Law and Order SVU’s Brilliant Portrayal of Gamers


I hate procedural shows with a passion. They’re lazily written, and for people with microscopic attention spans, and I’ve never seen one that had a mystery that was anywhere near actually interesting. The two best examples of this are the CSI and Law and Order franchises, which have spawn probably six or seven shows between them. Some are better than others, but Law and Order SVU is the most ridiculous to me. Every crime is somehow sex related, which is supposed to make it more interesting I guess, but the show is just awful.

This is best exemplified by this clip which shows what Law and Order thinks of video gamers. It’s every stereotype in the book, including the fact that the guy says “Pause Game” in the middle of a regular conversation. How the hell do shows like this last for eleven years?

  • MR

    I have watched less than a minute and i have not face palmed this hard in a long long time. Do they really think we are total space cases? self centered idiots slaved to our electronic devices?

  • mhc

    The co-producer’s name is Speed Weed. Awesome

  • ash

    If she only hears Rose…what!? I was getting into it! What happens?

  • LowSlash

    I have to disagree with you about SVU. They recently aired an episode that spent a lot of time discussing the huge backlog of untested rape kits that exist in most major cities. This is a lot more socially conscious than the majority of shows out there, so I can forgive them if they miss the mark now and again.

    The episode you based your post on is pretty ridiculous, though.

  • T

    Well on SVU they’re just showing one case of the disgusting videogame stereotype. At least in this episode they didn’t try to shut down the videogame company. Also the woman was mentally ill.

  • Drester

    What I hate about SVU is that every episode they find a suspect after like 10 minutes. They interrogate them with lines like; “We know you killed her” “Why did you rape her” and every single time they are wrong. When they have a suspect at the 30 minute mark you know he did it. Ok not every time, but that happens allot.

  • The Dylanthropist

    SVU is the business. And sex features in almost every episode because they’re a Sex Crimes unit. The videogame cliche’s in that episode were pretty terrible, but that whole segment made up a less than a tenth of the episode. It was more to set up the womans mental illness than anything.
    apparently the woman has some affliction where she can’t visually recognize her daughter, but if she hears her voice without seeing her she can.

    true story

  • chelsea

    law and order: svu is one of my favorite shows… i love it, and even though it’s formulaic, the story lines are usually interesting or have some unexpected twists. plus, ice-t, belzer and dann florek are awesome.

  • Gideon

    Nowhere in the episode does it say that all gamers are like this. Are you honestly saying that you believe there are no gamers on earth that are this far gone? A 16 year old kid in Norway tabbed his next door neighbor because he “stole” an item off him in WOW.

    I haven’t seen the recent seasons but in season 5 there are some amazing storylines that were terribly complex and had amazing twists. You should watch older svu episodes.

  • sepirothpk

    No, but it paints gamers in a bad image. It may not say that all gamers are like this, but when the only time they mention gamers they show people like this than it seems very stereotypical. Especially when she mentioned the XBOX LIVE tournament in SOUTH KOREA where the couple met up. Those are several disjointed stereotypes about video games that don’t really fit together pieced together. It really stinks of stereotyping and bias.

    But most shows to do with cops and such are full of ridiculous rubbish. One show they thought you could track cars by their radios, but even then only by which tower was been received from.

  • p-dawg

    “I’m not addicted, I can quit any time!”

  • Grant

    The writers aren’t portraying all gamers, nor do they mean do. They were simply trying to present the audience with a different type of character, instead of the same old serial killer or junkie.

    I don’t believe that it is suggesting that all gamers are addicts or that anyone who plays videogames will become an addict. It’s obvious that the character has other issues and he is using videogames as his “fix.”

    I’m not saying that videogames are a drug, but some people do abuse games that (to them) they might as well be.

    All in all, l don’t think this was meant to bash gamers. I think you’re just a little too sensistive.

  • KJT77

    Awww! Did Paul Tassi have his feelings hurt by 4 minutes of a 1 hour show? C’mon man, lighten up! Don’t take a snippet of a show and present it out of context. That’s lazy journalism (if you can call this that).

  • chelsea

    i agree… this section of the story was so minimal and barely had anything to do with the rest of the plot.

  • kelly

    i’ve got nothing against all you die hard video game fans, but if you want to trash talk a show at least do your research first. SVU only said something for a tiny part of the show, and it was to build a plot line, and if to say you have to to have a small attention span to watch it is a stupid thing to say. SVU is a show that tries to spread some light on the topic of rape and abuse, so people will feel more obligated to do something about it, since it is o terrible crime that is often embarrassing and avoided by victims. Do your video games do that? ya, i didn’t think so

  • ItWasRed

    @ kelly.

    Wow, the irony in your reply is beautifully hilarious.You say ‘if you want to trash talk a show at least do your research first’; well maybe you should take your own advice.Because you go onto say ‘SVU is a show that tries to spread some light on the topic of rape and abuse’ and ‘Do your video games do that? ya, i didn’t think so’ which couldn’t be more false.There are many videogames that bring up thought provoking topics of dealing with violence,rape,abuse etc. in their stories.GTA IV is especially a good example of that.But of course the media just takes it for face value and makes it out to be some mindless killing fest.But if you actually PLAY the game, you see that it’s substances rival that of a classic Martin Scorsese movie.And it’s brings up many moral and political topics, where it expresses them very well.Not to mention the writing is fantastic.

    So once again, stop being so ignorant, and maybe take some of your own advice once in a while.