So How About that Pacific Rim Trailer?


This has been quite a week for trailers from After Earth to Man of Steel to now Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. It marks the long awaited return of the Hellboy/Pan’s Labyrinth director and finally we get to see behind the curtain of his latest.

Annnnd it’s giant robots fighting giant monsters. It’s Del Toro’s way of updating the classic mega-monster movie, something started by King Kong and Godzilla. Creatures invade, and we have to build giant mechs to beat them to death. So really, it’s a bit like Power Rangers as well, with a pinch of Transformers and The Mist for good measure.

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation as to why the best way to fight these monsters is to rocket punch them in the face with giant robots as opposed to you know, shooting giant missiles at them, but it seems a bit weird now. Also strange is that in an apparent homage to GLaDOS, they straight up just stole and used her voice verbatim as the AI in the movie.

I don’t know. If this was presented as a movie from someone OTHER than Del Toro, I think we’d all be making fun of it, but since it is him, we should probably just trust the monster master to do his work.


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