Mysterion Rising

So a few days ago, the “South Park Comes to Life” post, which painted realistic versions of our favorite Colorado fourth graders was a big hit, so I figure you guys would like this piece as well.

It’s by DeviantArtist DylanCG, and chronicles what it might look like if the Mysterion/Coon/Professor Chaos were a little more grounded in comic book reality.

I haven’t watched South Park in a season or two? Is it still worthwhile? When I quit it was kind of struggling. Also, I really want to see Stone and Parker’s The Book of Mormon.

  • Josh

    South Park has gotten better the past couple years after being in a slump. I’m not sure when exactly you stopped watching, but the season with the Somali pirates is one of the best.

    I think I know why you stopped watching, and I’m right there, too. They used to create their own ideas and exapnd upon them in funny ways on the show. Now, they open a newspaper, take the biggest headline and write a plot about that. It’s still funny, but most of the time they end up driving their point home too hard and I feel like they’re trying to be satirical (as they have always been) but they do it by hitting you in the face with a frying pan and saying “LAUGH, LAUGH!! This is funny!! It has to be because it’s based off real events (with almost no original humor) and we’re Matt and Trey!!!”

  • trashcanman

    It’s about where The Simpsons have been. Not what it used to be, but still well worth watching (and better than Family Guy). Can’t believe they left Mighty Cthulhu out of that pic. The Elder Gods will not be pleased.

  • trashcanman

    Oh, wait, those are probably his eyes behind Cartman. Gods appeases, then.

  • Jax

    Like The Simpsons some episodes are hit or miss but even the miss episodes are 99% more likely to be better than just about anything else on TV.

  • Krista

    I love South Park and have been watching since the first season. I glad that Kenny doesn’t die in every episode now. PS I Love Kenny and I’m a Kenny fanfirl. PSS That picture is fantastic and I love to draw like that. 🙂