Remembering the Best Character in The Walking Dead


Some serious shit went down this week on The Walking Dead, and season three is already the best the show’s EVER been in my opinion. Starting to swerve more toward the comic, the show is now killing off major characters left and right.

Two actually bit it this week, but there’s only one we really care about. You won’t find any spoilers here, but you will when you go where I’m about to direct you.

Buzzfeed has assembled a rather fantastic tribute to one of the fallen, and I had to recommend it. Check it out here, and try not to shed a tear for the passing of such a truly great character.

  • Cheektastic

    When you wrote “Two actually bit it this week” It took almost 5 minutes for me to remember who was the one we don’t care about. I’ve never had such disdain for a character before.

  • Jeremy

    Can we have a zombie-centric [name redacted] episode now?

  • Tenacious EJ

    Um, are you sure it wasn’t 3 dead? Thought it was 3.

  • Charlie Ward

    It’s 3 if you count the bad guy.

  • Shindanrod

    Well, in not sure was is supossed to be the one to “care about” because both of them were annoying and useless as hell; i dont know if this because i love the comice series a lot, since i started reading it six years ago, but the tv series have never grow up in me yet, and this season is by far the worst (maybe in contrast to the comics), just my opinion…

  • Purd

    3 of the main group died…

  • STX81


    Two confirmed dead, one missing (possibly dead).

  • trashcanman

    I agree that season 3 is damn fine television so fr, but that’s largely due to the fact that they’ve done little but kill and be killed by zombies so far. The less actual writing the writers need to do, the better the show is at this point. Andrea is still insufferably stupid, but Michonne is practically mute and the main group is all choppy choppy, shooty shooty, die die. Storywise they are still struggling with moving things along, but they are keeping me entertained so it’s all good.

    I’m kind of aggravated that they killed off one of the characters they did seeing that he was a character that DID GODDAMN NOTHING prior to that. Over 2 seasons without contributing a thing to the story and he goes out as zombie bait. That’s an awfully long time to keep a red shirt around. I’m also kind of worried that after all of this death, they aren’t going to have anything left to do and the second half of the season is going to stall as badly as the first half of season 2. With so much of the cast biting the dust early, what’s left for The Governor to do to them?

  • Mateus

    Well seems like they have a replacement character already in place.