Well I guess between this post and this post, the good folks at Quantum Mechanix decided that I need a Mal Reynolds pistol of my own. They graciously sent me one for review, and it just arrived in the mail yesterday. Needless to say, I’ve been playing Space Cowboy ever since.

The replica is pretty damn good, as you’d expect for $80. It’s made of polystone and metal plating, and looks like the antique it’s supposed to be. It’s got a real weight to it, and though it doesn’t have moving parts, it’s hard to imagine you’d want any more out of a replica like this.

I just might have my Halloween costume for next year now, despite my earlier assertions about Firefly cosplay. Need to find some good suspenders and high-waisted pants.  Get your own pistol here.

Check out the pistol from a myriad of other angles and my non costumed self holding it below:

  • Sara C.

    Check out this place for pieces for the rest of your possible costume:

    This is the steampunk section, but they also have a myriad of good old west style stuff in their regular men’s section.

  • Maria


  • I’m oddly proud I instantly knew what that was from.

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  • Tony

    Look a little closer– The barrel is warped/angled upward, like on so many of these.