is Real, and It’s a Good Cause

I must again preface this annoyingly with “not an April Fool’s joke,” but I was recently turned on to the fact that is a very real website. And not only that, you can actually donate money there and it goes to the American Cancer society.

What the hell am I talking about? Walter White (played expertly by Bryan Cranston) is the star of the AMC show, Breaking Bad, where he plays a chemistry teacher who starts cooking Crystal Meth to pay for his medical bills when he has cancer. His family finds out, and his son, oblivious to his father’s side job, creates a web page asking for donations to help his dad raise money. Walter and his lawyer then figure out he can use this site to launder his profits from the Meth, and it looks like tons of donations come pouring in, much to the delight of his son, but really it’s all his drug money.

But yes, I guess all this time the site has been actually up and running in all its Geocities glory. Even if you know it’s fake, the heartfelt sentiments Walter Jr. has written there are pretty touching, and I imagine anyone whose ever known someone that’s had to fight cancer can relate.

  • Jackson Briggs

    I can’t wait for this series to return. I don’t know if you’re aware, but Saul Goodman’s got one too.

  • Breaking Bad has been the best show on tv for a while now

  • Bert

    I think you mean “oblivious” to his father’s side job.

  • Bashman

    Lol awesome, it’s an amazing show can’t wait for the next season

  • Serial-Critiker

    Thinks for the link.

    I love this quote in the text, pretty fun :
    ” He likes to cook because of chemistry – he mostly makes breakfast – because he says chemical reactions happen all the time in cooking and he’s always explaining as he goes.”

  • Meggiemeg

    Bert, he did say ‘oblivious’. =\