Reminder: The Walking Dead Premieres This Weekend


Before many of you get caught up with your Halloween-ing this weekend, I thought I’d throw out a quick reminder that Sunday night is the premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC, the Frank Darabont directed adaptation of the graphic novel that promises to be pretty damn awesome because well, it’s zombies, and it’s on AMC.

Above are the fan made credits for the film by Daniel M. Kanemoto, which as it turns out, are far cooler than the actual credits which have just debuted. I understand maybe wanting to shy away from the comic, but damn, the animated ones are awesome. At least use that song!

In any case, I’ll probably be posting my thoughts on the show next week, and I invite you to watch so you can discuss it with me then.

  • Mikey

    I vote they make this the official credits. No reason to distance themselves from the graphic novels.

  • James

    From the screener we watched, I would definitely take this over the actual credits

  • JapJay

    Gonna watch it when I get home tonight. Thank you, bittorrent.

  • el_terrible

    @JapJay Yeah, it’s been available on some movie watching website (I forget which) for about 2 weeks now 😛 It’s really good.

  • Drue

    I myself will be watching this for the first time on TV. It just seems more appropriate to watch it for the first time on Halloween. Plus amc has been pumping out enough horror flicks all month to satisfy me until then. And ya..these credits are much better than the official ones. By far!

  • Alex

    It’s got a lot of potential. Personally I think the main characters are missing some common sense, but it’s a really good show so far and I’m interested to see how true to the graphic novel they’ll stay

  • Nomad

    I’m curious how faithful they will be as well. (possible spoiler), from the imdb credits, it seems like shane will be around for longer than he should. I did watch the first episode however, and it was everything you expect from AMC. The score, acting, and especially make-up/effects were all top quality. Looking forward to the rest of the season, now that Rubicon is finished (for good?), my sunday nights will feel complete again.