Real Life South Park is Far Stranger Than You’d Imagine


I’ve been led to believe that this is a Comedy Central commercial meant to promote South Park in the Netherlands. It’s a live-action rendition of the show, but has slightly off voices which makes me question its legitimacy.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny, and it really did clue me in as to how creepy Mr. Garrison would be in real life. The kids look pretty great, though Cartman needs to be a bit rounder. The face is pretty dead on though.

I’d be down to watch an entire episode filmed using these guys. Get the real voices though.

  • J

    Hehe, I’m Dutch and I can confirm this was an April Fools joke in The Netherlands, for the Dutch version of Comedy Central. It was teased quite a lot and turned out to be a prank to promote the new season. It had created a lot of negative talks about the channel creating a real life version, for a real life version being too graphic and all. Good prank 🙂

  • J

    Oh, and after watching the vid it pretty much explains it at the end. Silly me.

  • Drester

    When I saw it, I thought is was pretty funny. It reminded me of New Kids on the block (dutch series), it’s just as crazy as Southpark would be in real life.

  • Butters

    DAMN this sucks!!

  • Steven

    The voices are fucked up because the kids are speaking Dutch. The English is dubbed.

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  • John

    i would watch it if the voices weren’t crap and were done by the creators plus the syncing was off to