Six Cable TV Shows I’m Religiously Watching This Fall

I just want to let everyone know that I ran this same article on Uncoached last Friday.  Since it’s me writing then it doesn’t count as a duplicate thus I’m still awesome.  Still though, I’ll change up this intro paragraph.

First of all, I don’t like too many things about the Fall.  In fact I pretty much hate everything about it.  It all comes down to the temperatures falling.  It just warps my brain and I get really angry about it.  So what do I do?  Naturally I hibernate.  And yes, winter is even worse.

If there’s one thing I do like about fall? It’s clearly that my favorite shows start running new episodes again.    Speaking of which I’d like to share my six favorites that I’m watching right now….


One of the hardest things for any show to do is to maintain its interest.   The problem with any television show is that once it lasts around 3-4 seasons we’re so used to what the show “does” that we need “newness.”   Take House for example.   What a great show the first 3-4 seasons.   1st season we were so amazed by how innovative this character was.  2nd season we were interested in the supporting cast and cases.  3rd season we saw how the supporting cast became important and interacted with each other, etc etc.  But by season 5 you’re like “how many cases can I see and how crazy can House possibly get?”  I bring this up because for some reason Dexter always remains new and awesome and I’m never tired of watching the guy get out of a jam after he kills someone.  Call me crazy.   Not to mention having a new killer each year makes it so easy to keep fresh.  They’ve done a terrific job and this season promises to be great yet again.

South Park

Is it even possible to get tired of this show?  I think this thing can easily get as much run as the Simpsons  if Parker and Stone are willing to do it.  I’ll never get tired of Cartman’s voice.  I still laugh when Kenny dies and they keep creating new characters that keep me interested.   And Parker and Stone are so keyed into present day society that there’s always an interesting take on whatever’s in the news.  I absolutely love that.  No other cartoon or show for that matter actually keeps us abreast of our country.


If you haven’t seen this show then you absolutely have to.   Think of it as a poor man’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  The crew is a little “classier” and in a better position in life (as in they have real jobs) but the concept is the same.   They have a very warped sense of ethics that gets them into amazingly funny situations.  And it’s that twisted ethics that makes the show so funny.   These guys have a “classy” way of behaving even though they’re technically disgusting.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I’ve never laughed so hard at people doing the wrong thing more in all of my life.  What can you say about this show?  It’s probably the best show on television.   I can’t even believe it’s the 7th season already.   Mac just gets better and better.  Davito’s hair is Godly this season.   Seriously I can’t even keep going.  Best show on TV.  First two shows have been stellar and I’m sure the rest is awesome.

The League

The only season that was questionable was the 1st.  I was skeptical because I kept thinking fantasy sports but once the show sort of let that go and focused on the characters it became a must see.   The sexual undertones and “over” tones are incredible.   The characters are obscenely awesome and capture what it’s like to be a “dude” from all angles.  If you haven’t given this show a shot you must.


First of all Benjamin’s voice is enough to get you to watch this show.  Second of all the juxtaposing of James Bond type with total ladies man buffoon is a stroke of genius.   Plus Chris Parnell voices this show which is a huge plus.   Man, FX is one great network these days.  The only drawback to Archer are the side characters.  Archer is so much better than everyone else that it makes it tough to like the rest of the show.

*The Daily Show is awesome but I don’t watch it enough.  Tosh is also a worthy show in my opinion.

  • J.Z.

    Good picks. I’ve never watched Dexter but have heard awesome things. I personally think South Park is a little overrated though. And Workaholics > Sunny IMO. Not that sunny isn’t magnificent, but I laughed like crazy all Workaholics last season.

    And as for Archer.

  • Ian

    You have good taste in television…can’t wait for Dexter…stoked about South Park coming back after the mid-season cliffhanger (WHAT AN EPISODE TO GO OUT ON!!!)…LOVING this season of Sunny (FAT MAC!).

    H. Jon’s voice is like liquid gold…I still watch Home Movies…check him out on Dimitri Martin’s important things, also.

    Also, me and the missus just started watching Workaholics…gotta get caught up. Nice to see something new and original (and live action) on Comedy Central.

    Haven’t gotten into the league yet…most likely because I am NOT a sports fan.

  • BRAD


  • You should really add Fringe to this otherwise great list.

  • Rhelgy

    I believe you are mistaken: Pam for the FUCKING WIN.

    Also, Community. Forever.

  • Russell

    I always thought the point of Archer was to hate his co-workers because he did.

  • Johnny

    You can always tell when Natty has wrietten an article. Evrything seems just just thrown together and not proofread at all (e.g. “Davito’s hair”); just a breif moment for him to hop on a soap box and proclaim his opinion as fact. The extent of is analysis is always “this is awesome, trust me.” The egocentric undertones and “over” tones are incrediblebly annoying. The writing jsut doesn’t feel polished atall.

  • Nathan

    If you’re going to knock someone’s writing, at least spell “written” and “brief” and “his” and “just” and space out “at” and all.” Also, this is an opinion website. No one said it WAS factual information. It’s not like Rotten Tomatoes is anything but opinions.
    Furthermore, great article, I will also religiously watch every single one of these shows with the exclusion of The League, only because this is the first I’m hearing of it. But Archer is numero uno, I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do with cyborg Barry.

  • Bert

    No love for Krieger? Or Ray Gillette?

    I’ve been wondering if Workaholics was any good. maybe I’ll give it a shot.

  • It says “cable shows” in the headline, holy shit guys, read. I’m sure he’ll be watching the NBC lineup too.

  • J.Z.

    @Bert. Workaholics is AWESOME. I recommend you get on it

  • T.R.

    This season on It’s Always Sunny, Mac looks like he should be discovered dead in a bathtub at a Parisian Hotel. Waiting for the Sunny!

  • Straenge

    For cable shows, I can’t really get into Workaholics or The League.. I just can’t get behind these shows. The League, I can see why some people can get into it but just not for me and Workaholics, I have watched a few episodes and they weren’t bad, I just can’t see making time to watch them unless in passing or nothing else is on. Instead, I watch Breaking Bad (though this season is really starting to lose me) and Sons of Anarchy.

  • Johnny


    You missed “incrediblebly.” I was doing it on purpose to illustrate my point.

  • @Johnny

    I missed more than that, it just got annoying after a while.

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