Lost Gets Simpsonized…Extremely Well


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In the fifty plus years The Simpsons has been on the air, we’ve seen a huge host of celebrities that have “been Simpsonized” when they’ve appeared on the show, where the animators cut off their fifth finger and and turn their skin yellow. But this is the best rendition of that process I think I’ve ever seen.

Created by Simpsons fan site, Springfield Punx, this image shows all the mainstays of Lost that are still alive and kicking (well, besides Charlie…and Juliette…and technically Locke), and I have to say, they’ve done a damn fine job. I think the best renditions are Juliette, Desmond, Locke and Sawyer. Jack looks too skeptical and not whiny enough. Ben kind of looks like a meth head, but I suppose that’s about right. They’ve got Sun’s perma-stare down, and Jin’s razor cheekbones. It’s almost kind of mean that Hurley’s just standing there holding a spoon.

I didn’t even notice this on my first few glances, but look at what they’re standing in front of. Nice, it’s all in the details. Head to Springfield Punx for a whole host of amazing Simpsons fan art like this.


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