Lost: Baywatch


I’ve seen Lost spliced and edited into everything under the sun, but this cut-and-paste of the show re-done as Baywatch is pretty excellent. I mean, you have to figure between the show and star photoshoots, there’s more than enough slow-motion beach footage to work with, and as you’ll see, it all fits together quite nicely.

Everyone always hated on Shannon during Lost, but she was really the only one who had the right idea, hang around tanning in a bikini all day, sending out gullible males to get her food while she relaxed and waited for rescue.  Like, all the girls on Lost are hot, how is she the only one that thought of that? And sadly, she didn’t even make the Lost Baywatch video.

  • Great clip.

  • Jax

    I love how we got the hair toss from Sawyer of all people.

  • chelsea

    i call shenanigans… ummmm, timothy olyphant was never on LOST…. did they really have to throw in a clip from “the perfect getaway”?

    other than that, it’s pretty good.