • Drester

    Haha, Colbert even had some real german words in there. Brady only knew und:P

  • xXburekXx

    man i forgot about this show, used to watch it all the time when i was younger. im surprised colberts rap wasnt awkward like i thought it would be