Seven Trailers in 2008 that Were Way, Way Better than the Actual Movie


Oh, what could have been…

Last week when I wrote my “The 15 Worst Movies that Made the Most Money” post, I learned something. No matter how awful a movie was, it will always have its defenders. I’m still astonished at how many people actually liked I Am Legend. So theoretically, the barrage of hate I got should discourage me from daring to say other movies suck in a public forum, but you know what? I don’t care. As long as you can coherently argue why something is terrible, you’ve got every right to your opinion. And as I’ve said before, my opinion always happens to be right.

This year, these seven movies had pretty damn good trailers, but the final product often left much to be desired. There’s nothing worse than going into a movie with high expectations and being let down, and I blame when this happens on too-well-edited trailers like these:

1) Vantage Point


The Trailer: This this had me rocking out for month, I even downloaded the song to listen to on my iPod (it’s a remix of a Tyler Bates song from 300).  It really did look like a great international thriller, and it had a pretty decent cast on top of the explosive unrelenting action sequences.

The Movie: Simply put, Vantage Point was a mess. The “each person has a vantage point” hook got really old after about the third time you had seen a scenario from a slightly different camera angle. People would audibly groan in the audience  every time the clock was reset. The plot made little to no sense and the “twist” you could see coming from a mile away. The traitor is the only guy whose vantage point they didn’t show. Sigh.

Trailer Goodness to Movie Badness Ratio: 10-1

2) Max Payne


The Trailer: Video game movies are never supposed to be good. Ever. So that’s why this trailer gave everyone just a tiny glimmer of hope that Max Payne could possibly be the first. It had Sin City meets the Punisher type visuals, featured demonic angel vultures and also co-starred the goddess that is Mila Kunis.

The Movie: Well, it managed to break double digits on Rotten Tomatoes, I’ll give it that, and that’s more than can be said for a lot of video game movies. The action was repetitive, the story was uninteresting, the dialogue was shoddy and the end surprise wasn’t a mystery to anyone. Insert an infinite number of “this movie was certainly a maximum amount of pain” jokes here.

Trailer Goodness to Movie Badness Ratio: 3-1

3) Pineapple Express


The Trailer: Possibly the greatest trailer of the year, and yes, I think it comes pretty damn close to The Dark Knight, although it is a bit like comparing apples to dark, gritty oranges. The trailer made M.I.A.’s Paper Planes a blockbuster smash hit, and was probably the most appropriate song choice in the history of trailers. The movie truly looked like an instant classic.

The Movie: Look, it wasn’t the worst movie ever, but it just really wasn’t that funny. It was far to reliant on B-movie slapstick, and the best moments had in fact been put into the trailer, as cliche as that is to say. James Franco was amazing and Seth Rogen was Seth Rogen, but the supporting cast was simply idiotic. I perhaps had the highest expectations for this movie as I ever have had for any other comedy, and I was deeply, abysmally disappointed.

Trailer Goodness to Movie Badness Ratio: 20-1

4) The Eye


Yeah it doesn’t work, embedding is disabled on all the copies of this trailer for some retarded reason. Watch it here.

The Trailer: Alright, so even with this trailer, nobody really ever expected an Asian horror remake starring Jessica Alba to be good. However, this trailer is masterfully done with the right blend of imagery and soundtrack, and thankfully no dialogue. It’s truly a great horror trailer, but alas…

The Movie: I mean it was an Asian horror remake starring Jessica Alba for goddsakes, of course it was terrible. To be fair, I don’t even think the original version was that great, so when you toss in Jessica Alba to the mix, you can’t expect good things. And to think, all would have been forgiven if she had just done a nude scene…

Trailer Goodness to Movie Badness Ratio: 2-1

5) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


The Trailer: It really did seem like we might be able to get back to the Indy glory days didn’t we? It might seem like a pipe dream now, but when we first saw him pick up that fedora, we all got chills down our spine.

The Movie: Unfortunately the trailer was designed to shield us from all the CGI monkeys, prarie dogs and aliens that were to follow. I didn’t hate the movie as much as most did, I thought it was fairly well done, but it was nowhere near what it could have been with some relatively minor tweaks. Expectations were in the stratosphere for this movie, so it really did have nowhere to go but down.

Trailer Goodness to Movie Badness Ratio: 5-1

6) Burn After Reading


The Trailer: A mish-mash of A-list celebrities and clever writing made the trailer a fun little mini-movie in itself. The timing was spot on, the premise seemed hilarious and Brad Pitt was a douchebag dancing machine, what else could you want?

The Movie: It’s the Coen brothers, come on! They made that Oscar winner last year right? This thing has to be good! Well, people may remember No Country for Old Men, but they should also remember they were behind The Ladykillers too. Ick. Burn After Reading just ended up being rather retarded. It’s about stupid people doing stupid things that are so stupid that in the end none of it even mattered at all. The Coen brothers’ swings are legendary, so I’m sure they’re next film will be pure liquid gold and diamonds.

Trailer Goodness to Movie Badness Ratio: 8-1

7)  The Happening


The Trailer: Most people had all but given up hope on M. Night Shyamalan after his subsequent disasters that were The Lady in the Water, The Village and the end of Signs, but The Happening trailer gave everyone hope again. His first R-rated feature would surely be even spookier than his previous offerings, and the trailer showed a worldwide suicidal apocalypse that really wasn’t like any end-times scenario we had ever seen before, and did look truly terrifying.

The Movie: Plants. #@$%ing plants. That was the explanation as to why everyone was killing themselves. Mother earth got pissed off it kept being polluted on, and plants decided to rebel and kill everyone with pheromones. No twist ending, no jump moments, just an slap-in-the-face environmental message. God, I can’t even watch a horror movie these days with out being told to go green? The action sequences were literally Mark Wahlberg and his friends running away from the wind which was carrying the pheremones of doom toward them. Add on top of that some of the worst acting reciting some of the worst writing ever recorded on film, and you’ve got my absolute least favorite movie of all time (and I don’t say that lightly), The Happening.

Trailer Badness to Movie Goodness Ratio: 50-1

I swear if anyone actually tries to defend The Happening, I will personally drive to your house and punch you in the face.

  • Sgt. C. Foxtrot

    The Happening had Zooey Deschanel…
    But yeah, it blew really hard. We don’t let my brother pick movies anymore.

  • Scott

    I disagree with a couple but the writing was good enough to give the whole article a thumbs up.

  • Rus

    Hey! The Happening was his best movie, actually one of the best movies ever! (tries to keep his face straight) no really…. (losing it) great! HAHAHAHAA what a piece of crap! And I loved his early stuff. oh well.

  • Eli B.

    The Happening was a great movie; I don’t know what you’re on about. Sure it was a so-called ‘green’ movie, but in times like this, I believe it’s appropriate. The deaths in the movie were stupendous and the action was pretty solid. The cast and performances, while not Oscar worthy, pulled together to make a good hang-out movie.

  • Bodezapa

    Come to my house. I won’t even close my eyes. Signs was awesome, so I disagree with you A LOT on that. As for The Happening, here it comes, wait for it… it wasn’t THAT bad. Yes, the plants thing was pretty stupid, and the acting was not the best, but it still had that M. Night feel to it that his last few movies did not, and when baked out of your mind (This helped a lot), it was amicable. *WHAP!*

  • jh

    I liked the happening. Email me for my address

  • slurpee

    Pineapple Express is amazing, and original, and Indiana Jones was really good also, wtf you don’t know movies kid.

  • koufax

    The trailers are always better than the movie. That’s how bad Hollyweird sucks right now.

    The Max Payne trailer had a monster guitar riff that I really liked. If it played every time Mark Wahlberg opened his mouth that movie might have been tolerable.

    I would rather eat a Doritos sandwich than watch The Happening:

  • Pineapple Express was a good movie. There were alot of funny action movie references, it was subtle humor, not in-your-face like Superbad. Burn After Reading might have been the funniest thing I saw last year, also odd humor. The ending of the movie had me literally ROFLing.

    Indiana Jones should have been the worst. It was campy and bad. What a travesty compared to the other films.

    The rest you pretty much had on the mark.

  • Jay

    The Pineapple Express was a huge let down. I went to the panel at Comic-Con and they showed some clips, which looked alright. I was geared to go see it… time didn’t permit that, but…

    In the end, I pirated the flick and still wanted my money back.

  • The Mateo

    The Happening was one of the biggest dissapointments I have ever seen. I especially enjoyed how the plants would target the largest population, and were somehow magically able to manipulate the wind towards that direction. Seriously, what a lame piece of crap. Other stupid moments involve, the hot-dog obsessed plant lover telling you half way through the movie, that it was the plants and actually being right. And after the initial death scene, there was a total lack of intensity watching a bunch of drones pick up a gun one after another and hear them shooting themselves. What a waste of time. M Night should just go back to stealing ideas from other people and settling out of court like he did in the past. Atleast he made a decent movie when he did that.

  • Flagg

    Ok, well it’s not really a defense because The Happening was not a very good movie. But for what it’s worth – Max Payne was MUCH worse than The Happening.

    Commence face punching.

  • Randall

    I think the number one movie that blows these away for a good trailer but crap movie has to be Tropical Thunder.

    Without that–thsi list is worthless

  • dingleberry

    agree..all ..but pineapple express….I though it was funny.. you just have to watch it ..baked..out of your mind.

  • sub zero sucks

    The Happening although not ground breaking was still entertaining. There have been hundreds of worse movies over the years.

    You can come to my house if you want but I know you are the pussy.

  • Nathan

    I thought the happening was a great movie. Great original plot. Sure its another enviro horror movie, but atleast the plot was feasible. I didn’t notice any bad acting. I thougth it was a way out there movie, i never would have thought of that, and I’m glad that someone has done so.

  • Ben

    slurpee, Indiana Jones 4 sucked so back South Park made an entire episode about how the series got raped by Spielberg and Lucas. I have to agree it did.

  • pere

    “…a bit like comparing apples to dark, gritty oranges” shouldn’t it be pineapples?

  • viciousxii

    @ slurpee,

    Are you kidding me? Spielburg and Lucas literally raped Indy, it was so terrible.

  • Joshi

    How did you miss Hancock. The film may have sucked, but the trailer gave many of us high hopes for the movie…

  • I don’t know, I liked Pineapple Express – def had it’s slow moments which I didn’t expect, but not a disappointment. Was anyone surprised as to how bad The Happening was? Good list, by the way.

  • nofaithinunreality

    Could not disagree with you more on Pineapple Express or Burn After Reading. Both movies were fun. Pineapple is the best stoner romp since halfbaked.

  • TheMeatball

    Apparently someone doesn’t understand the allure of a campy B-movie.

    The Happening was very entertaining.

  • I was so excited to see The Happening after seeing the trailer. I went the first day and everything. After some chilling scenes to start out – the terrible acting and cruise control writing turned the movie into an unintentional comedy.
    Kinda liked it waking away. So bad it’s good.

  • Votequimby

    The Eye? Seriously? It looked like crap.

  • rick

    at least these were better than the crap thats on television if im going to waste two hours these are better than queer eye or racheal ray cmon tv is what really sux

  • Burn After Reading was actually really good. It’s an over-the-top story about misinformed people getting in way too deep with some ruthless people. But hey, you really nailed the description with your eloquently put “rather retarded” comment.

    $50 says it gets at least 1 Oscar nom.

    Fuckit, $1000.

  • I won’t defend the Happening, but Lady in the Water was really good I thought! What did you not like about it?

  • maTch

    I like the Happening. Now come to my house so I can punch you in the face.

  • Captain

    The Happening was the worst movie I have EVER seen. Just thinking about the time I wasted watching it makes me angry! Now I am mad having to write about it, Damn!

  • Sean

    Pineapple Express was the best action movie of the year hands down. Name one single action movie in the last year that had more blood, more character, and more laughs (yes they are important in an action movie!) than Pineapple Express.

    It handily beats the PG-13 action movie model (ala Die Hard 4).

  • I agree, the happening was awful. I walked out.

  • I’m an M. Night apologist, I loved everything he’s done but the Happening sucked harder than anything onscreen since Asia Carrera.

  • Rupes

    Burn after reading was a great movie, and pineapple express was funny albeit not as good as expected

  • Come on, how do you come up with a list like this and not include Quantum of Solace?

  • mike

    there was only one slightly decent part in the happening. and that was mark whalberg talking to a plastic plant.

  • Chris

    How can you honestly say pineapple express wasn’t funny. Why don’t you get that **** outta your mouth and watch the movie.

  • Bob

    Someone actually said Indiana Jones was GOOD and then accused YOU of not knowing movies!?? Oh. My. God. KOTCS should be shown in film school as an example of how to make a movie suck harder than anyone could possibly imagine: CGI overload, crappy writing, weak storyline, unconvincing characters, and horrendous pacing. I’m still pissed at how gingerly the critics treated this total piece of crap… I mean they were harder on Amistad!! How does it not piss people off when super-rich directors/producers who have all the time and resources in the world basically take two seconds to squat and crap out a movie, cynically cashing in on nostalgia? “I know, instead of going on location, let’s shoot the whole thing on a sound stage and make it look super fake… because that’s the opposite of what worked before!” (See South Park episode of Spielberg and Lucas repeatedly raping Indy for a more poetic representation of this argument.)

  • Asvetic

    Second, the Sgt… The Happening had Zooey Deschanel…

    Still, one actress can not save a mess of a movie like that.

  • I have to say that Pineapple Express was the biggest letdown for me. Not that the movie was all that bad, but the trailer had me believing it would be a classic, which it isn’t. There were some great parts ( Franco trying to kick through the cop car’s windshield, for example), but overall it felt much too safe for a stoner comedy. They needed to take a few more chances and include a few more randomly funny moments once the action started.

    The Happening was a worse movie by far, but that was completely expected.

  • b

    basically this author is a self-important cave dweller that has his own tastes in movies, an internet connection, and for some reason, is disillusioned enough to think the rest of us care at all.

  • rectagon

    WHAT HE SAID!! (minus the typo).

    # Randallon 05 Dec 2008 at 3:33 pm

    I think the number one movie that blows these away for a good trailer but crap movie has to be Tropical Thunder.

    Without that–thsi list is worthless

  • Cam

    Burn After Reading wasn’t so much a let down from the trailer as it was from the hype of the big name actors and the coen brothers. Trailer to movie ratio I would say was about 1:1, both were good but nothing special imo.

  • mrandmrsdurden

    I think a lot of horror movies are based on green movements like the old zombie movies and how nuclear weapons not handled with care will end the world, building parking lots over indian burial grounds will bring the spirits to haunt the living and so on. Its all based on our fears of are we going in the right direction, so The happening is playing on our current fears and very well I think because the planet is capable of far more insane shit than plants killing us. What if the movie was about ball lightning or heat bursts or even invisible tornadoes?

  • pattyboy

    FINALLY someone who sees the happening for what it was, a badly acted PSA! I’ve lost almost all respect for M. Night Shyamalan, and I was a huge fan of his prior to watching this movie. I still weep over the hour and a half of my life lost.

  • Jason

    I actually really liked the Happening. The story was intriguing. There was suspense. Some good actors. (let the flaming begin)

  • superhoff

    The last under appreciated movie the Coen brothers followed an Oscar winner (Fargo) with: The Big Lebowski.

  • hunter

    Pretty solid list. I was barely able to make it through The Happening which is something I can’t say about other M. Night flicks. I’ve finally decided to just give up on trying to watch any of his crap. Signs was terrible, I tried to get to the end of Lady in the Water on 4 separate occasions but fell asleep every time, Unbreakable was perhaps the least exciting and most boring of any comic book style film I’ve seen, and both the Sixth Sense and the Village had twists that any reasonably intelligent person should have seen coming from miles away. I just don’t understand how this guy keeps raking in so much cash from movies that range from mediocre to absolutely horrid.

  • So true, so true

  • ed

    Did someone say signs was awesome? Seriously? Did they even watch the film?! It had the single worst ending, sorry “twist”, in the history of film writing. M Night is not a good director, his pacing is terrible and his reveals horrid. Luckily I didn’t see a single film on this list this year, glad I didn’t now :)!

  • NJScorpio

    I gotta say, I really liked The Village. Lady in the Water was enjoyable as I expected it to be terrible. Signs and The Happening, those were worse than I expected 🙁

    Burn After Reading was hillarous! I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD 🙂

  • sub-zero= douchebag

    You come to my house and be sure to have your mom drive you so I can fuck her when I get done kicking your ass!! I fucking liked The Happening, and furthermore I fucking loved Burn After Reading. I thought Pineapple Express was hilarious, but most of all I just think you are a tasteless douchebag.

  • weem

    how can you defend signs? the aliens get burned if they touch water y r they trying to take a planet where water falls from the sky

  • Alex

    Pineapple Express was far from a bad movie. It just wasn’t the movie you were expecting. It was far from the funniest movie of the year, but it was a superb parody of the action genre, cast through the lens of a lot of marijuana.

  • hunter

    @weem: Right on man. Water must be like Kryptonite in M. Night’s world. It kicked Bruce Willis’ ass in Unbreakable too.

    @sub-zero=douchebag: Calm down before you stroke out. It’s a free country and you’re allowed to have shitty taste without resorting to violence.

  • hunter

    Wow, I know I’m putting way too much time into this tonight but I just have to say one more thing about Signs. What kind of aliens would have the brains and technology to build a spaceship that could turn invisible and travel who-the-hell-knows how far away and then choose to invade a planet covered primarily of the substance that kills them? Also, you would think that they might have developed some sort of weapon, or at least armor, that would be capable of defending them from a hick with a bat and a glass of water.

  • biz

    Vantage Point may be seen as a mess by somebody. But this is simply because the story does not flow in one line but is shown many times from perspective of different characters. For me that is not that bad.

  • smitty

    you’re full of shit – pineapple express was good

  • Yeah…

    Pineapple Express was awesome. Including it in this list makes it look like you’re grasping at straws.

  • This was the best.list.ever. Good work out of you!

  • Pat

    The fact that a lot of these trailers fooled you (e.g., The Happening, The Eye) is more your fault than theirs. I thought both looked stupid as all hell from the trailers.

    And Burn After Reading was good. It’s the same parody formula as The Big Lebowski. Not the greatest movie ever (and probably not as good as The Big Lebowski), but clever, funny, and dark.

    Stop using “retarded.” It doesn’t make you sound smart. It makes you sound like something less than a hack writer.

  • Pat

    Can I take this opportunity of Signs-bashing to discuss how much I hate Joaquim Phoenix?

    I hate Joaquim Phoenix a lot. Thank God he’s retiring from acting.

    Thank you.

  • Leo

    Zooey Deschanel. The most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  • Jud

    i dunno man, pineapple express was what it was. it wasnt supposed to be anything off the charts, but i delivered where it needed to. i was slightly disappointed with the film, but again, thats probably because the trailer was so good. all in all though, i thought the movie landed

  • Patrick

    I still can’t understand why people had high expectations for The Happening. I mean first off, it’s called The Happening for christ’s sake. It’s like he was trying to go off of the classic horror name template (the *verb*ing) but had a massive brainfart and forgot all interesting verbs in the English Language. Now granted, I didn’t actually see it, but come on – do I really need to? I’ve seen his crap before, I know it’s about plants killing people; seeing it would only make me respect Shyamalan even less.

    That said, I can definitely see how it could be an alright movie if I was completely and utterly roasted out of my gourd. I’m sure a lot of subtle plot points that Shyamalan never even intended would become blindingly apparent and his wacky sense of humor would probably be a lot wackier and funnier.

    On the topic of said sense of humor, I really do think Shyamalan is better suited for comedy. I’m serious – when I saw Signs, I thought the only really enjoyable parts were the weird little bits of humor that came up every once in awhile. He really does seem like he has a decent sense of humor and I think it’s a shame he went into horror.

  • Andrew

    Honestly in the happening Mark Walburg seemed extremely homosexual. his voice and mannerisms just screemed GAY!
    i liked italian job and four brothers, so i thought he wouldnt suck in any movies. but there is a time for all of them to suck

  • Kristin

    The Happening was absolutely terrible. I love Mark Wahlburg so I hoped it would be ok but no. Some friends & I rented it, and by the end we were laughing at the bad acting and stupidity of it all. I agree with Mike-my favorite part was Mark talking to the fake plant. I didn’t mind Signs too much (until the ending) but I think overall M. Night needs to stop making such crappy films.
    Vantage Point was also a big letdown. I liked the beginning but I seriously couldn’t take anymore by the third repeat. Seems like it could’ve been good though.
    Pineapple Express wasn’t so bad. Seeing the trailer it was sort of obvious the movie wasn’t supposed to be amazing. It was funny in a dumb way and I loved it for that.

  • john

    “Unreal Movie Review: God Help Me, I Kind of Liked Twilight”

    See, I knew this guy had no credibility when he made this list.

  • Taylor

    I kind of want to say “The Happening” rocked just to see if you’ll actually come over and punch me in the face.

  • I wear glasses

    Not to troll, but I actually liked “The Happening”. To tell the truth, to me the trailer sucked while the movie was pretty decent. Hey, it was better than “Lady in the Water” (P.U.!) I was expecting it to suck really hard, but I have to admit that it didn’t.

  • chelsea

    you better get driving because i liked The Happening. AND i liked Lady in the Water. in fact, i liked them both better than The Sixth Sense and The Village.

    come punch me.

  • Diana

    Indiana Jones and Pineapple Express were both great! Pineapple Express was probably the funniest movie I’ve seen all year. In fact, if you replaced it with Meet the Zohan, you’d probably be more accurate. That movie BLEW. and I mean, bad. It was like a typhoon. But PE was hilarious, and Seth Rogen and James Franco really kicked ass.

  • teh rookz

    Burn After Reading was effing hilarious. The point of the film wasn’t to have some ground-breaking plot twists or be the next instant classic, it was just a stupid move with the right kind of illicit jokes to entertain America. I haven’t laughed out loud a movie like that since Get Smart opened. Get off your high horse and acknowledge that the Coen bros. succeeded in giving America the cheap comedy it so desperately desires.

  • I agree, these are great movie trailers.
    They give me some ideas about buying
    some movies and help out the economy.

    thanks from tony

  • Justjoe

    After reading this, and going through the replies…I wonder if anyone saw “Battlefield Earth”. Why wasn’t it on this list?

  • Justjoe

    Oh-Duh! Just remembered… the “in 2008” part. Im the idiot. :p

  • dude

    Quarantine was a huge letdown after its awesome trailer. It was still decent, the ending just blew.

    And who really expected anything out of M. Night Shyamalan? He hasn’t done anything good since the 6th Sense.

  • Doug

    Your forgot “Australia”.

  • KC

    I will completely agree with you on Vantage Point! I was so pissed I saw that! I rented it and still wanted my money back! I wasted over an hour watching a 15 min movie! It was TERRIBLE! I agree with your assessment of Indiana Jones, Max Payne, and The Eye, but Pineapple Express? I thought it was pretty funny, and there were a few good parts still left in the movie. I do think the trailer was better than the moive, but 20-1? Come on, it is at least 8 or 9-1. I never saw The Happening after someone told me the ending. I would be pissed if I saw it! Instead, I can just imagine how bad it sucks!

  • Jimmy James

    It’s unfathomable that anyone could possibly defend The Happening, which is just another step on M. Night’s long road to being one of the most prominent one-hit directors ever. Lady in the Water was a TERRIBLE movie. Didn’t think it could get worse. Then this one. Mark Wahlberg is atrocious—some of the worst line readings I’ve ever seen in any movie. It’s always been sort of obvious, but now it’s undeniable that M. Night is incapable of directing actors to, you know. actually act.

  • mbett

    He nailed why the Happening sucked so bad, horrible acting with even worse writing. Half way thru the movie I convinced myself that M. Night intentially wanted it too be so bad as some sort of homage to some old movie. Of course i have no idea what movie that was supposed to be.

  • I couldn’t agree more – you are so right! Particularly about Vantage Point, which was possibly the greatest disappointment I’ve had in years. I’d actually put that more at 20-1.

  • Stuart

    The only thing I will say is that I loved Pineapple Ex. I though it was funny all the way through. But then again I am a burnout so there you go.

  • laylagalise

    I love ‘Pineapple Express’- it was the funniest movie I saw all year. But I completely agree with you on ‘The Crappening’. Ugh. over an hour of my life wasted.

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  • qrs

    As retarded as The Happening was, it had some redeeming value in its unintentional humor. I mean this was the first time I had ever seen a mundane shot of the wind ruffling the trees used as a horror shot, complete with music. Hopefully it’s the last time as well, but still: I had to laugh.

  • The Happening is the worst movie, with the worst acting, of all time. Past and future. Thinking about it makes me wanna puke. There.

  • Ace

    Anyone who can sit and type a three paragraph defense of a stupid movie should definitely receive a kick in the bum. Seriously, just because you liked it does NOT mean it’s a decent flick. Talented actors, writers, producers and a good director are what make a decent flick. If the movie lacks those things, it sucks. If it receives bad reviews, it sucks. If it can’t get above a 6 on, it sucks. Your love of things that suck does not make it suck any less. These movies? Suck.

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  • Ole


    I got my money pack at the movie theatre.

    Laughed through the whole thing tho.

  • Mat

    The happening is a fucking slap in the face. Worst movie EVER. It’s a joke.

  • kurt

    The Happening..
    I still don’t understand the reasoning why they ran out into the field near the end to sacrifice themselves. And Mark Wahlber’s clueless look/walk over to that chick he couldn’t figure out was pregnant at the end made me want to punch him in the face. What a stupid movie.

  • LN

    Is the Max Payne really that bad? I really loved the game. It is so sad that the movie is ruining the franchise.

  • Corey

    I would mention the movie Undead, but it wasn’t a 2008 movie. Either way, the trailers ruled and the movie itself sucked ass through a straw.

  • Person

    The Happening was so fucking shitty…The acting was shit and the plot was shit. The best damn part was the credits. Can’t believe I wasted my time on that.

  • hans

    I legitamately enjoyed the happening!