Recasting Great TV Shows Using Photoshop

It’s been a while since we’ve checked out what the folks over at Something Awful have been up to with their interesting uses of Photoshop.   Turns out we missed something that we really needed to post up here.

They decided to ask their members to create photoshops that display television show promos and screenshots but replacing the main characters with other actors.   Needless to say the results were quite comical.

We chose around 15 that were pretty awesome.  Check them out after the jump….

Thanks to Something Awful for this amazing thread

  • aaron

    the Supernatural one is very clearly shopped
    jamie always wares a white shirt

  • Pepper

    Wouldn’t Jamie and crew fit better in the A-Team? All the planning, thinking ahead and experiments they do. Plus, explosions!

  • Mike

    Does anyone else think the faces should be the other way round in the Xena picture? Something about Yvonne’s face just seems similar in structure to Lucy Lawless’. Like she fits the ‘hardness’ of the character better.

    But, regardless, that version of the show would be incredibly hard not to watch!

    Also Mr Bean/Johnny English in Walking Dead would make the slightly depressing nature of zombie slapstick a lot more hilarious.

  • Me

    I liked the Miami Vice/Star Wars mash-up!

  • Dan

    I’d totally watch The Walking Dead if Mr Bean was in it! 😀