Start ’em Young

From Flickr user and good parent Peter Verrant comes this rather adorable rendition of two kids as their favorite Firefly characters. Or at the very least, their fathers favorite Firefly characters. That show might have been too intense for eight year olds.

Overlooking the fact that these kids are cute, their costumes are really damn accurate! Like, to a tee. I’m seriously impressed.

This also reminds me of my fantastical dream for a future Firefly TV show starring the kids of the original cast. Mal/Inara, Kaylee/Simon, Wash/Zoe and I’m sure Jayne has a few bastards running around out there. Tell me that wouldn’t be amazing!

  • Jadis


  • will

    awesome.. those costumes are better than most adult versions ive seen people wearing… i wonder if they actually know who their dressed as though?