Must-Own: Amazing Breaking Bad Cartoon Figurines


Alright, I thought these were amazing when I believed them to be animations only, but it turns out these are actual, physical figurines made by Trevor and Troy Grove. 

Here is a preview of an ongoing personal project I’ve been collaborating on with my brother, Troy, since last year’s final season of “Breaking Bad”. The idea was to create a series of miniature (approximately 5″-6″ tall) stylized figures based on many of the characters from the show. These are the in-progress wax sculptures, along with some photoshop color composites we’ve done to better visualize the final outcome.”

Personal project??? No! Sell these and make tons of money! What’s a copyright? I don’t care. Please make them! Anyway, if this gets spread around enough, maybe AMC will see how awesome they are and make up some deal with them to get these out of the internet and onto people’s desks. Like mine. Check out all the rest below, including the entire supporting cast, pretty much.







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