Five Thoughts on the New Dexter Trailer


I’m sure most of you have seen this already and I’m as jacked up about the new season as anyone else.  Dexter is one of the best shows to come along in quite some time and I hope that this season delivers.  But let’s talk about the trailer for a minute.  I wanted to point out five things that might be of interest.  Chime in when you’re done!

1.  Can someone tell me what the hell is happening to Quinn’s face?  Guy looks like a mannequin.  Wear make up much?  Good Lord.  Kind of cool that he and Dexter will certainly be going toe to toe though.

2.   There seems to be a little too much focus on Dexter being investigated and stuff.  I know that this is focal but I hope the show doesn’t lose focus which is Dexter killing people and covering it up.  I know it’s getting ludicrous and we need SOME reality here but let’s stay on track.

3.  Let’s give it a rest on the daughter shall we?  Stop trying to act.  Come on dammit.  We don’t need that.   “I wish you were dead!” Blah blah.

4.  The “how he’s going to be a father” wasn’t really addressed so I’m curious if there will be a hot nanny or something.  Let’s have Dexter getting laid again shall we?  Remember psycho girl from a couple seasons ago?  She was awesome.

5.  I seriously hope we get a look at Lithgow again.

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  • dude

    This show is terible and doesn’t make any sense. If Dexter want to kill killers, why dont he kill himself?

  • Dangerous Dave


    That’s the point. Dexter blurs the line between being justified and being totally crazy. It’s the central conflict of the show – what makes it drive.

  • Candee

    I would love to see Lithgow again. He was great. It was weird also, because the only other thing I’ve seen him in was Third Rock From the Sun. I was afraid it wouldn’t go over well, but it was wonderful.

    Maybe there’s a bigger plot that involves the daughter. Since they showed so much of her. I can’t even remember her name. Something like revenge-on-my-mother kind of thing. Or drugs. But that would be boring.

    I’m more excited that it starts on my birthday than anything else.

  • Bogie

    1. Yeah I thought the same thing about Quinns face. I really wish it was Doakes who was looking into Dexter possibly killing Rita. I still feel they played that card way too early in the series. Doakes was a great adversary and they had great chemistry on screen.
    2. I feel the investigation will be the focus of the entire season along with Deb finding out more about who Dexter is but the trailer does show him hunting/killing so there will be that and it will probably be intense since he will be under such scrutiny.
    3. I assume the kids will only be around for a small amount of the season with Ritas mother probably taking them after the funeral or something.
    4. There will be a nanny it was already revealed in other news about the show.
    5. We may see some Lithgow in Dexters head or flashbacks during the investigation and search for “Kyle Butler”

  • Josh

    Julia Stiles is on the cast, could she be the new Lila? It looks as if Quinn is the new Doakes (which was pretty easy to see the second or third episode he was in). I, for one, am all for Stiles blowing Quinn to Kingdom Come in the middle of a swamp.

  • Ugo Strange

    1) It’s unfortunate that Doakes is gone but HOPEFULLY…Quinn will finish what Doakes started. I love The Quinn character ever since he showed up in Season Three. He came off as a less profane Doakes and a bit of a smart ass. I’m glad to see that Quinn will be used more aggressively in this Season.

    2) This Season is probably gonna be a combination of Seasons 2 and 4, as you can tell The Police are looking into Dexter and the Kyle Butler stuff is bought up again. So I think for this Season, Dexter himself is The Big Bad Guy.

    3) Okay, despite them being child actors and pretty awful, I have to say that that IS something that needs to be addressed in the show. This is the 1ST TIME Dexter has dealt with the fall out of a Death that he invariably caused…not like in Season 3 where it was a kill or be killed situation. In the case of Rita, Dexter inability to take Trinity out despite the numerous chances he got, ended with someone innocent being killed. Dexter world is changing and so is his relationship with the kids…however I hope we don’t see too much of them…*shudders*

    4) Dexter doesn’t need to get laid, he needs to kill people. This isn’t “Californication” this is “Dexter”. There is the prospect of a Nanny in the casting list, whether she’s hot or not is really open for debate. And Dexter DOES NOT NEED another Lila. Dexter needs a combination of Miguel Prado and Rita (ie, someone with some kind of upper law enforcement job who agrees and supports Dexter’s way of justice and someone Dexter can confess and talk to). He does not need, in Debra’s words “A pale titty vampire.”…My favorite line of her’s XDDDD.

    5) I hope we don’t. Not because I have anything against John Lithgow BUT because I really want this Season to not rely on Trinity so much. The idea of this Season is that Trinity is gone BUT he lives on in the aftermath of Dexter’s life. Trinity has FUCKED Dexter over ROYALLY and it wouldn’t mean much if Trinity himself showed up physically…because technically…he’s still there with his last bit of handy work on Rita.

  • jaromir

    Some points which I feel that are of interest:

    1. Rita had a total of 3 husbands (including Dexter); could the children be someone else’s?

    2. The scene with the kids (Astor in particular) kinda looks like a flash/day dream scene. At least imo.

    3. Quinn is a poor mans Doaks. There isn’t anything that I like about his character, but they’re setting up the scenario just right.

    And just like the person above me already said; I too feel that Dexter doesn’t need the sex, not that the show doesn’t need it, but as far as Dexter character IMO it doesn’t evolve his character.

  • Sam

    To answer the nanny question: according to wikipedia (yes, it is a trusted resource for viable information) it will an Irish Maria Doyle Kennedy, who was if memory serves the mother in The Tutors

  • BobaFett

    OK…these are fairly easy to express:

    1. Quinn has always been set up as a grey character who would “suspect” Dexter one day. This is his time in the sun.
    And looks like he fell asleep on the beach and needs coverup on his facial sunburn.

    2. Dexter would always be the initial focus, since 95% of murders are related and known to their victims. However, I think that Dexter will get off, because it will come off that he was Kyle Butler, investigating Trinity on his own, and Trinity figured him out, killing Rita in the process. Finally, since Trinity is still “at large”, Dexter only has to replicate the M.O. once he is cleared. Making it seem that Trinity is still “working”. My question is, will he get sucked into becoming the new Trinity?

    3. Those kids suck, glad they are gone, although they again delve into the duality of the character, and feelings/lack of feeling.

    4. Even if the older kids are removed, little Harry is still there,
    to be nannied. Stiles will be the love interest, hopefully as some sort of FBI profiler, who Dexter can “play” into feeling that he’s innocent while “Trinity” is still at large.

    5. He’s dead…NEXT! I’m hoping that Jonny Lee Miller is another FBI agent who is also a serial killer, think Lundy meets Dexter but they are both killers!!!!


  • charlie tuna

    I can just see it now, Dexter has tied his latest victim down to the table, hes angling his razor so the lamp light shines off the edge… ‘youve done more in these past few weeks to deserve my knife than anyone, ever, in the history of mankind’

    Then he kills Astor.

    Seriously though, (terrible) child actors have no place in the Dexterverse! I hope Astor and Cody get taken away to live with Granny, so Dex can look after his biological son, with the help of the nanny


  • Suzie

    The 4th season hasn’t even aired in Australia yet and I would rather not spoil too much for myself…

  • Yay

    Sincerely, getting laid is not the point in Dexter. Dex is uncomfortable with his sexuality, or at least he was, and sex is not any of his priorities. The psycho girl was kinda annoying, some hot attention whore and nothing else.

    And at least in Jeff Lindsay’s work, Rita’s daughter and son are very important to the plot.