Star Trek: The Animated Series

Star Trek 1

There hasn’t been a Star Trek show on the air for quite a while now, but what if it could come back as…an animated series? It’s a concept that I’d be fully onboard for, and today we have artist Peter Markowski showing us what exactly that would look like.

His series of illustrations focuses more on the ship and space than the crew, but it’s a good start and very cool in its own right. I fully believe in the concept, but I suppose I’m alright with JJ Abrams’ movies as well for a Star Trek fix until it’s back on TV again. And it will be, someday, I guarantee you that.

Check out the other photos below:

Star Trek 7

Star Trek 6

Star Trek 5

Star Trek 4

Star Trek 3

Star Trek 2

  • Nicholas

    There was a Star Trek cartoon in the 70s. I think it only lasted 1 year.

  • Drue

    Uhh..this idea was done like 40 yrs ago guys.

  • Slygore

    The Star Trek animated series was pretty decent. Had all the original voice actors. You can watch it on netflix. They actually had some good sf stories adapted for it. Check out the one “The Soft Weapon” taken from the Larry Niven story with the same name.

  • GrandWazoo

    Star Trek: The Animated Series was released almost immediately after TOS was cancelled. It was decent, but used a lot of old lines. I watched TOS then the animated series and I recognized not only the words, but the way they were said. But yeah, you should probably check to see if your idea has already been done before posting it and saying it’s a new, unique idea.

  • here’s some character stuff i’ve been working on too…