Netflix Gives Old Shows a Chance to Gain New Fans


Paul and I share the same problem when it comes playing and watching old stuff. Sometimes the aesthetics are just too outdated that it gets in the way. Other times the show loses its cultural relevance and that can factor into what made a particular show such a huge hit during its time. We often asked if it was impossible for people like us to love old TV shows, movies, and video games because of these barriers. While that often seemed to be the case, there are instances when they can be “timeless.”

Thanks to Netflix, I was able to discover old TV shows through their recommendation system and browsing. I started watching shows like FarscapeDawson’s CreekSaved by the Bell, and much more. I do have to tell you that I have never seen these shows before, so I didn’t have nostalgia to make me biased.

I started to realize that I wasn’t the only one who binging on old TV shows. My friends were also discovering stuff on their own. The best part is finding out that we both loved the same shows we found through Netflix. It was as if the service gives old shows a chance to extend its legacy and fan base.

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I really didn’t expect to love the show Farscape because it’s a bit “dated,” but I ended up eating my words since I already consumed one and a half seasons in a matter of days. The make-up and CGI were laughable at times yet it turned out to be characteristics that endeared to me. I think that it worked out since Farscape wasn’t trying to be a serious show. It was more of a campy science fiction adventure so it was unfair to judge it in such a high standard. If it were otherwise, then it would have been difficult for me to embrace it.

You might think that relying on how a show looks may be a bad measure, but it is difficult for most people since we’ve been exposed to better produced television shows as time passes. I don’t think everyone can appreciate Farscape like I did. Hopefully, there are other people who will see it the way I did.

I think it’s pretty cool how I’ve also met some people online who discovered the show through Netflix or other streaming services. The show may be over for several years yet it still manages to reel in new audiences. The same thing could be said about Star Wars and Star Trek, but the latter two have always had recent IPs to keep it relevant. For shows like Farscapehaving it on Netflix is definitely a great way to get new fans.

Aside from science-fiction shows, my friends and I have started watching shows like Dawson’s CreekSaved by the Bell, and Malcolm in the Middle. I don’t think my teenage nephew would ever love these shows, but apparently it’s appealing to people my age. Unlike science-fiction shows, they didn’t need to use CGI or prosthetics so the only outdated thing may be the technical aspects. Now, it’s also important to note that we have never seen these shows before yet it evokes a sense of nostalgia. All these shows I mentioned after Farscape were set in eras most of my friends grew up in. We went through the crazy hairstyles and fashion they wore. We made mix tapes for one another and understood the pop culture within them.

I believe that if you watch shows that were released during the era you grew up in, it’s much easier to embrace them as opposed to something that came out decades before you were born. However, it really depends on the person watching whether they can swallow old television shows to not. Regardless, services like Netflix can grant people access to old shows without having to fret over accessing old mediums.

How about you? What are some of the old television shows you’ve discovered on Netflix?


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