NBC Likely Giving Conan the Shaft, Leno His Old Time Slot


We don’t usually report a whole hell of a lot on TV programming news here, but big, ridiculous things are happening over at NBC right now.

Conan has been getting crushed by David Letterman ever since he took over The Tonight Show, and Jay Leno’s 10PM adventure has not produced the cost-effectiveness the network thought it would, as it seems audiences aren’t fooled by “Jay Leno Lite” and would rather watch a good scripted drama or a bad reality show in that timeslot on other channels instead.

So NBC is rumored to be kicking Conan off of 11:30, and putting Jay back there instead where they will hope that he can reclaim his “King of Late Night” title. As for Conan? I have no idea. It’s been his dream to host The Tonight Show for decades, and now that he finally gets it after Leno “retires”, NBC is stripping it from him almost immediately and giving it back to Leno. He has to be livid (or as livid as Conan can get) and if I were him I would walk on over to Fox or ABC to see if they’d like a new late night host of their very own.

Personally, I’m not a fan of nearly all of mainstream late night, as most of the time it’s lame jokes, unfunny skits and awkward interviews that appeal to people fifty years older than me. I’m sticking with Stewart/Colbert, meaning I don’t really care how all this breaks down. But I do feel pretty bad for Conan if all this turns out to be true.


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