R.I.P. Leonardo

What to do when you see a cordoned off open manhole cover? Why, dress it up as a memorial to your favorite Ninja Turtle of course. This couldn’t have taken more than a few minutes to conceive, and maybe an hour to pull off, and I have to say it was definitely worth it.

That is Leonardo right? I can’t really see the color of his mask from here, and there aren’t any weapons laid to rest beside him to clue me in. Is it cliche to say he was my favorite? What can I say? I’m  just a born leader I guess.

  • Warren

    Raphael, that is Raphael. Possibly selected because the tape around the manhole cover is red.

  • Skeebo

    Not Leonardo… And you can’t see the color? Either you’re posting this on a phone or you really need to go get an eye exam.

  • Alex

    I`m almost positive it`s Donatello. His mask is clearly not light blue so it can`t be Leonardo, and the weapon in front of the photo doesn`t look like Raphael`s sai. And we all agree it`s not Michelangelo.

  • Galahad

    That’s not a weapon in the pic, Alex, it’s a black band (common in memorial photos) That’s raph

  • Jim Lahey

    That is definitely Raph

  • Earthworm Jim

    Purple mask = donatello

  • ryan bonline

    it is clearly raphael, adjust your monitor if you do not see this.

  • Daniel

    The weapon looks like a bo staff to me, which would make it Donatello. Red mask usually means Raphael, or they chose the original coloring which had all four turtles in red masks.

  • Hellmut

    Hey! Cool red GTC in the back 🙂

  • MajorTool

    Second image to come up after searching “Ninja Turtles” is of a group photo. And Raphael is taken directly from it for that portrait up there.

  • MajorTool
  • JZ


  • Martin

    In Soviet Russia turtle flush you down toilet…

  • It’s Raphael!! XD Red is his color! Don’t believe me, then search it on google images 😉

  • twentyspades

    what makes this somewhat hilarious is that Paul is legitimately color blind, so if any of us are having issues with this, he really didn’t have a prayer…

  • Galahad

    seriously it’s not a staff in that picture, it’s a black band to show it’s a memorial photo

  • RNGBroken

    Do you guys get paid based on number of comments? Because that is an excellent way to get more pageviews/comments posted.

  • pepper

    it’s raphael… he has the red eye band

  • Dude

    Raphael, you are born with anger management issues I guess 🙂