Five Thoughts on the New Dexter Trailer


I’m sure most of you have seen this already and I’m as jacked up about the new season as anyone else.  Dexter is one of the best shows to come along in quite some time and I hope that this season delivers.  But let’s talk about the trailer for a minute.  I wanted to point out five things that might be of interest.  Chime in when you’re done!

1.  Can someone tell me what the hell is happening to Quinn’s face?  Guy looks like a mannequin.  Wear make up much?  Good Lord.  Kind of cool that he and Dexter will certainly be going toe to toe though.

2.   There seems to be a little too much focus on Dexter being investigated and stuff.  I know that this is focal but I hope the show doesn’t lose focus which is Dexter killing people and covering it up.  I know it’s getting ludicrous and we need SOME reality here but let’s stay on track.

3.  Let’s give it a rest on the daughter shall we?  Stop trying to act.  Come on dammit.  We don’t need that.   “I wish you were dead!” Blah blah.

4.  The “how he’s going to be a father” wasn’t really addressed so I’m curious if there will be a hot nanny or something.  Let’s have Dexter getting laid again shall we?  Remember psycho girl from a couple seasons ago?  She was awesome.

5.  I seriously hope we get a look at Lithgow again.


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