More Amazing Ninja Turtles Art from Dave Rapoza

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Dave Rapoza is perhaps one of my favorite artists I’ve featured here on the site, and I’m guessing a lot of you remember his previous work I featured on the site here, most of which was also Ninja Turtles related.

He has a thing for the supporting characters of the universe, and now he’s released a second set of pieces in that vein that are definitely worth checking out. There’s Metalhead (above), Baxter, Foot Clan, Wingnut and Slash, the rest of which you can see below.

Will he ever tackle the four main turtles themselves? I see a series three coming up, and I bet he might break down and include the main quartet in that one.



  • Steve

    Damn, Donatello is frightening lol.

  • JZ

    Not Don. Its Rahzar. A bad guy.

  • Brendan



  • JZ

    Ninja. ninja RAP! GO ninja Go ninja GO!

  • Anon

    @ JZ

    Rahzar is the wolf. Tokka is the snapping turtle. However, while I agree that he looks snapping turtle-ish, the turtle in the picture IS wearing a mask/bandana thing. Don’t think Tokka wore one, did he?

  • JZ

    Yea the turtle is Tokka not Rahzar. There was a cartoon version of them that was also used in the turtles in time game. I’m pretty sure that was based on the cartoon version.

  • MGW

    The snapping turtle pictured here is Slash. Just hover over the image and you’ll see the file name is Slash_DaveRapoza-465×637.jpg

    Slash had the standard turtles mask. Tokka did not and looked more like the Skeksis from the Dark Crystal.

  • RaFF

    holly crap these are amazing, especially metalhead

  • riot_invoked

    The last one is a bit confusing. I don’t know why Tokka would have a mask on, especially one that mimics one of the Boys. I’d like to see some commentary from the artist on that one.

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  • Rappaport

    Ok i know it’s a little late to comment but as a geek fanboy i have the duty to do it.

    the turtle is Slash and not Tokka jeje