Seinfeld Cast Reuniting for Curb Your Enthusiasm


In a bit of news that’s both awesome and illicts the response “what took so long?” EW is reporting that the original Seinfeld four, George, Jerry, Kramer and Elaine will be reuniting for a multi-episode story arc on Curb Your Enthusiasm with their beloved co-creator (and George inspiration) Larry David.

This is great news because A) it’s a damn Seinfeld reunion, come on, how long have we been waiting for that? And B) I honestly thought Curb Your Enthusiasm had wrapped for good. Did I miss something? Guess so. Even though Entourage is gone until God knows when, I guess I still have to keep my HBO subscription alive a little bit longer.

The actors will be playing themselves (obviously) and it will mark the first time all four of them have been on TV together in over 11 years. I expect at least a few jokes based around Michael Richards’ “fork” incident or I’ll be disappointed.

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