Simpsons/Griffins Amalgam Makes My Head Hurt

(click for full size)

I don’t know why, but this is the most confusing image I’ve seen in quite some time. Like, I understand what’s happened here. The Griffins have been given the body types and animation style of The Simpsons, and vice versa, but attempting to process exactly what that means has caused me to pull a muscle in my brain. Is this happening to anyone else?

Between shooting Mr. Burns and getting Stewie’s evil oblong brain is likely to produce one evil baby.

[artist: cart00nlion]

  • GrandWazoo

    You’re thinking about this too hard. When I see this image I think of the South Park episode where they kept repeating “The Simpsons already did it.” I think the picture is just trying to say “look at how interchangeable these two shows are” as a backhanded way of saying Family Guy copied the formula from The Simpsons.

  • Jay

    But the Simson dog is on the wrong side.. ???

  • GrandWazoo


    No he’s not. The image is switching body parts. Since that is hard to do with dogs, the artist simply has Santa’s Little Helper standing up and acting like Brian, while Brian is sitting down with a blank stare, like a normal dog.

  • shai

    Peter Simpson looks like Sgt. Brody from Homeland.

  • Amy

    I freaking love Chris and Meg’s new bodies lol