Meg Griffin is Perhaps the Most Accurate Cartoon to Ever Come to Life


Alright, other that real life Peter Griffin (which was an accident of genetics alone) this is the best real-life interpretation of Family Guy I’ve ever seen.  I could possibly see someone dressing up as Chris and Lois, but Stewie? Any baby with a head that shape should probably just be put down after birth.

As for Brian? If your dog is an alcoholic and talks to you, I think YOU’RE probably the one with issues.

I wonder if her voice sounds like Mila Kunis?

  • Tishy

    Wow, that girl needs a better bra.

  • JZ

    I’d hit it.

  • Waspo

    ….in the face.

  • Aya

    She has her father’s chin!!!!

  • brody

    I bet if you dressed her up like Chris, she would look exactly like him also.

  • Mounce

    That real life beluga whale doesn’t have the tater-tots that Meg has…

  • Buggah-Bew

    I’d tap that ass in a whole minute.(((:

  • Heather

    Except that they’ve shown Meg’s middle without clothes and aside from being pretty straight and uncurvy, she’s got a completely flat stomach- anyone remember the episode where she became a pop star? she wore a belly shirt the entire time. So this would actually be pretty inaccurate.. although meg is often picked on for being fat, she isn’t.. which of course shows how society is pretty much a bunch of assholes who expect all girls to be size zeros.

  • peter griffin

    Shut up meg

  • quagemire

    She’s looking hot:P

    send her over:P

    (gigedy, gigedy:>P)

  • Proginoskes

    That Peter Griffith picture isn’t of a student named Peter Griffith; it’s a picture of Justin Blair Spaeth

    You’ve been Pwned, Paul!

  • betterthan_proginoskes

    Hey Proginoskes, it’s GRIFFIN, not GRIFFITH.

    Fucking retard.

  • Negrah Woods

    Jenny Craig needed desperately otherwise she gettin raped by a Negrah.

  • someone


  • JL

    That Peter Griffin is pretty good, but I still think the mayor of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario is even better:

  • hstamb

    I’d hit it.. *shrug*