Someone Make a Better Game of Thrones Name Generator

name gen

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Via Buzzfeed comes a Game of Thrones name generator that can make you either a Knight of the Realm or a Whore of the Streets. It all depends on your name and date of birth.

It’s a fun concept, but I don’t really care for the execution. I get using the famous last names of the houses, but I don’t think it works to use the already established first names as well. For example, I’m “Khal Samwell Targaryen” and can’t stop thinking of Sam riding a horse around in his crow blacks with flowing blond hair.

Lord Commander Tywin Stark? White Walker Daenerys Baratheon? That’s just silly.

Someone invent some cooler names and re-do this thing.


  • Rich

    ugh. I’m a Greyjoy.

  • Tolis

    Sellsword Davos Targaryen…huh that sounds actually kinda cool.

  • Daniel

    I’m the Knight of the Flowers.

  • Irony of how my name turned out.

    Maester Samwell of House Tarly.

  • arild

    Oh, dear, I’m Loras Tyrell’s campy cousin, the boywhore Davos Tyrell..

  • Roy

    Barristan Stark – the King’s hand… Sounds like I’m going to get a head short 🙁

  • Tribol

    I’m Davos Lannister the Whore, sounds good

  • Azenomei

    Tywin Lannister!!! YEZZZZ!!!!

    Whore…… 0_o…. say whut -_-

  • Emilio

    A better one? Challenge accepted.


    Well fuck this. My name is Dejan Nikolic. Just check male names and lastnames.

  • arild

    Davos Lannister just sucks. The Tyrells are the true tulips! 🙂

  • lol

    So I’m Barristian Tully and I’m a whore? This is bullshit.

  • SLall

    Sellsword Victarion Stark. cool

  • Katanawa55

    Samwell Lannister the Smuggler…I am ok with this

  • Devon

    Loras Dondarrion, Knight of the King’s Guard 😀

  • Postal

    Lord Barristan Tully.

    @LOL, you can be the blackfish of the family.

  • Llywellyn

    I. The smuggler Tyrion Frey will save you!