Six Wonderfully Twisted Adventure Time Moments

In a time when the world seems to be far too serious far too often, Adventure Time shimmers on the horizon in all its pastel glory. A beacon of joy and happiness for all who have had the innocence beaten out of them by the cruel, calloused hands of fate. Though it may thinly disguise itself as a show aimed at children, I can tell you confidently, that’s not true. Well, it’s partly true. But mostly, the show delivers some dark and insane moments that happen far more regularly than one would expect from a show that looks like this.

That’s why we don’t  judge books by their covers. You see, once you look past the bright colors and amazing array of cute and colorful characters, there are some truly dark and bizarre moments that reveal the world you’re sharing with these people is not nearly as candy-coated as you were led to believe. Here are six examples of certified insanity from this wonderfully twisted show.


Though the whole Evicted episode where they first meet her is awesome, I am not picking this so much for a moment as the character in general. Marceline is a vampire. Marceline dresses like she lives in Seattle in 1994. And Marceline is on the side of good. You don’t know this at first, though, and that is why I love this show.

” I feel your pain, Marceline ” is a song I intend to write for her one day.

To have the friend of a main character be a vampire might be normal in a horror show or fantasy show, or even a show that would air on the BBC but would eventually make its way to American shores to be bastardized in a remake. But in a cartoon that is not anime, it is unheard of.

But yes, Finn’s friend Marceline is indeed a vampire. A vampire who plays an axe shaped bass. This very reasoning is why so many people consider Marceline their favorite character on the show. Oh, and every now and then she busts out into song, and the songs she sings are nothing short of super awesome.


Nope, no ambiguous tension between her and Princess Bubble gum at all.

There is also a really strange subtext in the relationship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum that has been hinted at recently, but never gets fully explained. But why should it? For those who don’t know, I will do my best to summarize it by pointing this out: Princess Bubblegum sleeps in one of Marceline’s tee shirts. But again, who cares?

While this strange relationship has angered some close minded idiots, normal, rational people see it for what it is. A surreal cartoon that has the license to do whatever it wants with its characters. Listen guys, it is not our world to care who loves who or why. If a female vampire being with a Princess who is made out of Bubblegum fills you with homophobic hate, you have so many problems I cannot even begin to touch on them here.

From the complex dichotomy of her relationship with Finn and Princess Bubblegum, to her broken relationship with her (extremely evil) Dad (which I will touch upon shortly), Marceline is not only one of the best characters on this show, but one of the best characters on TV right now. Wow, I am going to catch some heat for that. It’s cool, though. I stand behind it.

Cinnamon Bun in “The Other Tarts” Episode

First off, before I even say anything about this truly insane character, allow me to show you what he looks like.

He can best be described as a old man with dementia who may or may not taste delicious.

In seeing what he looks like, can you see why he is here? I know I am the same guy who told you we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but come on, look at him!?

Well, every living thing on this show is sort of insane looking, so we need more than that to back it up. As much as I did love when he tried to do a backflip, I had to go with “The Other Tarts” episode, because it is the first time we really see how frighteningly insane he is. Plus, they make a joke about him being “half baked”, which ofcourse, seeing as to how he is a cinnamon bun, works on a multitude of levels.

And the best thing about this episode? We are led to believe that Cinnamon Bun has been given decoy tarts to take to the “back-rubbing-festival” and Finn has been entrusted with the real tarts. But then in the end, we learn that Finn was the one who was duped, and Cinnamon Bun had the real tarts, which, in turn, got delivered safely, while all of Finn’s decoy tarts had been stolen and eaten by bandits and monsters. Luckily, they were paralyzed tarts.

Actually, Cinnamon Bun finds himself in these kind of situations quite often.

So are you beginning to see why I think this show is so wonderfully twisted?

Meeting Marceline’s Dad, Hunson Abadeer

I think, personally, this was the first time I realized how dark the show could get. Granted, dark in relation to this show is still relatively mild, but still, it caught me off guard at the time. And the thing about her “Dad” is, we are never truly given insight into whether or not Dad means biological Dad or guy who turned her into a vampire.

Interesting, huh?

Anyway, Finn hears Marceline sing one of her songs about her Dad, and Finn thinks they need to be reunited, so Finn releases her Dad from the Nightosphere (think Hell). Ofocurse, Finn doesn’t know that Marceline’s Dad, Hudson Abadeer, is also the LORD OF EVIL. So when he starts destroying things and sucking the souls out of anything in his path, it is up to Finn, Jake, and Marceline to stop his reign of terror before everything gets destroyed.

Truth be told and upon further inspection, he really isn’t that bad of a guy.

Ofcourse, much like every other story in Adventure Time, it doesn’t so much boil down to who is good and who is evil. It tends to boil down to perspectives, and this episode showed the fragility of the Father Daughter relationship quite brilliantly. Wow, I may be looking too deeply into this show.

  • DocDoom

    Great stuff, Remy. I’ve been trying to convince my friends to watch this for the last couple of years, and most of them still think it’s just a children’s show.

    You were spot on with the “Monster Bride” episode. Ice King centered shows just get sadder and sadder. His song he writes for her is amazing as well.

    Also, have you ever noticed that the entire world they live in seems to be a post-apocalyptic version of our own? They live above the remains of New York City, and there’s burnt cars and stuff scattered throughout episodes. That’s heavy, man.

  • thenottakenname

    Pendleton Ward is an absolutely brilliant, brilliant man. The episode dealing with the five senses? I was like whaaaaaaaaaaat at the end of it.

  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Adventure Time is the best show on TV.

  • ^My people have spoken. So glad I am not alone in my adoration for this show.

  • Triple X

    Though not as inheritantly evil as Gunter, I’m surprised Peppermint Butler wasn’t on your list.

    The ep where he threatened to steal Finn/Jake’s skin while they slept was probably meant to be a series finale. Butler will kill them all one day.

  • rcrd

    The train episode where the candy people start dying and Finn gets happy because he gets a mystery to solve

  • Inter Milan Kundera

    My roommates got violently high once and watched this. Being the only non-stoned person in the room proved to be a truly joyous experience.

    This is one of the few shows where I totally turn my mind off and just watch crazy shit happen. It’s like watching a Dali painting come to life.

  • DocDoom

    @rcrd, that episode is great! The train conductor is particularly brilliant.

  • Gore Motel

    “Tree Trunks is old and BONKERS.”

    So good. So glad to see other people appreciate the deeper levels at play here. You said it best when you noted that quite often in Adventure Time, the line is not “good v. bad”, but often a question of perception and motivation. The bad characters are bad, but they have a reason to be and that reason is fully explained, rather than hinted at.

    Here’s a suggestion for a twisted Adventure Time scenario: The episode where Jake’s imagination runs wild and he almost kills Finn because he can’t stop thinking of bad things. I just like that the characters are almost constantly in peril, and that peril comes from friends just as often as it does enemies.

  • Beorach

    Don’t deny your rowdy nature, paladins!

    -oh my glob

  • KaosNoKamisama


    The post-apocalyptic scenario is actually hinted throughout the entire show. As you point out, the whole ruins-of-the-wolrd-as-we-know-it that are bellow the surface, but also other stuff. I remember one episode in which Finn and Jake talk about the “old” movies being made before “the great mushroom war”. In the episode about Rainycorn’s parents they also say that their species drove humans almost to extinction (because they eat them/us!!!!!) and that they had a war against the dogs…

    Yeah… Oo seems to be quite the post-apocalyptic scenario you couls expect after a nuclear war mutates the hell out of everything, creating man-eating rainycorns that fight a war agains magical-mutant dogs… IT’S ADVENTURE TIME!

  • DocDoom


    That’s right! I totally forgot about the “mushroom war”. It just makes the show that much better. That, and since you mentioned Rainycorn’s parents, the fact that Henry Rollins plays her dad. Mathmatical!

  • wevs

    Adventure Time is definitely a masterpiece and one of the most enjoyable shows on TV at the moment, but if we’re talking about creepy and chillingly philosophical “children’s” cartoons we can’t pass up Courage The Cowardly Dog. At the very least the Exorcist spoof was better. Giant Live Action Heads, sociopathic perfectionist teachers, ruthless conmen leaving people for dead, that show has the full monty for some glorious nightmares.

  • morgan

    word of god said the post-apocalyptic world thing is canon, the great mushroom war was actually a nuclear holocaust, and a large chunk of the planet, formerly the country Russia, is gone

  • Piratey

    The most messed up moment of the show(and biggest NO F’IN WAY) was the Lich episode where Ice King carelessly drops PB in the acid.

  • The absolute most messed up moment in this series was the episode with the magic man. HE TURNS A BIRD INSIDE OUT!! The bird then of course tries to flap away and Jake seems absolutely scarred by the ordeal. Also, he turns Finn into a giant foot.

  • Wow. I knew there were some people who were as equally in love and in awe at what this show pulls off, and here you all are, gathered in one place. Ah, my people. We should have a dance off.

  • Terence H

    The way you all talk about the show makes me think of you all as My Little Pony fans less popular cousin

    And by the way are their any unreality writers who are Bronies?

  • blap

    What about the “christmas” episode where they reveal ice king’s origin

  • wevs

    Terence, MLP is an pretty decent show, but anyone who refers to themselves as bronies need to be put down. You’re the reason most people never give the show a chance.

  • wevs

    *a pretty…

  • Piratey

    @Terence H
    And that foot then combines to form a hideous Devastator/Voltron like creature to take on the magic man.

    Yeah Adventure Time is awesome. I’m a grown ass man, 27, and I’m not ashamed to say it’s my favorite show on TV.

  • re: Mushroom war, the comics reveal more about this.

    The clown nurses episode was really intense with the faces and visual effects, the show constantly surprises me just how far they’ll go with either visuals or storylines.

    The zombie episode was the first one (not counting the pilot) I think? Finn blindfolds the candy people and gets them to beat their (presumably) relatives/friends’ reanimated corpses into submission by saying it’s a pinata party. I assumed the show aired at night!

    What was the plot when Finn had to fight invisible forces that Jake’s mind kept creating? That was a good one.

  • jon

    My favorite episode is the one where they have to go see Death, and it turns out he’s a friend of Peppermint Butlers. Death plays some pretty bad ass heavy metal, and on top of it, even after name dropping Peppermint Butler saves their lives Finn and Jake decide they’re going to go eat him anyway. Hilarious!

  • illeaturfamily

    Anything involving LSP makes my heart smile. Such a fun character. And I’m with a lot of people commenting in here, saying that they’ve admired this show for a while but friends mostly think it’s just a kids show. “Just a kids show” is the biggest understatement possible for Adventure Time. Every episode delivers a positive message, but the real treat is that it can be understood in different ways depending on the maturity of the viewer.

  • Honestly, in putting this list together, I was trying to validate that I was not alone in my adoration for the depth of this show, and to the same degree, pummeling my own fear that I was bat shit insane into submission. All the comments listed above either prove I am not batshit insane, or prove we all are, at which points, we are very much in our very own version of Adventure Time. Wow, I just blew my own mind.

  • mimi

    The episode that has something in it too is the one with the witch. Did anyone notice it was the devils head? Hahaha. Yeah. Idc i love this twisted show <3

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  • Frank Bass

    Dude reading this article was awesome! Gave me goosebumps still from realizing the horrific awe from the twisted episodes, visuals, plot lines, and DRAMA BOMBS!! Adventure time rules! And everyone else in this article agrees with me too! Thank you for making this great conversation between adventure time fans. Make a sequel article and I’m sure people will read it.

  • mikey

    Don’t forget too that The setting, they live in is post nuclear holocaust.

  • Les

    Dont forget the simon and marceline special. Im not gonna spoil stuff cuz it hardly ever runs and anyone who has not seen it must go watch it so u can properly weep like children

  • Michelle

    Not sure if this has been said yet but Hunson Abedeer isn’t a vampire he’s a demon lord. Marceline isn’t just a vampire , she’s also a demon ! 🙂

  • James

    “I remember you” made me tear up at the end. Thinking about it makes me cry, and “Simon and Marcy” had me near bawling.

    My favorite episode though is “Burning Low” the comment by illeatyourfamily is so true with that tiers joke by Jake. THAT was twisted.

  • Lemongrab

    No Lemongrab mentions. UNACCEPTABLE!@!

  • Butts, Butts

    Sky Witch. Super gay. Er, lesbo. :3

  • Amanda

    Okay, let me start this off by saying that this show blows my mind away. The first time I experienced this show, I was thinking, “Okay… So this show is kind of cool.” As I continued to watch it to season 5, it suddenly changed my perspective of the show. It turned into an AMAZING show in my eyes. I mean come on, the backstory behind the cartoon, not to mention the interactions between the characters?! It’s pure gold! I am a bubbline fan, so I absolutely went crazy over What Was Missing and Sky Witch. You just can’t watch that and not think hard about it. There’s too many questions left unanswered about these characters lives!
    But even though I absolutely adore bubbline, I respect the anti bubbline fans opinions. I understand that adults raise you to be religious and heterosexual. I also understand that it’s just a kids show, and there’s absolutely a chance that the relationship could never be revealed, despite the facts/hints being shown in the episodes. I must state, though, that this is 2013, where homosexuality is starting to be accepted in the U.S. There are just too many people who believe in these theories. I just believe that it could possibly change for us these days…
    For those that obviously hate homosexuality, and are just stuck up about it, you are absolutely selfish. The homophobes blame it on the way they were raised, but think about it… Homosexuals are here whether you like it or not, so just suck it up and deal with it. I’m not saying you should become one yourselves, but just understand and accept it. Homosexuals are usually in pain every day, mainly because of these kinds of people. And for the religious excuses (not for the reasons mentioned above, mainly those who take the excuse too far), that is just unnecessary. People just don’t realize that Christianity isn’t the only religion in the world, not to mention the number of atheists. Homosexuals are as human and real as heterosexuals. I am not homosexual, but this is just what I believe.
    Sorry about the spiel. Anyways, I believe that this show is becoming an adult swim show, based on the multiple hints recently aired in the newest episodes. This show just gets better and better to me!

  • Brandon Roberts

    this garbage is for kids

  • Brandon Mcduff

    there is a lot of hidden stuff in AV stuff like in one of the episodes there is a picture of Abraham Lincoln with hunson abadeer (the lord of evil)