Some of Your Favorite LOST Actors In their Earlier Years

 LOST Characters

As most of you probably know LOST remains one of the favorite television shows of Unreality.   And as we continue to analyze the show and eagerly anticipate what the hell is going to happen in the finale I can’t help but to wonder what’s going to happen to the main cast.

I mean the show’s been on for 6 seasons and for most of the actors on the show, this is by far their biggest success.  So what the hell are they going to do after?  My prediction is that only one or two actors stay relevant.  The rest will wind up in bit parts in movies and TV.  Then again, it’s tough to match LOST’s success.

But that got me thinking?  What were these folks doing before LOST?  While I’m not going to profile every actor I did manage to find some awesome “when they were young” pictures of some of our favorite cast members on the show….

Evangeline Lilly – Kate


Naveen Andrews – Sayid

LOST Characters

Michael Emerson – Ben

LOST Characters

Terry O’Quinn – Locke and Not Locke

LOST Characters

Jorge Garcia – Hurley

LOST Characters

Another Jorge Garcia

LOST Characters

 Henry Ian Cusick – Desmond

LOST Characters

 Jeremy Davis – Faraday

LOST Characters

Matthew Fox – Jack

LOST Characters

 Alan Dale – Charles Widmore

LOST Characters

Ken Leung – Miles

LOST Characters

Dominic Monaghan – Charlie

LOST Characters

Mark Pellegrino – Jacob

LOST Characters

Jeff Fahey – Frank

LOST Characters

Kevin Durand – Martin Keamy

LOST Characters

Elizabeth Mitchell – Juliet

LOST Characters

Josh Holloway – Sawyer

LOST Characters

  • Wes


    sarcasm? or stupidity?

  • Grizzy

    What?! Miles was the bad guy from Rush Hour?! I never made that connection!

  • LawlessVictory

    Something rather cool that I only recently learned is that Mark Pellegrino (Jacob,) who also played Rita’s douchebag ex, Paul, on “Dexter,” was the blonde thug at the beginning of The Big Lebowski. More specifically, he’s the “Where’s the money, Lebowski!” guy.

  • Nattyb

    Lawless that’s the very first thing I noticed when I saw him on LOST.

  • NY not NYC

    This only makes me love Miles and Frank even more.

    I was up late one night and Kate’s appeared on my television, telling me to dial up a 1-800 number to find locals to chat with (like her), I damn near pissed myself laughing. I am fairly certain is was right around time she was kidnapped by someone and handcuffed in a closet. She would moan and groan and she tried to wiggle her arms around her legs and crawl through a air duct or some such crap.

    Anyways, I find her incredibly not attractive, but I know other people somehow do. The combo of the clearly spank bank material followed up by a terrible 1-800 commercial made me laugh with bitter glee.

  • cantforgetit

    Josh Holloway also had a bit role in the pilot of Angel in which he played a vampire attacking a chick in an alleyway. He looked pretty cool with the vampire makeup on.

  • sara

    I was watching Tombstone recently and noticed John Locke played the mayor…

  • Josh

    Off topic, but Faraday was completely awesome in Rescue Dawn. Totally outshone Steve Zahn (who gave the best performance of his career) and Christian Bale.

  • ikke

    Jeff Fahey’s pic is from the Lawnmower Man!!! It still gives me the creeps when I think of all the telephones ringing. God…

  • Jos Holloway looks so much better now. So Kate was modeling for some dating/chat type service?

  • Cody

    Did Elizabeth Mitchell get a nosejob?

  • I spotted Kate as an extra in a scene in the school hall in Freddy vs. Jason.

  • The Man in Jack

    wow Mathew Fox has aged really well….richard anyone??

  • Marc

    Nestor Gastón Carbonell (Richard Alpert) played “Batmanuel” in the Tick live action series pilot!

  • ua_levi

    Jeremy Davies (Faraday) was also Maggie Gyllenhaal’s boyfriend in “Secretary.”
    The movie’s well worth watching in that:
    a)it’s got Jeremy Davies
    b) it’s got Maggie Gyllenhaal nakey.
    Mostly b.

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  • LostFan

    Great pics. Look at Jeff Fahey! But I have to ask…where is Nestor Carbonell?

  • Bob

    Matthew Fox was so big he didn’t even fit in that picture. That’s incredible. I’m not gay, but if I was…

  • chelsea

    my favorite josh holloway moment is him in aerosmith’s “cryin'” music video…. classic.

    @Cody – she got a very noticeable nose job…. i thought she was ugly now, sheesh!

  • Bryan

    This is more of a “pics before Lost” post? I mean, what do the Kate and Juliet pics show besides them being younger? If you want to know what they did before lost hit up IMDB or their own personal websites. I don’t mean to sound harsh, I thought I’d get some interesting or funny info about them due to the heading.

    20 minutes until the new episode (east coast time)

  • Madison


    Great movie. James Spader is perfect in that role.

  • Doc Brimley

    Nice job copying from the Lostpedia forums.

    Don’t take it personally, this pictures are great and deserve to be shared.

  • That Ben prison discipline video was great. I remember it being posted on Digg a few years ago.

    For Evangeline Lilly, they should’ve posted some of her gadget girl stuff from G4’s game review show Judgment Day.

  • Henrik

    See you changed the Kate picture and removed my comment. You clever little douchebag.

  • I recently noticed Locke in some episodes of Earth 2 with a similar role. I haven’t noticed the others besides Charlie and Penny in FlashForward.

  • vidokou

    I can’t believe you didn’t use a pic of Durand/Keamy from his days as Lord Zipacna on Stargate

  • This is great! I cannot believe these pictures…so much fun!

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  • Danny

    Terry O’Quinn also played the sheriff in ‘Stephen King’s Silver Bullet’…with the late Corey Haim. check it out.

  • Cody

    Ya. Definately better off with the nose job.

  • I was watching Romeo and Juliet the other day and saw Michael (Harold Perrineau) from Lost. He plays the part of Mercutio and I thought it was funny to see him in drag. Here is a pic of him:

  • don

    Jacob and the man in black were both in the same prison break episode

  • boca

    you should’ve used a screen shot of elizabeth when she was in the movie Gia, opposite angelina jolie..

  • Dave

    Terry O’Quinn was Mitch Martin’s boss, Goldberg, in Old School.

    “These numbers are completely…f***d!”

  • lalo

    AWESOME!!!!…now we have to wait 15 years for the “The Cast of LOST, Where are they now????”…lol

  • Ray-chill

    These are awesome!!! you should do a second one with other cast members 😀

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  • Few I know Harold Perrineau (Michael) was Link in Matrix Reloaded, Naveen Andrews (Sayid) is in The English Patient, Malcom David Kelley (Walt) was Li’l Saint in the movie You’ve Got Served. Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) is in The Jackal with Bruce Willis, a episode of Walker Texas Ranger with the legend that is Chuck Norris and believe it or not he also was the voice of Johnny Gat in Saints Row.

  • jason

    i just recently spotted Jin playing a medical student on seinfeld. others that come to mind.. sayid’s role in planet terror (of the grindhouse double feature). locke has been a lot of stuff.. but young guns was definitely his best role. classic. hurley on the game show russian roulette.. or selling weed to larry david in curb.

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  • alexis


  • creditit

    good job crediting the sources… or even telling us what their from

  • lisagwilkins

    MIB (Titus Welliver) was also in a supporting part with Josh in Cold Heart. I love that movie. We see, shall we say, a lot of Josh!!

  • Idiots

    That one pictures of Jorge as the kid is fake.

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  • jason

    Just Great. Another one needs to be done with other characters. Why not put a caption of the movie or role that they were in. I recognize some of the movies but not many of the others.

  • Jacqual

    Nestor Carbonell was the photographer in Brooke Shields’ magazine in “Suddenly Susan”… I’ve seen Terry O’Quinn in several JAG episodes (as Rabb’s old friend/boss/co-pilot/whatever), and also in NCIS, iirc, where Alan Dale played the director for a few episodes… Cynthia Wathros (Libby) was the girl Jim Carrey’s character falls in love with in The Truman Show… Jon Gries (Ben’s dad) was in The Pretender (good series, sadly cut short), but who can forget him as Laszlo, the closet weirdo in Real Genius? And last but not least, one of the eternal secondary actors, Fisher Stevens… From Short Circuit, to Hackers, thru Early Edition or the infamous Super Mario Bros movie.

  • ML

    Terry O-Quinn was in X-Files as a supersoldier, plus one of the movies as an FBI agent.
    Michael Emerson starred in a last season episode as a psychic with ‘daddy’ issues.
    Alan Dale starred in the final season as a supersoldier / FBI double-agent.
    Zuleikha Robinson (Ilana) starred in both Lone Gunmen and an X-Files.

  • Paul D

    Alan Dale was Jim Robinson in OZ soap ‘Neighbours’ – with Jason & Kylie

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  • mr beard

    Jon Gries (Ben’s dad) also played Uncle Rico in Napolean Dynamite…quite the contrast.

  • heshoo

    i like lost in kurdistan of iraq

  • meg

    jeremy davis (faraday) was also in Saving Private ryan! He was brilliant in that 🙂 FUBAR

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  • yeah yeah yeah yeah yaaaa!!!

    Any fan of Lost should check out the film “Pin”, a creepy little film that Terry O’Quinn co-starred in around the late eighties.

  • jm51376

    Nothing beats Terry O’Quinn in “Stepfather” parts 1 and 2 from the late 80’s.

  • Hatake Panic

    Desmond looks a lot like Jim from the Office.

  • Lauren

    I think Mark Pelligrino was Billy in Lethal Weapon 3 and Elizabeth has that bitch on wheels don’t eff with me type look. oh and I saw Quinn’s ‘thing’ in Stepfather

  • Not Daniel

    Jacqual wrote:

    “Cynthia Wathros (Libby) was the girl Jim Carrey’s character falls in love with in The Truman Show”

    Uh, no. Cynthia Watros wasn’t even *in* “The Truman Show.”

  • bazinga

    That was too cute! But Terry O’Quinn, where dafuq is he in that picture?

    Jack, Desmund, and Sawyer are still sex gods when they were young 😀

  • SineSwiper

    Jeremy Davis was also in Solaris, as the quiet scientist type (similar to his Lost role). I think he’s an ICP fan because he was playing it in the movie, when they first introduced him.