Seinfeld Summed Up in One Picture


I just stumbled across this rather clever picture which claims to be “Seinfeld in one image.” I’d say it does a really decent job of it, yet for every two things I recognize there’s at least one I don’t.

Lingering mysteries:

– The woman lying on the ground

– The kid in the striped shirt

– The arms shooting out the right side of the pile

– The squirrel

I was about to ask where the puffy shirt was, but then I was like, “duh!” If you can help me out with the ones I don’t know or need help with the others, let me know.

[via cslacker]

  • eulcedes

    mannequin is from an episode where Elaine tracks down a nerd who is making them of herself, the hands might be from the episode where George becomes a hand model.

  • Carmen

    The woman on the ground is the mannequin that looked exactly like Elaine, the one she tried to steal. I can’t remember the name of the episode. Didn’t George run over a squirrel once too. He had to take it to the vet and then care of it.

  • Carmen

    Oh and the arms are fromthe bubble boy episode, that’s all we really saw of him. I’m stumped on the boy in the striped shirt though it looks like a ventriloquist dummy, I don’t remember any eps dealing with that.

  • James

    The boy in the striped shirt is Mr. Marbles. It’s in in the episode where a Kenny Rogers Roasters moves in across the street from Kramer and he and Jerry exchange apartments. Jerry becomes convinced that the doll is alive.

  • Avi

    The boy in the striped shirt is the dummy that kramer owns in the episode that kramer and jerry switch apartments.

    The woman on the ground is the mannequin that looks just like Elaine in a department store window.

    The arms are the arms of the Bubble Boy that George accidently popped during a game of Trivial Pursuit.

    The squirrel is the one George ran over and was forced by his girlfriend to take to the vet and live with

  • diego

    I think the hands are from the episode where Jerry dates the woman with man hands, seeing how they look somewhat effeminate.

  • Midn1ght

    – the elaine mannequain
    – mr. marbles from kramers apartment when jerry was staying there
    – bubble boys arms
    – when george ran over the squirrel and had to take care of it

  • Rollerbowski

    I’ve got the answer key to this picture. Email me and I will respond with the pic.

  • jason

    Where is little Jerry Seinfeld?

  • Amanda

    Whats with the label maker at the bottom left?

  • Midn1ght

    its the label baby junior that elaine gives to tim wotley

  • Midn1ght

    and little jerry seinfeld is ontop of the scooter at the bottom 😛

  • Clostridium Difficilie

    I think the funniest squirrel moment was when George was converting to Latvian Orthodox. His father (the funniest character by far!) found out and thought it was a cult that went around hypnotizing squirrels. After confronting George, the funniest Seinfelf line ever is when George is about to walk out the door and his father yells after him “Stay away from those damn squirels!”. Classic


    the label maker is the gift that they keep regifting. then, George’s girlfriend’s roommate (the man who sort of looks like George) moves out, uses the label maker on his all boxes & they fall off. i don’t get the plate of food up top, that looks like an omelette with tomatoes

  • Jessica

    WHAT is on Georges lap? That little yellow box with the brown on top. Is it a cake? I dont remember any episode of a cake looking thing on his lap…

  • Jayne

    the hands are the maestro, he has a conductor wand in his hand

  • Kelly

    On George’s lap- is that a Drake’s Cake?