Memorable Moments in TV: “That’s The Dumbest Thing I Ever Heard”


It’s Minute 1:52

Talk about one of the best moments in any show of all time, this is definitely one of them.   The Cosby Show took the entire nation for a complete spin in this scene.

We’re to believe that sympathy is in order for poor old Theo.  It’s a chilling performance as Theo is saddened that his father can’t accept him for who he is…a struggling student who can’t live up to the expectations of a doctor father and a lawyer mother.

But as you can see, Heathcliffe isn’t buying it.  I truly believe it was this scene that set the stage for the entire show.  Most of America was shocked but laughed their asses off when this happened.

  • kenyon

    how can you watch the clip and not want to watch more. im gonna buy the seasons.

  • tony

    i was basically raised by a combination of cliff, uncle phil, and tim taylor. my dad stole these lines word for word

  • Matthijs

    YouTube says no… At least to the Dutch, apparently.

  • JeffD

    Love this clip, but I found another part of this episode that cracked me up. Loved this show.

  • victor

    youtube also negates the mexicans.

  • Shawn

    and Canadians too

  • dan

    no youtube love for the germans on this one either… 🙁

  • Arthur Dent

    I cannot watch this video. Now I hate Bill Cosby.