Let’s Hope it Comes in Peace


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Yeah yeah, spoilsports, before you tell me I didn’t do my research, I understand that this is a giant Gundam statue in Japan and NOT an actual robotic alien invasion, but isn’t it a lot more fun to think of it that way?

This also happens to be exhibit #9203 as to why Japan is way more awesome than here. The only things we have to rival this is the incredibly boring Statue of Liberty and a few inflatable Michelin Men, both of whom would lose to this thing in a fight for country mascot supremacy.

Use some of that stimulus money and start getting people to build giant robot statues Obama! It’s a job creator and will make America 10,000x more badass.

  • Rob

    Metal Gear…

  • IcemanD

    Oh man, you wanna see big stupid monuments? Come to Alberta.

    We got everything from the worlds largest mallard duck to a giant faberge egg to a huge Ukrainian sausage.

    Seriously, check it out: http://www.roadsideattractions.ca/alberta.htm

  • LShea

    They’ve taken it down a while ago, though. I live in Tokyo but never went to see it. It may be on a list of things I’ll regret I didn’t do while I was here when I finally leave.

  • I was hoping it was real and looking for my mother-in-law.