Perhaps the Most Disturbingly Awesome Cosplay Photo I’ve Ever Seen


Ohhh, I get it. It’s some sort of anti-child obesity statement, right? C-is-for-Cookie and all that? Lord knows it worked on me. I still eat Chewie Chips Ahoy for lunch every day. Damn you Cookie Monster!

But no, in all likelihood, it’s just some uber-creative chick  with a penchant for being terrifying and scaring any nearby children. Also not how the head kind of matches up to the body of the guy behind it.

Let’s be real, if there was every a Sesame Street character to kill, it would be Grover, who has been thoroughly useless for the better part of thirty years now. Why kill the guy who gives out free cookies?

  • also slipped on ice

    i take significant offense to any harm done to cookie monster…

    and if anyone deserves to get wrecked it’s big bird, i hate that tool.

  • Ugo Strange

    That picture is all kinds of hot !

  • Madison

    Grover, fine, but not Super Grover!

  • IcemanD

    I disagree with killing Grover as well.

    I say Kill Bert, all that motherf**ker does is bitch and moan.

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  • IFailedMath

    I thought you were cool Paul… Grover is a pimp. That emo punk Telly is the one that needs it right between his droopy eyes.

  • AL

    this is like the game Monster Hunter!

  • Skrolnik

    Every last one of you shut your goddamn whore mouths. There’s only one Seseme Street muppet deserving of murder.


  • I say Elmo for sure, with his high pitched voice and creepy-ass “Tickle me” dolls.

    Grover was at least a positive influence on children, as was cookie monster, who doesn’t want to be fat and happy?

  • Daray the gothic angel

    :DDDDDD fu*king sexy
    i love her!!!!!!

  • Bunnyfugger

    I say we take off and nuke the whole street from space.
    It’s the only way to be sure . . .

  • Tommy

    Bert, Big Bird, Telly, and Mr. Snuffleufagus. All on a kebab.

    Grover is blue and very cool… it’s that hyper little red bastard Elmo people are thinking of.

  • Auron

    Well, i dunno about the cookie monster but the cosplayin chick is hot!!

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