Let’s Face It: The Golden Girls Was An Awesome Show

Golden Girls

I just wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to The Golden Girls.   For the past five days my wife has been watching this show constantly as there’s been some sort of marathon on the WE network.  While this network usually makes me quite nauseous, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by these four women.

What began as me simply listening to the dialogue while at the computer is now me full out watching the show.  I have to admit once you get past the having to picture the women naked due to the sexual nature of the show, it ends up being pretty hilarious.

Personally I think it’s incredibly well written and each character brings their own flavor.  Blanche is a total slut, but the other women let her know about it which is amazing.  Dorothy is incredibly smart, Rose dumb and Sophia the witty yet completely irritable old mother.   It’s truly a great combination.

Honestly, if you want to see great sitcom writing you should watch this show.  As long as you can get over the fact that it’s about four aging women you’ll be fine.


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