Oh My Glob: The Seven Best Bad Guys From Adventure Time

Earl Of Lemongrab


You would be a miserable, evil bastard, too, if you woke up like this everyday.

I love me some Lemongrab, and I make that clear on as many occasions as I can. Why? Because Lemongrab is a victim of circumstance. Princess Bubblegum CREATED Lemongrab, and considers him a failed experiment, so she gave him his own (empty) kingdom to rule over. Thing is, he is sort of crazy and high-strung, and likes to watch citizens of the candy kingdom while they sleep (again, to reiterate, you think this is a kid’s show?) and though he tends to be a great aggravation to Finn and Jake, he is a failed test-tube baby who was ultimately abandoned by his creator (his God) and in turn, he is bitter and angry, but doesn’t he have the right to be? Also, I find his yelling of unacceptable to be awesome, and I do this now in restaurants when waiters mess up my order.

Note that I have attempted to attach three videos to this article so far, and none of them are linking, so a still picture and you yelling UNACCEPTABLE at the top of your lungs right now will have to do.

Peppermint Butler

Alright, so maybe he has not shown his full colors yet, but he will, mark my words.

Though we have not seen the full depths of Peppermint Butler’s depravity, nor do we know his full intent, yet, but we know he has close ties with death, for some reason. And he has told Finn and Jake that he would “steal the skin from their sleeping bodies” for payment for saving them. They laughed nervously about it as if it as a joke, yet he didn’t.

Also, in a later episode, Finn and Jake find Peppermint Butler standing over the body of a dead goblin, and he claims that is how he found him, but all signs point to Peppermint Butler having murdered said Goblin. Also, there is a background shot that was really subtle in the second Nightosphere episode, where we can see a photo of Peppermint Butler playing golf with Hunson Abadeer, who you also know as Marceline’s Dad, and the ruler of the Nightosphere AKA Hell. There is no doubt Peps is a bad guy, we just haven’t seen his true colors yet, but we will.

Hunson Abadeer

When he gets really mad, his mouth opens like a vagina. Seriously. 

He ate his teenage daughter’s fries when she wasn’t around. Does it get any crueler? I think not.

Magic Man

In this scene, a hopeless Finn and Jake pull themselves in front of an oncoming train to end their life of constant battles and insanity.

Magic Man is a lot like Earl of Lemongrab in the sense that he is SUCH an asshole, but for some unknown reason, I think he is awesome. Ofcourse, a little backstory explains everything. Magic Man was an awesome, sweet, funny guy, but then his lady love, Margles, died on Olympus Mons. I don’t know what Olympus Mons is, but I know Abe Lincoln said that about him when Finn went to Mars looking for answers. Yes, I just typed that. And it was confirmed when he held up a picture of her and was visibly sad in that episode. So, her death sent him on a downward spiral of acting like an asshole to every single person he met for 200 years.

Wow, that is like a Shakespearean tragedy. In many ways, he is the Anti-Keanu.

So people may be wondering why Ice King isn’t on this list. That’s simple. He is not a bad guy. He is just a misunderstood pervert, like the best of us.

Benson, from Regular Show, is the only other animated drummer with this much chutzpah!

  • Tonyctitan

    Remy your taste in television is awesome. I watch Adventure Time with my 5 year old son religiously. I only slightly prefer The Regular Show because Muscle Man rules loser! I think these show get overlooked by most adults well cease they are cartoons but they are entertaining as hell and completely bizarre.

  • Orion

    Olympic Mons is the biggest mountain on Mars and in fact the largest mountain in the solar system.

  • Wite Boy

    dont forget that Abadeer said that Gunther was the most evil thing he as seen and ask him(Gunther) to join him(abadeer)

  • EileeN

    You know, tonight watching Adventure Time was pure awesome, and THEN i came to the conclusion that voice-overs are just as awesome. Such John DiMaggio playing Jake, for starters, as also played by Bender in Futurama, AAAND!!! (in case you didn’t know this already). Princess Bubblegum, as played by Heidi Hynden Walch is also known as Starfire (Teen Titans)…NO i do not watch enough cartoons LOL, but I do recognize voices and I find it rather amusing 😉 hehehe Overall, always a great read 😉 Thank you 🙂

  • Can we discuss how f*cking amazing the season premier was yesterday, please? Cosmic Owl hot-tubbing???!!!!

  • EileeN

    LOL!!! Definitely a twisted cartoon that’s for sure…I’m still trippin about Finn’s pointy nose actually lol! Oh and Lemongrab’s scream, definitely ear piercing to the fullest lol

  • EileeN

    BTW…Jake’s selfishness with his wishes made me wanna smack the crap out of him, even though I thought they funnier than hell 😉 “But i brought games! Thought we were gonna hang?” hahaha ok ok, I’m done…really lol Thank you for this article 😉

  • FNG

    I only saw one Goliad episode from the Jake vs Me-mow dvd.

    Goliad is a villain ain’t she.

  • Zargon

    What if all the villains in reality called ooo,should be freed by an unknown team of men(which they’d been hired by a girl from Steven Universe,Connie(or her dad which she’d mentioned earlier on Bubble Buddies),whose her Dad have something to do with the cracked gem creatures)?
    Z-H Inc. is probably just a rumor of how Connie’s dad is somehow involved & was he’s once,5 years ago,was one human fanatic fan to Finn The Human/lab partner & college mate to the the one human hero in Adventure Time.
    It’ll be the appealing idea of how they’ve first met;even the origin of how he(Connie dad) had first met since they’re kids,included how he’s going to spent time with his beloved daughter,Connie.

  • ag231

    What If Tiffany Oiler gonna impale Connie Maheswaran by using a kyanite sword?

  • Vultius

    Steven Universe Vs Tiffany Oiler!
    Got the new tagline:-)))

  • Vultius

    the villain named Jasper from Steven Universe just mentioned last time about Yellow Diamond….
    I’ve bet that Flame Princess got to be Yellow Diamond:-
    I’m more concern about flame princess.
    I mean how could fire makes gems like that?