Look, Breaking Bad Works with Skyfall Too


Well, it’s official now. Pairing any popular show with Adele’s Skyfall theme instantly makes for a badass compilation. We saw it with The Walking Dead a few weeks ago, and today we have the same principle tested with Skyfall.

Hypothesis: It will be awesome.

Conclusion: It is awesome.

Well, that was easy. Watch for yourself above and obvious spoilers follow, as tends to happen in compilations of shows you haven’t seen. Can’t wait for the second half of this season!

  • Now we know why she won the Golden Globe… just kidding, she really deserved it.

  • Anthony R

    Nice, but The Walking Dead’s version is much better….time for me to go watch it again.

    BTW, how epic of a song is this!

  • johnc

    Anthony R, that would be true, if TWD weren’t utter crap. Even in highlights and an awesome backing track, it’s still a turd.

  • johnc

    This, on the other hand, is downright chilling. In a good way.