Legen…dary Shot of the Day

We usually don’t just post random pictures of celebrities on the site here, but when there’s this much awesomeness going on in one frame, I didn’t really have a choice.

There’s Dr. Horrible himself, Neil Patrick Harris, the indomitable Stephen Colbert and of course Unreality’s poster girl, Ms. Saffron/Holloway Christina Hendricks.

This is for some sort of Broadway event I believe, as I know at least NPH and Hendricks are in some show together, but yeah, throw Nathan Fillion and Mila Kunis in there and the world might explode from too much amazingness.

  • MrZarq

    s/through/throw/ 😉

    And this is indeed from the Broadway staging of “Company” in which all three of them played.

  • Tim

    That picture reminds me of where the possible meets the impossible…. The Possimpible!

  • Tim: Award yourself +1 point! lol!