Six Classic Dating Show Videos


I guess the days of dating shows are pretty much over.  Apparently it’s too easy to find a girl you’ll have fun on one date with.  Nowadays you have to find a girl to marry and vice versa.

What the hell happened to the days of fun dating shows?  You’re on the show for an hour, you ask funny questions and you pick your date.  Now it’s a whole damned series like The Bachelor or Bachelorette.  Shows are springing up all the time trying to match people with their “soulmates.”

I miss the old days.  Simple, short, funny.

Here are six classic dating show videos

Lee Little is the Man


I have never seen a video that was real where someone acts like this.  It’s truly a site to see.

Worst Name Ever for a Contestant


Do I feed bad or do I laugh?  Chuck Woolery obviously thinks it’s funny.

The Greatest Love Connection Video Ever


Watch this entire thing.

Schwarzenegger on 1973 Dating Show


I wish they had footage of him smoking pot.

Andy Kaufman on a Dating Show


What a weirdo.

Michael Jackson on dating show in 1972


I think anything where you see Michael Jackson with a “real” face is worth seeing again.  Weird to even imagine that he was human at some point.

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