Smallville for Wonder Woman – What Could Go Wrong?

News has it today that the CW is investigating a way to get a Wonder Woman show on the air that doesn’t suck. I refer, of course, to the horrible Adrianne Palicki pilot (shown above) that got canned before anyone got a chance to see it. Which is good, because I like her and wouldn’t want to see her out of work forever.

So what’s the CW’s plan? Why, origin story of course. Following in the wake of the highly successful Smallville (say what you will about the quality, but ten years is nothing to sneeze at), they’re going to try and make the show about a young budding superhero. They’ll likely stick with a similar “no tights, no flights,” rule that worked for Smallville well for a decade. As you can see by the above costume attempts, that’s probably a necessary part of the plan.

Is this a good idea? I don’t know. Wonder Woman seems to be one of those heroes that no one knows what to do with. She’s in the JLA, so they have to make a movie with her someday, but even Joss Whedon couldn’t figure out how to do it, something he was attempting to do before The Avengers. And that guy can write for women quite well, just ask Buffy or Echo.

Remember this? And by “this” I mean a time when people actually wanted Megan Fox in movies?

Wonder Woman is a little too much weirdness packed into one package. She’s got super strength, which is perfectly cool, but then has bullet deflecting bracelets, a magic lasso and an invisible jet. Tell me there’s a way to make gold lasso-ing cool, or have her seated flying through the air in an invisible plane and make that not look completely ridiculous. I’m not sure you can.

And then there’s the costume. That was the main problem with the recent failed Wonder Woman show, as it looked like Palicki was working at a superhero themed strip club. Wonder Woman has seen many, many iterations of costumes in the comics, but nearly all of them would look like complete garbage in real life, as the corset, stars and stripes have a very Halloween costume-y look to them.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a WW Halloween costume…

But the fact is, we need her. For better or worse, I would argue she is in fact the most prominent female superhero out there, and to have movie after movie and show after show focusing purely on male superheroes (usually white ones at that) it getting tiresome. I understand that most heroes were invented in the ’30s through ’60s where everyone was a white male (joking), but it’s time to get with the current era.

51% of the population, 14% of the JLA (and The Avengers, for that matter).

There has to be a way to reinvent Wonder Woman for a new generation. Change her costume, powers, I don’t care, whatever it takes to make her relevant and watchable again. We can’t get away with camp like Lynda Carter’s WW, no matter how great she looked in that corset. I think the CW is actually on the right track here, and they do have a knack for producing watchable, if a bit fluffy, shows that can be worthwhile.

We need a female superhero who can star in movies and shows in the same league of the best in the genre. So far when we try to do something like that, we get Catwoman, Elektra or Wonder Woman-with-a-bad-boob-job in the form of Palicki.

I’ll give this show a shot, and I’ll bet you a trillion dollars they’re just going to call it “Wonder.” Or “Amazon.”


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